Revision history for Config-JSON

1.1.4   Fri Jan 23 16:20:00 2008
    Patch from Doug Bell that uses better slurping action, and fixes a problem with killing config files on set() errors.
    Switched to using blib instead of relative lib path for tests.

1.1.3   Fri Jan 23 15:00:00 2008
    fix: Copyright was mistakenly assigned to me rather than Plain Black in the Readme

1.1.2   Thu Jan 23 23:00:00 2008
    fix: #27078: predictable filename in /tmp
    fix: #29122: Dependency declaration on Test::Deep missing
    fix: #32633: Config::JSON 1.1.1 doesn't work with JSON 2.x (thanks to Ernesto Hernández-Novich for patch)

1.1.1   Fri Aug 17 11:00:00 2007
    Removed requirements for author related tests. Should make it easier to install for the average user.

1.1.0   Wed Aug 08 20:00:00 2007
    Added direct access multi-level directive support.
    Now is an Inside Out object per Perl Best Practices.
    API CHANGE: getFilename() does what you expect now, and getFilePath() returns the path and filename of the config.
    Fixed qv/qw version number problem.

1.0.3   Thu Mar 05 09:29:00 2007
	Sorting out more CPAN issues. No code changes. (Sorry, this is the first module I've released to CPAN, and there seems to be more that happens after upload
	than I know how to test from the command line.)

1.0.2   Thu Mar 01 11:33:00 2007
	Sorting out more CPAN issues. No code changes.

1.0.1	Tue Feb 27 20:10:00 2007
	Sorting out CPAN issues. No code changes.

1.0.0  	Mon Feb 26 15:06:38 2007
    Initial public release. Has been used in production environments for more than a year.