Revision history for MooseX-Workers
   Full history:

0.17 2013-04-17 13:21:35
  - convert dist to Dist::Zilla
  - add worker_finished with correct num_workers/has_workers state, deprecate

0.16 2011-02-22 
  - CPAN testers looks happy so pushing as 0.16.

0.15_01 2011-02-18 arcanez
  - no indirect
  - make POE::Filter::Reference print work
  - fix some POE issues, RT#54805
  - fix typos

0.15 2011-02-01
  - CPAN testers looks happy so pushing as 0.15.

0.14_01 2011-02-01 David K. Storrs
  - MXW now saves its ctor-time params so they can be passed on to Engine later 

0.14 2010-11-16
  - Oops. DateTime is a new dep from David's new test.

0.13 2010-11-15
  - 2010-11-12 David K. Storrs (
    Added POE::Filter::Reference support.
    Added more tests
  - 2010-05-19 Neil Stott
    $^O eq 'MSWin32' test patches to try to make Windows happy. 

0.12  2010-03-05 jhannah
   - 0.11_01 is testing well. Pushing as 0.12.

0.11_01  2010-03-03 pmooney, dec, jhannah
   - pmooney added get_worker_ids, the ability to trap SIG TERM, demo
   - dec wrote a generic signal handler instead of TERM-only.
   - jhannah wrote t/20.worker.SIG.TERM.t, showing sig_TERM() in action.
   - jhannah tried to write tests for MooseX/Workers/Engine/ (we had none),
     but couldn't seem to get it to work. So apparently this was an experiment that never
     got fully off the ground. Removed.
   - dec Added an alias to MooseX::Workers::Engine to stop its POE::Session from being 
     terminated early.

0.11  2010-02-18 arcanez
   - 0.10_01 is testing well. Pushing as 0.11.

0.10_01  2010-02-18 arcanez
   - Oops. We left MooseX::AttributeHelpers in t/02.wheel.t, making some testers fail.
     Submitting this correction to the smoking section to see if we missed anything else.
        (MX::Workers + MXAH 0.22+ worked fine (02.wheel.t), 
         but Moose 0.90+ and MXAH < 0.22 do not.
         And since MX::Workers 0.10 requires Moose 0.90 and doesn't
         specify any MXAH.. issues occurred.)

0.10  2010-02-17 arcanez
   - get rid of MXAH in favor of Native::Trait, also remove auto_deref in favor 
     of Native::Trait handles

0.09  2009-07-22 jhannah
   - confound and Sartak tell me that 'weaken' is wrong. Changed to 'weak_ref'.
   - doy suggests abandoning testing how long things take. Instead, design less 
     fragile tests for things happening or not. 
   - Fixed and cleaned up sig_child, added a test. Got rid of all those annoying 
     POE warnings about unhandled reap events. 
   - Misc. POD cleanup.

0.08  2009-07-14 jhannah
   - MooseX::Workers::Job 'args' attribute can now actually be used.

0.07  2009-06-16 jhannah
   - No one screamed at the dev release, so pushing as a normal release.

0.06_99  2009-06-10 jhannah
   - Added enqueue()
   - Added MooseX::Workers::Job
   - Added timeout attribute, worker_timeout callback
   - POD cleanup

0.05  2009-04-27
   - Fixed deprecation warnings with modern Moose. 
   - Updated dependency version numbers
   - Cleaned up extraneous use stricts
   - Deprecate check_worker_threashold cause it's a typo

0.04  Dec 31 2008
   - Added put_worker to send input to a worker
   - Added kill_worker to terminate a wheel
   - Exposed more of the engine details

0.03  Mon Oct 1 2007
   - Moved worker_started into an event so add_worker returns
     before it's called (dec)
   - Can now pass arguments to spawn() which are passed as
     ProgramArgs to the underlying POE::Wheel (dec)
   - Fixed a bug where worker_start was actually calling worker_stop 
     in the visitor (thanks to ash and perlmonkey2 for noticing)
   - new spawn() interface that returns the Wheel ID and PID

0.02  Wed Sep 19 16:00:00 2007
   - Fix a bug where worker_started wasn't being very optional (discovered by Kake)
   - Fix some packaging issues and tests

0.01  Mon Jul 16 20:38:32 2007
   Initial release.