157 - Improved error handling with some smarts about requested content
    - 'packagemap' config section maps uri entity names to package
      subclasses for exceptions to the systematic naming rules, e.g.

135 - belongs_to_through now supported in the data model
    - Added missing Config::IniFiles dependency. Hopefully more CPAN
      tests will now pass

132 - has_many_through and belongs_to now supported.
    - Easier access to template subsystem for streamed-output responses.

118 - Update now only saves fields which 'exist' in the object, meaning
      you don't have to force $object->load() before updating.
    - New hasa() and hasmany() for easier relationship definitions.
    - Models can now render ->as_xml() and as_json()
    - Tweaked route processing (action & aspect) to be safer and more

99  - reworked url/file-extension & HTTP Accept header handling
      deprecated controller::process_uri in favour of process_request

87  - JSON response support

71  - Buffered output handling, better test coverage

12  - Added application builder in scripts/clearpress