Revision history for MooX-ConfigFromFile

0.009	2018-05-01
    - ensure maximal test coverage
    - improve test diagnostics
    - fix distribution META data
    - add license files
    - introduce sorted_loaded_config to allow implementation
      of different sort strategies
    - allow tune merge behavior
    - improve documentation

0.008	2017-05-23
    - ensure all tests run and report instead of swallowing issues
    - make tests passing with perl 5.26
    - add import shortcuts config_prefixes and config_hashmergeloaded
    - ensure reasonable code quality by adding author tests against
      Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy

0.007	2015-04-27
    - separate loading and merging of configfile content
    - ensure order of multiple loaded config files
    - add support for merging deep structures in config files
    - eval all test-libraries to be aware of mistakes

0.006	2015-03-04
    - add rough support for multiple prefixes
    - fix incorrect meta-data and incomplete handling of newer eumm features
    - improve test coverage
    - simplify some code to avoid useless conditions
    - add new tests for MooX::Cmd and MooX::Options integration
    - introduce import setting for config_identifier (consumed attribute
      from MooX::File::ConfigDir)
    - bump copyright year to 2015

0.005	2014-12-01
    - Update Makefile.PL for up-to-date resources and requirements spec
    - consolidate Synopsis in main pod
    - move from README to
    - improve author tests before releasing

0.004	2014-10-28
    - add ability for options to importer of MooX::ConfigFromFile
    - add option to have a singleton config (loaded once).
    - improve documentation
    - harmonize tests

0.003	2014-08-02
    - fix links in documentation to fix RT#97429 (thanks abraxxa for
    - switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker - it better maintained these days

0.002	2013-09-27
    - improve documentation
    - add test to verify we're working on Moose, too
    - ensure we're only $with->() for classes, not roles
    - add a Build.PL auto_feature for author test requires

0.001	2013-09-26
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.