0.02    14 Jul 2009 - * 'OS Unsupported' unless Win32 or Cygwin to assist
                        smokers reporting something more useful.
                      * Add LICENCE file.
                      * Add INSTALL file. Split README.
                      * Better automate VERSIONINFO resource
                      * Add build date to VERSIONINFO resource
                      * Add more information to META.yml

0.01    16 May 2009 - * Removed processorArchitecture from assemblyIdentity
                        and changed it to "*" in the dependentAssembly
                        in the manifset.  This should make building on
                        x64 not require a dynamically generated manifest.
                      * Add TODO file
                      * Documentation clean up
                      * First CPAN release

0.00_02 05 May 2009 - Comments incorporated;
                      * LoadLibraryW changed to LoadLibraryA.
                      * manifest now generated to get processorArchitecture
                        set correctly.
                      * version resource generated and added to dll.
                      * Synopsis modified to correctly show unqualified used of
                        subs needs an import.
                      * Code modified to build clean with VC6 SP2, without
                        requiring a more recent PSDK installation.

0.00_01 03 May 2009 - Initial beta release for comment