Revision history for Perl extension Business::Cart::Generic.

0.85  Fri May 18 13:59:00 2012
	- Replace Locale::SubCountry with WWW::Scraper::Wikipedia::ISO3166::Database, for populating the
		countries and subcountries (zones) tables. The big effects of this are:
		o Country and subcountry (zone) data is much more up-to-date.
		o Subcountries (zones) are in (more-or-less) latin characters. Native scripts are no longer used,
			because I could not find a source to keep those script entries up-to-date.
	- Stop shipping data/countries.csv, data/raw.countries.txt, data/raw.zones.txt and data/zones.csv.
	- Stop shipping scripts/

0.84  Sat Aug 27 10:46:00 2011
	- Add Plack::Middleware::ContentLength to *.psgi.
	- Change to add /build/yui to the path to yui-min.js.
	- Unreleased.

0.83  Wed May 11 17:05:00 2011
	  - No code changes.
	  - Add POD to all modules which lacked it (21 in all).
	  - Rename some method params which were mis-named.
	  - Patch Build.PL and Makefile.PL to stop indexing of DBIx::Class-derived classes.
	  - Fix abstract in Build.PL/Makefile.PL, by removing comment about GUI being limited to searches.

0.82  Thu Apr 21 10:45:00 2011
	- Implement online orders. This required many changes, including abandoning the countries/zones from
	  osCommerce, and using those from Locale::SubCountry instead (to implement the onChange logic for the
	  countries menu with less pain).
	- Change code, and docs, so storing data into order_items table does not perform calculations, e.g. tax.
	  Only perform calculations when reporting (outputting order items, totals).
	- Split into and
	- Fix typo in dir name in $HOME/.perl/Business-Cart-Generic/ which used junk left over
	  of copy-and-paste from Benchmark-Featureset-LocaleCountry. This is a doc fix only, in
	- Stop dropping temp product_* tables in Loader.populate_tables(), since that was interferring
	  with the drop/create/populate/place.order cycle.
	- Rename to, and to,
	  to make room for online order templates.
	- Add country to data/order.items.csv and data/tax.rates.csv, and rearrange order of columns in those files.
	  This is to fix the problem where 2 zones in different countries have the same code, e.g. VIC.
	  Change Database::Loader to match.
	- Change auto-generated model in products table from (sprintf) SKU-%02i to SKU-%04i.
	- Remove product and model columns from data/order.items.csv. They're redundant in demo data.
	- Add,tx), for use by the Order tab. Add View::Order and Controller::Order to match.
	- After searching for order, fix calculation of total price and tax.

0.81  Tue Apr 12 11:07:00 2011
	- Add use strict/warnings to various modules.
	- Rename Change.ini to Changelog.ini.
	- Rename output of scripts/ from order.html to orders.html.
	- Clean up handing of HTML border option in templates.
	- Fix drop table code to not log drop of log table.
	- Remove redundant references to IO::Scalar.
	- Make Build.PL and Makefile.PL run scripts/
	- Expand docs to discuss config/.htbusiness.cart.generic.conf, and scripts/
	  This section was missing from the docs in V 0.80.

0.80  Sun Apr  3 14:04:41 2011
	- Original version