Revision history for classes

0.943 Wed Nov 22 22:47:11 EST 2006
    Deprecated 'needs' since 'use' is needed by compilers and
    builders to identify needed modules.
    Changed classes::init_args() to throw X::UnknownAttr if passed
    key of attribute for which there is not a declaration/setter
    (as convinced by ken1).

0.942 Thu Oct 19 12:15:25 EDT 2006
    Added X::Undefined exception class.
    Changed X::classes::traceable default Order class attr
      from ['item'] to ['item','message'], which allows:
        X::Failed->throw([5,'File not found'])

0.941 Sat Sep 16 02:02:20 EDT 2006
    Fixed dubious error in unit test script.
    Typos and spelling corrections.

0.940 Thu Sep 14 09:06:04 EDT 2006
    First CPAN release.
    Still needs classestut, classescb filled in later.
    Still needs X::classes and X::classes::traceable documented.
    Could use a few more unit tests to get 100% Devel::Cover-age

0.10 Wed May 10 07:04:15 EDT 2006
    Initial code upload to sourceforge (public release).