Changes in 2.991:

* Small fix to setup of scalar refs in, in case the ref points to
  an undef value.

* Code clean-up on the imgsize script.

Changes in 2.99:

* Applied two patches from Ville Skyttä <>, one providing
  support for MNG, the other for supporting anything Image::Magick does.

Changes in 2.98:

* From tips provided by Philip Newton after a close reading of the manual page
  and other docs, several typos and errors were cleared out, and a small
  buglet in the error message within bmpsize() was corrected.

Changes in 2.97:

* Moved the code that changes a relative filename to an absolute one. This
  was being called in all cases, now it is *not* called if cacheing is
  disabled (via $NO_CACHE). This is for the sake of applications running in
  environments where they may have trouble with full paths (due to "lockbox"

* Made a few adjustments to the docs per suggestion, to clarify some of the
  usage cases.

Changes in 2.96:

* There was a (silly) typo in the PCD code that slipped past my tests. Fixed.

Changes in 2.95:

* Added a $NO_CACHE flag that is made importable for general use. This allows
  disabling of data-cacheing for those systems that cannot work with it.

* Added support for Kodak PhotoCD images (PCD). Note the specific details in
  the manual page, relevant to this functionality.

Changes in 2.94:

* Fixed a small bug in the PSD code, and added a test to the suite using an
  image supplied by Alex Weslowski <>.

* This release marks the first version to include RPM packaging as an option.

Changes in 2.93:

* Added a routine to provide Flash support, provided by Dmitry Dorofeev

Changes in 2.92:

* Added a patch from Dan Klein to make certain that imgsize() closes any
  file descriptors it opens.
* Some housecleaning added to Makefile.PL.

Changes in 2.91:

* Added copyright notices (freely distributable under Perl's Artistic License)
  to and imgsize, at the request of Debian folks.

* No longer any need for imgsize.PL as a self-extractor; MakeMaker now handles
  that fine (has for a while).

Changes in 2.904:

* Added a PREREQ_PM clause in Makefile.PL for systems that do not (yet) have
  File::Spec installed.

* Experimental (untested, no test cases) PSD support.

Changes in 2.903:

* Added a patch from <>, reported as part of the CPAN
  Testors effort. This abstracts some UNIX-centric treatment of file paths,
  thus enabling the package to work on Macs.

Changes in 2.902:

* Added a file, README.Win32, with special instructions for users on systems
  that lack MakeMaker support.

* Worked on the regular expressions that are used on the text-based formats,
  in hopes of further smoothing out the rift between UNIX and non-UNIX

* Added use of Cwd. Filenames passed in are prepended with the current dir
  if they aren't already absolute pathnames. This was to fix a subtle problem
  where different files with the same relative names (referenced from different
  directories) would confuse the cache.

* Added the image type to the cached data. Previously, only dimensions were
  cached. Now, a cache-hit returns the same triple returned originally.

* Also added the file's modification-time to the cache, as the (growing!) use
  of Image::Size in Apache mod_perl environments found that if an image is
  changed, the cache won't notice. Now it does.

* Added recognition of thumbnail-format pics from the popular viewer XV. The
  value of image type for these is the string "XV".

* Integrated a patch that makes html_imgsize generate tags that are XHTML-
  compliant. Same patch also caught a few doc bugs that I'd missed.

* Added more to the README file and the pod documentation, particularly
  dealing with the Apache web server.

* Moved the change history to this new file, from the prior location at the
  end of README.

Changes in 2.901:

* Use of the Devel::Modlist package showed that my usage of IO::File pulled
  in a lot of overhead (which I knew, but this meant I couldn't ignore it
  any longer). Pulled out all IO::File stuff, use the Symbol package instead
  for anonymous GLOBs. Also, the calling form that allows an open filehandle
  be passed in is no longer so picky that it be blessed into IO::File. It
  does have to be a hard reference, though. Symbolic refs still look like

* While doing the above, I eliminated the last of the strict-refs conflicts.
  Prior to now, the package ran under strict subs and vars, but not refs. It
  is now fully strict-clean.

Changes in 2.9:

* Support for BMP format in 2.8 was marred by a byte-ordering problem not
  found in testing since my Linux and Windows machines are both Intel-based.

