Revision history for Devel-Trepan
0.1.0  - Oct 27, 2011

Initial release. 

Some cool things not in other Perl debuggers
- Syntax higlighting via Syntax::Highlight::Perl::Improved
- Readline debugger command completion
- Extensive help inside the debugger
- Gdb-like command set
- Standalone binary install: trepanpl
   (Enbugger support provided as a patch to Enbugger)
- trace mode for POSIX-shell "set -x"-like tracing: trepanpl -x ...
- auto evaluation in hash and array and scalar context:
    @ array-expression # for array
    % hash-expression  # for hash
    [$] expression     # for scalar
- Evaluation results saved in global array @DB::D
- Ability to go into a Psh shell
- Debugger Command aliases for simple things and
- Debugger Command macros via a perl anonymous sub for
  more complicated things.
- Extensible command set
- many unit and integration tests

Still, much remains to be done (out-of-process control, installing
signal handlers, adding watch expressions), so please help out!