1.25:  2013-11-25 JB Release
- Add completion_suppress_append and start documenting attribute variables
- 2nd attempt to reduce CPAN test unknowns and CPANTS whining.

1.24:  2013-11-25
- Administrivia. Should reduce CPAN test unknowns and CPANTS whining.

1.23:  2013-11-24
- typo in addhistory github issue #3
- Get Term::Readline::Tie version in correctly
- Accomondate reasonable CPANTS warnings

1.22:  2013-11-17 Sister release
- no warnings 'once' for Term::ReadLine::Perl5:Tie;

1.20:  2013-11-03

- Move readline.pm and proper place for its namespace.
- Create Term::ReadLine::Perl5::Tie as its own file
- Create Term::ReadLine::Perl5::History and move history code
  from Perl5.pm and readline.pm to this
- Revise history test to use Test::More which simplifies and DRYs code.

1.13: 2013-11-01

- Correct minimum Module::Build version number

1.12: 2013-10-31 -the Jed Woodward

- Specify min Module::Build version that uses "test_requires"
- Small doc changes
- Revise history test - try again with tests where we don't get a tty

1.11: 2013-10-30

- Skip some tests if we don't have a tty.

1.10: 2013-10-29
- Make Term::ReadKey a requirement and simplify surrounding code.
  For those that can't use Term::ReadKey, there is always
  Term::ReadLine::Perl or something else

1.09: 2013-06-15
- reduce duplicate README documentation and segregate old docs.
- test.pl uses warnings and strict now.
- Use File::HomeDir instead of $ENV{'HOME'}
- Use Module::Build and better CPAN meta information

1.08: 2013-06-12
- Botched release number for 1.07

1.07: 2013-06-12
- CPANTS says Botched release 1.06 for tests

1.06: 2013-06-12
- CPANTS says Botched release 1.05 for tests

1.05: 2013-06-12

- Avoid circularity of Term::ReadLine::readline requiring Term::ReadLine::Perl
  which depends on Term:ReadLine::readline.
- fix =for comments appearing on metacpan
- pod readline subroutines
- Remove SelfLoader, use perl builtins uc, lc instead of home-grown routines
- use 'warnings' in readline.pm
- More unit tests

1.04: 2013-03-02

- First Term::ReadLine::Perl5 release.
- Add history commit from Rocky Bernstein.
- Fix some style changes related to use of eval() in readline::_unescape().
- Fork from Term::ReadLine::Perl.  Original changes located below.

1.0303: 2009-10-28

- Would not allow macros with space in them.

- Never try to display the whole prompt unless it is shorter than
  screen width ;-).

- Test supports PERL_RL_TEST_PROMPT_MINLEN in environment.

- Test hints at special significance of the word `exit'.

- Avoid a warning on unexpected variable assign (thanks to Robin Barker).

- Change error message for unknown method.

- Protect global variables during WINCH processing.

- F_ReverseSearchHistory was not -w-safe (thanks to Peter Valdemar)

- Test for $ENV{PERL_MM_NONINTERACTIVE} also to abort tests.

1.0302: 2006-05-23

- C-@ was incorrectly bound to a missing function SetPoint.

- C-x Esc c @ and C-x Esc c Space are now bound to SetMark, so do this
  if $inDOS too.

- Bind C-x @ c and C-x @ m too (as in Emacs).

1.0301: 2006-05-23

- F_TransposeWords implemented

- Enable binmode() on MSWin32 if ReadMode succeeds.

- Since "normal" getc() returns 0 on "special keys" (as opposed
  to behaviour with reasonable CRT library, which would return
  a pair of keypresses 0 "keynumber"), to access special keys
  one needs something like C-[ for Esc, and C-[ c for Alt-c.

- Support \key with key in "abfnrtvd" in init files (\b/\d as C-?/C-d)
  and \ooo for octal.

- Allow single quotes in macro specifications, and backwacked quotes.

- Support macros (propagate numeric arguments).

- New functions:
    F_BeginPasteGroup; F_EndPasteGroup;
    F_BeginEditGroup; F_EndEditGroup; bound to XTerm mouse editing

- Support ~/ in INPUTRC name and $include;


-  New functions:

     F_DoMetaVersion; F_DoControlVersion;
     These are bound as in Emacs: C-x Esc m and C-x Esc c.

1.03: 2006-04-9

- Support for numeric arguments missed setting $lastcommand.

- MinLine would not return the old value etc.

- On MSWin32 without ReadKey, but with cygwin stty.exe:
	do binmode (since Enter sends \r in these settings)
			(XXXX we don't undo binmode; is it needed?)
			(Only Control-Key work; do "Control-[ key" for Meta)

- When optimizing "cursor" movement, take into account ornaments.

