Revision history for Perl module Google::Adwords

v1.14   Thu Jul 23 11:36:59 IST 2009
    - added Google::Adwords::MccAlert class
    - implemented AccountService.getMccAlerts()

v1.13   Sat Apr 11 17:02:40 IST 2009
    - added Service.factory_class_hook so you can use your own custom 
      objects (campaign, keyword, etc) instead of the default 
      Google::Adwords::* objects. Thanks to Tim Bunce for the patch.

v1.12.2 Tue Feb 17 16:53:51 IST 2009
    - added support for GeoTarget exclusions. excluded* fields added to the
      CityTargets, CountryTargets, MetroTargets and RegionTargets objects
v1.12   Sat Feb 14 15:19:01 IST 2009
    - support for v13 of the Adwords API
    - removed CampaignService.enableSeparateContentBids property
    - added firstPageCpc and qualityScore accessors to Criterion object 
    - removed minCpc from Criterion object

v1.10   Thu Aug 21 17:19:25 IST 2008
    - support for v12 of the Adwords API
    - added Google::Adwords::ConversionOptimizerSettings module
    - Campaign.dailyBudget deprecated
    - Added budgetAmount, budgetPeriod, contentTargeting, 
      and conversionOptimizerSettings methods to the Campaign object

v1.9.3  Tue Apr 22 17:33:00 IST 2008
    - bugfix in; check for arrayref. Thanks 
      to Tony Jewell for the bug report
    - bugfix in; check for hash key before assigning. Thanks to
      Eugene Toropov for the fix

v1.9.1  Wed Apr  2 00:09:04 IST 2008
    - requires SOAP::Lite >= 0.66

v1.9    Tue Apr  1 02:51:13 IST 2008
    - bugfix: chained set accessor calls now work for all objects
    - bugfix: AdService.checkAds() and CriterionService.checkCriteria() don't
      check for exisiting Ad/Criterion IDs in the request. Thanks to Eugene
      Toropov for the fix.
    - bugfix: In CampaignService, multiple circles can be returned for a
      ProximityTarget. The code now handles this gracefully. Thanks to Rick
      Morris for the patch
    - will only work for perl >= 5.8

v1.8.2  Wed Mar 19 13:00:30 IST 2008
    - load the required data modules implicitly in the *Service modules
    - added shrunkenUrl accessor to Google::Adwords::Image
    - removed dependency for IO::Prompt

v1.8.1  Tue Mar 18 11:23:11 IST 2008
    - added dependency for Crypt::SSLeay
    - the live sandbox tests don't run by default

v1.8    Sat Mar 15 19:02:47 IST 2008
    - works only with version v11 of the Adwords API 
    - All data object methods now return an array ref where expected. You can
      set the data using an array or array ref but the method will always
      return an array ref
    - Google::Adwords::LanguageTarget and *::NetworkTarget added
    - Google::Adwords::ProximityTargets and *::Circle added
    - changed accessor names for Google::Adwords::AdGroup
    - ReportService will always use the DefinedReportJob type
    - TrafficEstimatorService.checkKeywordTraffic() method added
    - ReportService.validateReportJob() added
    - Google::Adwords::KeywordTrafficRequest added
    - Removed and 

v1.5    Tue Sep  4 18:01:04 IST 2007
    - support for v10 of the Adwords API
    - All methods which use geoTargeting now use the
      Google::Adwords::GeoTarget object instead of a hashref
    - Modules added to distro
        o Google::Adwords::GeoTarget
        o Google::Adwords::CityTargets
        o Google::Adwords::CountryTargets
        o Google::Adwords::MetroTargets
        o Google::Adwords::RegionTargets
    - Added maxContentCpc to AdGroupService.updateAdGroup(). Thanks to
      Tony Jewell for the bug report
    - languageTargeting and networkTargeting now return the
      Campaign object when used in a set call. Thanks to Stephen Turner for
      the bug report.

v1.4    Mon Jul 30 18:21:27 IST 2007
    - AdService.checkAds() is implemented
    - Google::Adwords::ApiError added to distribution

v1.3.1  Mon Jul  9 18:48:33 IST 2007
    - Removed the inPST parameter from AdService.getAdStats()

v1.3    Sat Jul  7 06:08:10 IST 2007
    - Default API version is now v9
    - Removed the inPST parameter from CampaignService.getCampaignStats(),
      AdGroupService.getAdGroupStats(), CriterionService.getCriterionStats()
    - fixed POD of CriterionService

v1.2.3  Thu Apr 26 13:37:37 IST 2007
    - Bug fix for InfoService::getUnitCountForClients(). Thanks to Bartosz
      Jakubski for the patch. The order of the method parameters were
    - Added t/perlcritic.t and t/perlcriticrc to include Perl::Critic in the
      build process

v1.2.2  Sat Apr 14 18:38:49 IST 2007
    - included t/pod.t in distribution

v1.2.1  Sat Apr 14 16:03:45 IST 2007
    - bug fix in AdService::findBusinesses() to encode html entities
    - only encode '<>&' characters in the request XML. Thanks to Steven Sattin for
      suggesting this.
    - Kwalitee related changes (
        * LICENCE renamed to LICENSE (hope this works)
        * Added t/pod.t to test for POD correctness using Test::Pod 
        * All modules now have 'use strict'
    - All code formatted through perltidy

v1.2    Sun Mar 25 18:36:07 IST 2007
    - Added method clientCustomerId() to the base Service class, so you can use
      either clientEmail() or clientCustomerId() if you have a MCC, but not both. 
      Thanks to Rick Morris for the patch.
    - CreativeService POD fix, as activateCreative(List) and deleteCreative(List) are
      no longer supported by the module.

