Revision history for Perl extension Net-APNS-Simple

0.05 2020-10-17T02:49:56Z
    - Add some modules to test requirements.

0.04 2020-10-16T06:47:55Z
    - Add support for SSL certificate authentication.
    - Add support for proxy.
    - Add support for apns-id and apns-collapse-id headers.
    - Load the Crypt::JWT and Net::HTTP modules only on demand.

0.03 2016-12-15T02:12:45Z

    - Changed to use Crypt::PK::ECC instead of external command `openssl`.

0.02 2016-12-09T00:51:27Z

    - Add ssl connection keepalive.

0.01 2016-12-02T06:16:29Z

    - original version