Revision history for perl module Statistics::Sequences::Pot

0.12 2013-07-24
    - Changes to this file: thanks to Neil Bowers for re-formatting and comments
    - Changes to POD: remove references to "cached data": No results of function calls are cached in the class object, unlike in previous versions, or as in other Perl Statistics modules.

0.11 2013-07-18
    - Misc POD revisions and dist issues

0.10 2013-06-17
    - NOT compatible with earlier versions
    - add discrete methods for descriptives - observed, expected, variance, obsdev, stdev
    - add stats_hash() method, conforming with other Statistics::Sequences modules
    - add specfic call for returning zscore
    - add support for giving data as a referenced list to each descriptive method rather than requiring their prior load()
    - no more "perform_pot_test" alias to "test"
    - no more "full" arg to test()
    - no caching of descriptives within class object
    - less cumbrous "dump"

[See Statistics::Sequences for earlier changes]