- Optimize "cursor" movement even if we redraw the line.
	Would display the string twice, even if cursor was at the end of
			the line.
	Add key binding for Control-Movement keys in xterm; and some OSX xterm.
	Do not prefer HPUX xterm bindings to "normal" XTerm bindings.
	New functions F_BeginUndoGroup F_EndUndoGroup F_DoNothing
		F_MemorizeDigitArgument F_ForceMemorizeDigitArgument
		F_UnmemorizeDigitArgument F_ResetDigitArgument
		F_MergeInserts F_MemorizePos
			(for better mouse support; untested)
	Undo list merges together states where the only change is position

1.0208:	2006-03-14

- Allow 2-arg form for test.pl

- Open CONIN$ on Win (if asked for CON), and open RW (bug in Win devdriver).

- Allow non-first Digit-Arguments to be escaped too.

- Allow Alt-char translation to \M-char on DOSISH.

- Apparently, self-loaded empty subroutines crash 5.8.2; 5.8.7 OK.
  Work-around: put "1;" into non-implemented stuff.

1.0207:	2006-03-03

- If mark was active, redraw could be performed after Enter.

- Untested Win32 support for cut&paste.

- Alias $var_DeleteSelection for $rl_delete_selection (thus accessible
  via .inputrc).

1.0206: 2006-03-03

- Shift-Ins, Control-Ins, Shift-Del operate on clipboard (if available)
  (currently native on OS/2 only, otherwise uses commands

-  In absense of mark, CopyRegionAsKillClipboard operates on the whole line.

-  Completely ignore unknown variables in .inputrc.

-  Moving cursor should remove the highlight of initial string too.

-  Change some local() to my().

-  Region between point and mark is highlighted.
   Commands SelfInsert, Yank*, *DeleteChar remove this region
   if $rl_delete_selection is TRUE (the default).
   (Set mark again to insert without removing.)

1.0205: 2006-03-02

- Do not touch $ENV{HOME} unless defined.

- $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING} to skip interactive tests.

1.0204:	2006-03-02

- Applied patches from Gurusamy and Slaven for vi mode:
    * Logic to move insertion point one char back was wrong;
     Disable (YES!) choice of vi-mode based on $ENV{EDITOR}.
     Just in case: generate proper warning if an old $ket-bug resurrects.
    * If readkey() returns undef, behave as on EOF.
	New option --no-print to test.pl.
	Try to move prompt to the next line if something is already on the
 		current line (controlled by $rl_scroll_nextline,
		Wrong setting of $rl_last_pos_can_backspace will result:
			a) 1 and wrong: empty line before the prompt;
			b) 0 and wrong: if the line contains 1 char only,
				(and no NL), the prompt will overwrite it;
				test with `perl -Mblib test.pl --no-print',
				type `print 1'.
			[This is not the same as termcap/am!].
	New variable $readline::rl_default_selected; if true, default string
		is removed if the first keystroke is self-insert or BackSpace;
			test.pl modified to test this too;
		uses mr,me capabilities to highlight the default string.
	New command: SaveLine (on M-#).
	New command: PrintHistory (on M-h),
	PreviousHistory and NextHistory take count.
	The edited line is saved when one moves to history.

1.0203:	2002-05-24

- Unconditional titlecasing of .inputrc "values" broke settings with
  values such as 'vi' etc (thanks to Russ Southern for a report).

1.0202:	2002-04-19

- Warnings on highlight of the right scroll mark '<' fixed
  (thanks to Slaven Rezic).


- Warnings due to a misprint fixed (thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa).

1.02: 2002-03-31

-  Move reread-init to C-x C-r.

-  Make C-x u and C-x C-u do undo.

-  Set-mark:			C-@, Control-Space on PC.
-  Exchange-point-and-mark:	C-x C-x.
-  Kill-region:			C-x C-w (as in lynx).

-  Copy-region-as-kill:		C-x w   (kinda similar to Emacs).

   On PC, the last 2 and yank also available on Shift-Del, Control-Insert,

-  Kill buffer is prepended or appended in natural manner.
-  Disable detection of Japanese multibyte characters - conflicts with
   single-byte scripts.  Reenable by $readline::_rl_japanese_mb = 1.


- Allow unset TERM.

-  Wrong display and warnings if UP/DOWN reach a short line from a
   scrolled line

-  Highlight the h-scroll indicators "<" ">" same as the prompt.

-  Draw h-scroll indicator "<" even if a part of the prompt is shown.
-  Scroll right if more than $rl_margin empty space is on the right.


