Revision history for Perl module Google::Adwords

v1.2.3  Thu Apr 26 13:37:37 IST 2007
    - Bug fix for InfoService::getUnitCountForClients(). Thanks to Bartosz
      Jakubski for the patch. The order of the method parameters were
    - Added t/perlcritic.t and t/perlcriticrc to include Perl::Critic in the
      build process

v1.2.2  Sat Apr 14 18:38:49 IST 2007
    - included t/pod.t in distribution

v1.2.1  Sat Apr 14 16:03:45 IST 2007
    - bug fix in AdService::findBusinesses() to encode html entities
    - only encode '<>&' characters in the request XML. Thanks to Steven Sattin for
      suggesting this.
    - Kwalitee related changes (
        * LICENCE renamed to LICENSE (hope this works)
        * Added t/pod.t to test for POD correctness using Test::Pod 
        * All modules now have 'use strict'
    - All code formatted through perltidy

v1.2    Sun Mar 25 18:36:07 IST 2007
    - Added method clientCustomerId() to the base Service class, so you can use
      either clientEmail() or clientCustomerId() if you have a MCC, but not both. 
      Thanks to Rick Morris for the patch.
    - CreativeService POD fix, as activateCreative(List) and deleteCreative(List) are
      no longer supported by the module.

v1.1.3  Mon Mar 12 14:39:47 IST 2007
    - POD fix in Google::Adwords::Criterion (Thanks to Ed Freyfogle)
    - bug fix in which affected the ReportService module. The uri endpoint
      was going out without a version number. Bug submitted by Steven Sattin.

v1.1.2  Tue Feb 27 13:00:14 IST 2007
    - Bug fix: getCriterionStats was calling CreativeService instead of

v1.1.1  Mon Feb 26 16:47:10 IST 2007
    - POD syntax correction in CriterionService for removeCriteria

v1.1    Sun Feb 25 21:35:02 IST 2007
    - api_version is now a mutator for the *Service modules, so that you can specify
      which version of the Adwords API to use

v1.0.1  Wed Feb 21 15:26:04 IST 2007
    - v8 implemented
    - added field proxyMaxCpc to the AdGroup object
    - KeywordToolService implemented
        * Added module Google::Adwords::KeywordToolService
        * Added Google::Adwords::KeywordVariation
        * Added Google::Adwords::KeywordVariations
        * Added Google::Adwords::SeedKeyword
        * Added Google::Adwords::SiteKeyword
        * Added Google::Adwords::SiteKeywordGroups
    - Campaign object supports budgetOptimizerSettings()
        * Added module Google::Adwords::BudgetOptimizerSettings
    - All sandbox tests are passing!
    - CreativeService deprecated. Module is in distro, but please do not use it. Use
      AdService instead.
    - All calls of AdService implemented (previously CreativeService)
        * CreativeService module still exists, but use AdService
        * Added module Google::Adwords::AdService
        * Added module Google::Adwords::Ad
        * Added module Google::Adwords::Business
    - CampaignService supports Ad Schedules
        * Google::Adwords::Campaign object supports the schedule() accessor
        * Added module Google::Adwords::AdSchedule
        * Added module Google::Adwords::SchedulingInterval
    - Makefile.PL does not have dependencies on actual version numbers
    - Implements CriterionService
    - Bug fix for Google::Adwords::Campaign object, so that single values are
      returned in an arrayref and not as a string
    - For all data objects, the get() method. i.e. the accessor now escapes HTML
    - Dependency for Test::MockModule added to Makefile
    - Added examples/ which initializes the client accounts
      in the sandbox
    - Added examples/ script

v0.6    Fri Oct 27 19:45:58 IST 2006
    - implements the TrafficEstimatorService API calls
    - New modules
        * Google::Adwords::TrafficEstimatorService
        * Google::Adwords::KeywordRequest
        * Google::Adwords::KeywordEstimate
        * Google::Adwords::AdGroupRequest
        * Google::Adwords::AdGroupEstimate
        * Google::Adwords::CampaignRequest
        * Google::Adwords::CampaignEstimate

v0.5.1  Thu Oct 19 16:58:44 IST 2006
    - added getCreativeStats method to the CreativeService module

v0.5    Tue Oct 17 21:57:45 IST 2006
    - implements the ReportService API calls
    - New modules
        * Google::Adwords::ReportService
        * Google::Adwords::ReportJob

v0.4    Wed Oct 11 20:16:53 IST 2006
    - implements the AccountService and CreativeService API calls
    - uses v6 of the Adwords API
    - token method deprecated in favour of developerToken
    - added method applicationToken
    - getUnitCountForClients method added to the InfoService module
    - Following modules were added to the distribution
        * Google::Adwords::AccountInfo
        * Google::Adwords::AccountService
        * Google::Adwords::Address
        * Google::Adwords::ClientUsageRecord
        * Google::Adwords::CoverageType
        * Google::Adwords::Creative
        * Google::Adwords::CreativeService
        * Google::Adwords::CreditCard
        * Google::Adwords::EmailPromotionsPreferences
        * Google::Adwords::Image

v0.2    Tue Sep 19 16:08:43 IST 2006
    - supports all calls of AdGroupService
    - added module Google::Adwords::AdGroup
    - added accessors - responseTime, requestId, operations and units to the
      base Service module. These give access to the information contained in
      the SOAP response header.
    - some more example scripts

v0.1    Fri Sep  8 17:29:56 IST 2006
    - supports all calls of CampaignService
    - uses v5 of the Adwords API
    - added clientEmail, timeout, debug and useragent methods to the Service
    - added module Google::Adwords::StatsRecord
    - version dependencies are in Makefile.PL

v0.0.1  Fri Sep  1 23:00:15 IST 2006
    - supports all calls of InfoService
    - supports addCampaign call of CampaignService