v1.1.3  Mon Mar 12 14:39:47 IST 2007
    - POD fix in Google::Adwords::Criterion (Thanks to Ed Freyfogle)
    - bug fix in which affected the ReportService module. The uri endpoint
      was going out without a version number. Bug submitted by Steven Sattin.

v1.1.2  Tue Feb 27 13:00:14 IST 2007
    - Bug fix: getCriterionStats was calling CreativeService instead of

v1.1.1  Mon Feb 26 16:47:10 IST 2007
    - POD syntax correction in CriterionService for removeCriteria

v1.1    Sun Feb 25 21:35:02 IST 2007
    - api_version is now a mutator for the *Service modules, so that you can specify
      which version of the Adwords API to use

v1.0.1  Wed Feb 21 15:26:04 IST 2007
    - v8 implemented
    - added field proxyMaxCpc to the AdGroup object
    - KeywordToolService implemented
        * Added module Google::Adwords::KeywordToolService
        * Added Google::Adwords::KeywordVariation
        * Added Google::Adwords::KeywordVariations
        * Added Google::Adwords::SeedKeyword
        * Added Google::Adwords::SiteKeyword
        * Added Google::Adwords::SiteKeywordGroups
    - Campaign object supports budgetOptimizerSettings()
        * Added module Google::Adwords::BudgetOptimizerSettings
    - All sandbox tests are passing!
    - CreativeService deprecated. Module is in distro, but please do not use it. Use
      AdService instead.
    - All calls of AdService implemented (previously CreativeService)
        * CreativeService module still exists, but use AdService
        * Added module Google::Adwords::AdService
        * Added module Google::Adwords::Ad
        * Added module Google::Adwords::Business
    - CampaignService supports Ad Schedules
        * Google::Adwords::Campaign object supports the schedule() accessor
        * Added module Google::Adwords::AdSchedule
        * Added module Google::Adwords::SchedulingInterval
    - Makefile.PL does not have dependencies on actual version numbers
    - Implements CriterionService
    - Bug fix for Google::Adwords::Campaign object, so that single values are
      returned in an arrayref and not as a string
    - For all data objects, the get() method. i.e. the accessor now escapes HTML
    - Dependency for Test::MockModule added to Makefile
    - Added examples/ which initializes the client accounts
      in the sandbox
    - Added examples/ script

v0.6    Fri Oct 27 19:45:58 IST 2006
    - implements the TrafficEstimatorService API calls
    - New modules
        * Google::Adwords::TrafficEstimatorService
        * Google::Adwords::KeywordRequest
        * Google::Adwords::KeywordEstimate
        * Google::Adwords::AdGroupRequest
        * Google::Adwords::AdGroupEstimate
        * Google::Adwords::CampaignRequest
        * Google::Adwords::CampaignEstimate

v0.5.1  Thu Oct 19 16:58:44 IST 2006
    - added getCreativeStats method to the CreativeService module

v0.5    Tue Oct 17 21:57:45 IST 2006
    - implements the ReportService API calls
    - New modules
        * Google::Adwords::ReportService
        * Google::Adwords::ReportJob

v0.4    Wed Oct 11 20:16:53 IST 2006
    - implements the AccountService and CreativeService API calls
    - uses v6 of the Adwords API
    - token method deprecated in favour of developerToken
    - added method applicationToken
    - getUnitCountForClients method added to the InfoService module
    - Following modules were added to the distribution
        * Google::Adwords::AccountInfo
        * Google::Adwords::AccountService
        * Google::Adwords::Address
        * Google::Adwords::ClientUsageRecord
        * Google::Adwords::CoverageType
        * Google::Adwords::Creative
        * Google::Adwords::CreativeService
        * Google::Adwords::CreditCard
        * Google::Adwords::EmailPromotionsPreferences
        * Google::Adwords::Image

v0.2    Tue Sep 19 16:08:43 IST 2006
    - supports all calls of AdGroupService
    - added module Google::Adwords::AdGroup
    - added accessors - responseTime, requestId, operations and units to the
      base Service module. These give access to the information contained in
      the SOAP response header.
    - some more example scripts

v0.1    Fri Sep  8 17:29:56 IST 2006
    - supports all calls of CampaignService
    - uses v5 of the Adwords API
    - added clientEmail, timeout, debug and useragent methods to the Service
    - added module Google::Adwords::StatsRecord
    - version dependencies are in Makefile.PL

v0.0.1  Fri Sep  1 23:00:15 IST 2006
    - supports all calls of InfoService
    - supports addCampaign call of CampaignService