Revision history for Perl extension Mail::IMAPTalk.

4.03  Wed Mar 23 11:50 2016
  - Bump version and update copyright
  - add AuthzUser to allow admin override login
  - add UseCompress to use COMPRESS=DEFLATE support if available

4.01  Mon Jul 20 12:15 2015
  - Bump version and update copyright
  - Remove long command timer
  - Misc parser and fixes
  - Avoid / in generated message-id
  - More improvements to find_message function
  - Add cyrus IMAP extension commands
  - Support extended-list options to list command
  - Avoid undef warning on missing foldermode response
  - Handle unexpected capability response
  - Add ability to enable tracing when you "use" the module
  - Replace multigetannotation with multigetmetadata
  - Add IMAP myrights command
  - Add IMAP id command
  - Use release_socket to close connection
  - Update root folder and Inbox vs INBOX handling
  - Choose socket library to use, add SSL socket support
  - Better formatting of email strings from envelope structure

3.01  Tue Jul 10 11:00 2012
  - Bumping major version again because of fetch response
     format changes (Content-Disposition and annotation changes)
  - Documentation updates.
     Update to SORT RFC, update to latest ACL RFC
  - Update get_response_code docs
  - Alert reponse is remainder of line, put that in the response code
     Hack around fact alert response is the remainder of the
     line after the ], it's not an argument inside the [...],
     but make it look that way because makes API easier
     to just call get_response_code
  - Deal with annoying ANSI_X3.4-1968 encoded headers
  - Handle servers which don't return any untagged sort/search results, but OK response
  - Add a Pedantic mode to the parser
     Will die if a line with an unexpected tag appears
     when parsing responses. Useful for test suite
  - Fix parsing of server welcome banner
  - Always increase CmdId, and rethrow error in pedantic mode
  - Handle buggy multiple spaces in XIMAPPROXY response
  - Doc updates and misc fixes
  - Make Mail::IMAPTalk work on perl 5.8
  - Add per-command parse mode, and parsing for annotations
  - Document unicode folders and remove old warnings
  - Improve find_message
  - Typo fixes, remove need for Carp
  - use RFC2047 not RFC1522
  - Atoms can have } in them
  - Allow reporting errors for multigetannotation
  - Add IDLE command support
  - Break Content-Disposition into separate parts like Content-Type
    (NOTE: This changes the result of fetches and is backwards
  - Improve find_message
  - Handle literals that fail better (eg no + go ahead response)
  - Strip newlines if server returns them (it should have unfolded)
  - Allow release_socket() to take an error flag
  - Show correct system error on system errors

2.01  Fri Jul 15 17:00 2011
  - Pushing to CPAN. Updating major version
     number because of dozens of small
     incompatible changes

1.04  Mon Feb  8 13:55 2011
  - hundreds of changes and improvements while
     being used internally by Fastmail
  - now making a project on github

1.03  Thu Sep 29 17:58 2005
	- improved find_message()
  - added check/subscribe/unsubscribe (thanks Shriman Gurung)
  - documentation cleanup (thanks Shriman Gurung)
  - extra option to clear tracing variable before each command
  - fix weird perl memory/performance issue when parsing
     long ID lists

1.02  Tue Sep  2 10:48 2004
	- fix literal continuation response check

1.01  Tue Aug 26 11:48 2004
	- add utf-8 decoding support
  - add annotatemore support

1.00  Tue Feb  3 17:48 2004
	- initial release