Revision history for Dist-Zilla

1.100650  2010-03-06 11:46:23 America/New_York
          add some missing prereqs
          now configured with @RJBS rather than custom set of plugins

1.100630  2010-03-03 22:23:21 America/New_York
          the log method now uses a pluggable logger, defaulting to
          plugins now log with a useful prefix to indicate what is logging

          prerequisites are now managed by Dist::Zilla::Prereq
          complex prereqs (a la Version::Requirement) are possible

1.100600  2010-03-01 08:19:06 America/New_York
          the File role provides a mode attribute; files are chmodded on write
          the mode attribute may not be world-writeable
          files gathered by AllFiles will have their on-disk mode &= 0755

1.100520  2010-02-21 15:53:39 America/New_York
          MakeMaker plugin correctly requires the right version of perl again

1.100160  2010-01-16 15:37:29 America/New_York
          require File::Install::ShareDir if needed for Makefile.PL share

1.100130  2010-01-13 08:18:29 America/New_York
          the args used in generated Build.PL or Makefile.PL are now mostly
          generated by Data::Dumper instead of interpolation and quotemeta

1.100120  2010-01-12 18:40:00 America/New_York
          add 'dzil run' and BuildRunner (Jérôme Quelin)
          improve behavior of 'dzil clean' with backup files (Jérôme Quelin)
          dzil takes an -I option (Jérôme Quelin)
          InstallDirs can now provide File::ShareDir-style installs (rjbs,
            Jérôme Quelin, nperez)
          Role::File now requires a content method (rjbs)
          eliminate stupid noise spewed during 'dzil new' (rjbs)

1.093400  2009-12-06 13:56:09 America/New_York
          declare dependency on PPI introduced by 1.093370

1.093371  2009-12-03 18:45:11 America/New_York

1.093370  2009-12-03 18:42:30 America/New_York
          PruneFiles now works... for real; only "filenames" works

1.093370  2009-12-03 18:17:16 America/New_York
          PruneFiles now works; the documented args for PruneFiles were wrong
          PkgVersion now uses PPI to insert $VERSION; avoids many false inserts
          Fix regression where failing tests still cleaned up the build dir.
            ( Kent Fredric )

1.093290  2009-11-25 14:45:45 America/New_York
          switch from String::Format to String::Formatter

1.093280  2009-11-24 11:24:52 America/New_York
          include META.yml again for now
          look at ~/.pause for upload config if it isn't in ~/.dzil/config

1.093250  2009-11-21 14:14:20 America/New_York
          refactor !release

1.093220  2009-11-18 08:15:20 America/New_York
          Module::Build now injects version deps in build_requires and
          configure_requires, hopefully solving issues with version-upgrades.
          new role BeforeRelease (Jérôme Quelin)
          new role AfterRelease  (Jérôme Quelin)
          default format for AutoVersion plugin changed (Jérôme Quelin)
          NextRelease plugin updates changelog after release
          new plugin FakeRelease (Jérôme Quelin)

1.093160  2009-11-12
          make TextTemplate use fill_this_in to avoid

1.093140  2009-11-10
          add the FileFinder role
          "dzil test" will exit non-zero if tests fail

          Split Test into plugins and have a pluggable test system.
            ( Kent Fredric )

1.093000  2009-10-26
          require a newer Moose to avoid a few composition errors in older
          Moose versions

1.092990  2009-10-26
          most of Dist::Zilla::Config has been moved to Config::MVP::Reader

          THIS WILL BREAK BUNDLES:  bundles are now passed a hashref describing
          the contents of the Config::MVP::Sequence configuring them, not just
          the payload

1.092930  2009-10-20
          rebuild documentation with new PodPurler

1.092850  2009-10-11
          correct logic that finds tests to run
          improve detection and use of main_module name (C. Madsen)
          stop adding versions to test files (doy)

1.092680  2009-09-25
          improve error when main_module isn't found (Christopher J. Madsen)
          rework version generation to be as lazy as possible (C. Madsen)
          add a ->distmeta attribute in which metadata is collected (C. Madsen)
          recognize more kinds of version declaration (Nicholas Perez)
          fix documentation refering to ~/.dzil/config,
            now in ~/.dzil/config.ini ( Kent Fredric )

1.092450  2009-09-02
          fix a bug in config loading for 'dzil' command (melo)

1.092400  2009-08-28
          require App::Cmd 0.300 (currently in dev)
          fix prereq for Config::MVP

1.092390  2009-08-27
          do not break on config sections for non-moosey (app) plugins

1.092360  2009-08-24
          all config readers must now produce MVP sequences
          the AutoVersion plugin now allows you to specify a time zone

1.092310  2009-08-18
          documentation for the 'dzil' commands (Kent Fredric)
          restore the workingness of ~/.dzil and ~/.dzil/config

1.092200  2009-08-07
          include ./xt files in shipped dist

1.092070  2009-07-27
          major revamp of configuration subsystem, including pluggable config
          readers and the new, highly-experimental and probably-stupid Perl
          config reader

1.091940  2009-07-12
          fix version number of EUMM required to use LICENSE param
          ( )

1.091610  2009-06-09
          up the required Pod::Eventual
          tweak detection of Perl files by content (Jérôme Quelin)

1.091480  2009-05-28 13:59:35 UTC
          fix abstract-guessing to work with new Pod::Eventual

1.091440  2009-05-24 18:01:51 UTC
          more quotemeta in generated code
          add namespace::autoclean (Florian Ragwitz)
          remove unnecessary dep on MX::ClassAttribute (Florian Ragwitz)
          break type declarations into their own library (Florian Ragwitz)

1.091430  2009-05-23 01:48:20 UTC
          add meta-spec entry to metafiles (thanks, doy)
          generate MetaYAML with YAML::Tiny

1.091370  2009-05-17
          MetaJSON added
          MetaYaml is now MetaYAML

1.091260  2009-05-06
          correct naming of plugins brought in by @Classic

1.091250  2009-05-05
          add AutoVersion plugin
          avoid some warnings when making immutable
          improved some documentation

1.007     2009-04-21
          add MetaProvider role and MetaResources plugin
            inspired by the work of Fayland Lam

1.006     2009-04-18
          fix a small context error that broke 'dzil install' in some cases

1.005     2009-04-18
          numerous documentation fixes and minor bug fixes
          added 'dzil install'
          thanks to: hdp, sartak, Florian Ragwitz, alexv, obra
          TODO: proper credits file

1.004     2008-10-14
          do not barf if there's no dzil config (thanks, ILMARI)

1.003     2008-10-13
          add "dzil new" to create a new dist.ini, etc         
          add "dzil release" to upload to the CPAN
          both of these commands are really sketchy right now

          use String::Flogger for log output rewriting

1.002     2008-10-07
          add missing prereqs

1.001     2008-10-07
          add missing prereqs

1.000     2008-10-06
          alright, let's just release this thing, even if it's only half baked.
          well... maybe more like unbaked

0.005     ?
          allow alternate configuration readers
          begin the long, hateful process of testing LOTS of existing code
          some changes to AllFiles to allow more rewriting; for Data-Rx

0.004     2008-06-10
          fairly complete documentation

0.003     2008-06-06
          going to use this to build a bunch of stuff!