* Added a contributed fix for a recurring problem with GIF87a images that
  have descriptors similar to GIF89a.

* Added a contributed fix to the PPM matching (prior to actual selection for
  sizing) that was caused by some Win32 versions of Perl not handling "\n"

* While at that last one, I made an attempt to fix any MacOS concerns that
  may be triggered by the same consideration.

* Added better error handling to the imgsize script and added a little more
  to the manual page.

Changes in 2.8:

* Added support for BMP-format files. CR/LF translation between UNIX and
  Windows machines should not affect this, but please let me know if there
  are problems.

Changes in 2.7:

* Corrected numerous documentation bugs in which I repeatedly referred to the
  X and Y dimensions in the wrong order. This was pointed out by several
  people, but I also kept forgetting to attend to it.

* The base routine imgsize now returns a null list when called in a void
  or scalar context. Mainly, I like pre-loading the cache under mod_perl in
  Apache (so that spawned children inherit the cache) and didn't like the
  idea of all those calls populating a stack that was then ignored.

Changes in 2.6:

* 2.5 did not actually deliver the tests for the new TIFF code. Oops.

* Found some variations of the formats of XPM and XBM that were not
  compatible with the regex's being used. Tricky, flexible little devils,
  especially XPM.

Changes in 2.5:

* Added support for TIFF images and two test cases. Many thanks to Cloyce
  Spradling <> for both the code patches and the test

Changes in 2.4:

* Small bug in jpegsize, not returning the string 'JPG' as the third element
  of the returned list. Figures I have a half-documented feature, and someone
  actually uses it. :-)

Changes in 2.3:

* Small fix to the regular expression in xpmsize.

* Changed syntax of utilizing AutoLoader to conform to changes in upcoming
  5.004 release.

Changes in 2.2:

* Added calls to binmode on filehandles, for the sake of OS flavors such as
  OS/2, etc.

* Cleaned up a new -w warning present in late versions of 5.003 (leading in
  to 5.004).

Changes in 2.1:

* Added in changes to the error handling that were meant for 2.0.

* Fixed a bug in attr_imgsize caused by the new return format.

Changes in 2.0:

* No longer uses filenames to determine image format for examination.

* Can operate on already-open IO::File objects.

* Can operate on in-memory data strings (buffers).

* Documentation overhauled.

* imgsize() now returns an ignorable third parameter. This value is a three-
  letter identifier of the image format (using the standard suffixes. Useful
  when sizing unknown data to also type the image.

* Support for the PPM family (PPM, PGM and PBM) of formats.

* JPG code extensively re-written and simplified.

* PNG code re-written.

* Test cases for PNG and PPM added. Test cases also cover the open-file and
  in-memory capabilities.

* Dropped the "optional second argument" thing in the invocation; no one used
  it, and it was confusing and difficult to explain clearly.

* Various typos cleaned up.

Changes in 1.2:

Two fixes given to me by Bernd Leibing <>:

* Fixed bug caused by perl quoting and RCS in

* imgsize now comes as imgsize.PL and is auto-extracted as part of the make,
  utilizing your system's configuration to create the start-up #! line.

Changes in 1.1:

* Added a small, simple script called "imgsize" that gives command-line access
  to the library functionality.

* Discovered and fixed bug in sizing JPEGs.

Initial version 1.0:

* Library model for sizing code from wwwimagesize. By this, I also include
  the extension-style infrastructure, MakeMaker usage, test suite, etc.

* Changed format of returned data to generic (X, Y), added wrappers to format
  into "WIDTH=x HEIGHT=y" HTML-style and (-WIDTH => x, -HEIGHT => y) CGI-style.

* Added cacheing of sizes based on passed-in file name. I have one CGI script
  that uses a given icon for a bullet list, with 35+ items in the list...

* UNDOCUMENTED UNTIL BETTER TESTED: Optional second argument to imgsize can
  be either scalar or a code ref; if scalar, is pasted in front of file name
  as a directory component; if it is a code ref, the routine is called with
  the file name as a single argument and is expected to return the full path
  name. Kind of clunky right now, easier to just pass in the full path to
  begin with.

* Added the XPM sizing myself, though I have yet to use it (I do test it in
  the test suite, though).