- Ignore $/, $\, $,.

- Handle $include in RC file (by Roland Walker and Alexander Kourakos).

- Support "unsupported ioctl()".

- $rl_vi_replace_default_on_insert (by Russ Southern).

- Now we closely match the new syntax of .inputrc (by David Wollmann).

- Allow setenv PERL_RL_USE_TRK=0 to disable usage of Term::ReadKey.

- With $inDOS vicmd_map had conflicting definitions for #27.

- Removed spurious warnings from failing ioctl and stty.

0.9908: 2000-05-20

- support $ENV{INPUTRC}.

- Advice users to look into *this* file for features...

- Joe.Petolino@Eng.Sun.COM added vi support (untested).

- Remove .gz-ness from Makefile.PL.

0.9907: 1999-08-04

- remove defined() noise.

0.9906: 1998-11-29

- $readline::rl_getc added with the default value \&readline::rl_getc

0.9905: 1998-10-21 (thanks to Wilson P. Snyder II wsnyder@maker.com)

- Fix reverse search.

0.9904: 1998-04-05 (thanks to Alexander Kourakos <awk@bnt.com>)

- gave warnings for blank lines in my .inputrc

- showed underlined spaces in prompts (in xterm) which look ugly.

0.9903: 1998-02-20

- Enable ornaments by default.

- Disable explicit ornaments in the test.pl.

0.9902: 1997-12-08

- Do not test TRL::Gnu in test.pl!

- Allow control-? in assignments.  \M-\C- should work, as well as \x7F.
  (Thanks to Neil Bird!)

0.9901: 1997-09-08

-  Support for ornaments busted editing of long lines.

0.99: 1997-09-08
- Buglet with -w corrected.

0.98: 1997-08-23

- newTTY added.

- ornaments added.

- no longer installs into PERL dirs.

- Name of interface is now Term::ReadLine::Perl.

- Meta-flag tolerated (thanks to Honza Pazdziora).

- Bindings to \C-letter work again.


- Wrong version of Perl.pm was included, did not work with older Perls.


- tkRunning support unrolled, now needs newer Term/ReadLine.pm to use it.

- Warnings from inputrc come only if -w.

0.95: (from Jim Meyering):
	* readline.pm (preinit): Recognize bash's `input-meta' as a
	valid variable name.
	(F_ReReadInitFile): Recognize key binding directives in which
	the double-quoted RHS contains white space.
	(rl_set): Treat bash's `visible-stats' as a synonym of
	Workaround against Term::ReadKey::ReadMode returning undef
		(thanks to Helmut Jarausch).

- Should work everywhere where stty works (possibly with a warning).

- Warning says where to find TRK, switchable off.

- ReadLine.pm removed from distribution.


- Updates to Operate, couple of keybindings added.

- $rl_completer_terminator_character, $rl_correct_sw added.

- Reload-init-file moved to C-x C-x.
- C-x ? and C-x * list/insert possible completions (similar to
  tcsh globbing).

- For a second ReadLine interface ReadLine::Stub is used (unsuccessfully)?
  C-x * moves cursor correctly.

After 0.91:

- Couple of bugs with my $var = @_;
- use SelfLoader; moved to DATA.
- Works in XTERM on OS/2.

After 0.9:

- Optional second argument to ->readline;
- [sg]etHistory, tkRunning features documented;
- Operate overwriting parameter fixed;
- AddHistory copied to addhistory in T::R::Perl;
- [SG]etHistory documented;
- tkRunning feature documented.
-  eval "" => eval {}
- local => my


tkRunning corrected. New attributes in Features: getHistory,
setHistory, and new methods: GetHistory and SetHistory.


- Insert, Operate, HistorySearch added.

- Rudimental support for tk being active during ReadLine.
  Should work better if ReadKey is present, but did not bootstrap.

-  SelfLoader (and AutoLoader) supported (uncomment the lines
    with SelfLoader, ISA, and __DATA__).


- We made ReadMode on term_OUT ;-(

- Better workaround for return of globs from a sub.

- Word break chars more suitable for Perl.


-  The bug in 0.5 was due to missing vi keymap. Dirty workaround


Code to support ReadLine'less debugger moved to debugger. One user
reported that having .inputrc triggers the same bug that buggered
earlier versions of the package. Request for a second readline is
tried to be executed first, dying only if should work on a different


- Some bugs with $|f corrected.

- Application name is set.

- Works under OS/2 without ReadKey.

- Should work under DOS with minimal changes (see $inDOS in


- Filehandles changed to \* from *, MinLine works, works with


- Test added.