Revision history for Rubric

0.00_13 2004-12-02
        cvs had sticky-rev'd some files which were released despite being old
        all files updated

0.00_12 2004-12-01
        updatedb rewritten to actually, well, work
        style and html structure cleaned up
        html doctype added; validates
        some refactoring, including tag validation

0.00_11 2004-11-29
        put servername in uri_root in default config
        awful temporary refactoring of rendering for RSS

0.00_10 2004-11-28
        all "url" things are now "uri"
        important: your config should be updated to uri_root
        much better body-handling
        long-form entry display
        ?link and ?body query parameters

0.00_07 2004-11-25 Happy Thanksgiving!
        eliminated &url_for, replaced with Rubric::WebApp::URI
        rewrote template structure (use one master template via PROCESS)
        added linkless entries
        added body to entries

0.00_06 2004-11-19
        added lots of documentation

0.00_05 2004-11-18
        logins and posts now redirect to new page, instead of rendering
        post form for an already-entered url displays info
        fixed return of tag counts to references for TT2's sake
        numerous style cleanups

0.00_04 2004-11-17
        refactored paging, posting
        store md5 of uri's for identification
        tag counts
        recently active tags on recent entry listing

0.00_03 2004-11-16
        actually /use/ the template_path config data, thanks
        when finding entry to update, include username in search
        updated install instructions
        added Entry->set_new_tags
        updated WebApp->post to, well, work

0.00_01 2004-11-16
        abstracted enough that it can be installed without hours of removing my
        absolute URLs.
        still awful.