2.03   2006-06-10
        * Fix the associativity of operators in Template to match perl
        * Allow for multiple prefix operators.
        * Change name of parse_variable to parse_expr
        * Change name of get_variable to play_expr

2.02   2006-06-08
        * Fix the yaml tests
        * Add failed_sleep to Auth
        * Various pod fixes
        * Allow for conf_read and write errors to die - we really do need to have those bubble up.
        * Fix all tests
        * Allow for validate.js to work with existing onsubmit handlers of forms
        * Added "as" virtual methods to Template
        * Added Virtual Objects to Template
        * Added self modifiers (*= etc) to Template
        * Added increment and decrement (++ --) to Template
        * Allow for scientific notation and hexidecimal in Template
        * Added int, rand and random virtual methods to Template

2.01   2006-05-31
        * Added App refine_path hook.
        * Added App destroy method.
        * Fix CGI::Ex::Template perldoc.

2.00   2006-05-30
        * Added CGI::Ex::Template and test suites
        * Allow for CGI::Ex::Template to be fully TT2 syntax compliant
        * Re-implementation of CGI::Ex::Auth
        * Allow for step to be automatically untainted during loop in CGI::Ex::App
        * Fix base_dir_rel to work with "" as the dir in CGI::Ex::App
        * Bug fixes in CGI::Ex::Fill
        * Better perldoc in CGI::Ex::Fill
        * Add named parameter function called fill in CGI::Ex::Fill
        * DProfd CGI::Ex::Conf for improvements
        * DProfd CGI::Ex::Validate for improvements
        * Added conf_read and conf_write methods for Conf
        * Cleanup of all of the test
        * Add missing tests
        * Add Array Prototype fixes from Eamon Daly
        * Add examples and cleanup to CGI::Ex::App
        * Cleanup hooks in App (add fill_args and template_args)
        * Change run_hook syntax in App
        * Add dump_history with more history information
        * Integrate CGI::Ex::Auth with App

1.14   2005-02-28
        * Bug fix in validate (OR's were not working)
        * Allow for checking for package existence without require in App
        * Add hash_swap
        * Add hash_base
        * Add add_to_ methods for swap, fill, form, common, and errors
        * Swap the run_hook order of step and hookname
        * Allow for untaint in CGI::Ex::Validate
        * Allow for !field in equals of CGI::Ex::Validate
        * Allow for return of names in CGI::Ex::Validate
        * Allow CGI::Ex to work better with CGI/mod_perl1/mod_perl2
        * Fix required => 0 in javascript

1.13   2004-12-02
        * Show more App perldoc examples
        * Fix some App path bugs
        * Add more app hooks
        * Cleanup app code
        * Allow for Conf to write to each of the types

1.12   2004-11-10
        * Show more App perldoc examples
        * Fix some App path bugs
        * Change some App method names
        * Allow for App js_validation
        * Allow for App validation redirection

1.11   2004-11-08
        * Let file path dependent tests succeed
        * Allow for next current and previous steps in App
        * Couple of warn cleans in App

1.10   2004-11-05
        * Make CGI::Ex::App->print really work with Template
        * Fix very large javascript variable swapping bug
        * Numerous upgrades to App
        * Fix module access in CGI::Ex
        * Allow validate to populate what_was_validated array
        * Allow for App to cleanup crossed references

1.00   2004-04-23
        * Added set_path method
        * Added Auth module
        * Fix validate.js for select-multiple
        * Fix validate.js for max_values
        * Add min_in_set and max_in_set types for validate
        * Add default for validate (sets default value)

0.99   2004-03-22
        * Allow swap_template to be called with one argument
        * Added extended examples in t/samples/cgi_ex_*
        * Remove dependency on CGI::Util (doesn't exists on some perls)
        * A few fixes on App
        * Added set_form
        * Updated tests

0.98   2004-03-19
        * Multiple fixes in Fill module
        * Updates on perldocs (thanks to Simon Bellwood for bug reports)
        * Addition of Dump (debug) module
        * Addition of Die module
        * Addition of App module

0.97   2004-03-05
        * Allow for custom_js type
        * Fix unshift, shift, and push in ie 5.0
        * Fix type CC in validate.js
        * Allow for duplicate field definitions

0.96   2003-11-26
	* Fix for pos not resetting in CGI::Ex::Fill
        * Fix for general items set in self not being passed to generate_js
        * Workaround for yaml_load.js |- not properly trimming whitespace

0.94   2003-11-26
	* Javascript functionality is in.

0.0    2003-11-01
	* Version 0.0 checked in