Revision history for Perl extension GraphViz2.

2.03  Mon Jun 18  9:47:00 2012
	- Switch from double to single quotes in line 22 of GraphViz2::Parse::Regexp, so the resultant string,
		treated as Perl code, runs on Windows. Reported by Max Maischein as RT#77869.
	- Also, slightly reformat line 39 of that module.

2.02  Thu Apr 19 11:51:00 2012
	- Accept patch from Lee as in RT#76459, to replace the code which writes the dot input file to
		a file with binmode, and just pass the data to dot via IPC::Run.
		Happily, this allows me to eliminate 'use open qw/:encoding(UTF-8) :std/;' in t/test.t.
	- Update the pre-reqs in Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	- Add scripts/ to the list of scripts shipped with this module.
	- Add scripts/utf8* to scripts/generate.*.sh.
	- Make scripts/generate.*.sh emit a warning when DBI_DSN is not set.

2.01  Wed Mar  7 08:50:00 2012
	  - I only tested V 2.00 by outputting to SVG (a text format), but outputting to a binary format such as PNG was broken.
	  	So, remove the 'use open qw/:encoding(UTF-8) :std/;', and restore binmode, in
	  - Remove log to screen in, since Log::Handler doesn't accept utf8 as a logger option.
	  - Copy scripts/ to scripts/ and edit to display just 5 delta characters. See html/utf8.test.svg. PNG is ok too.
		This demonstrates (hopefully) we can get the correct output on a binary format despite the 'Wide character in print...' message.
	  - Add FAQ topic regarding this 'Wide character in print...' problem.

2.00  Tue Mar  6 16:02:00 2012
	  - Support utf8 in labels. This required changes to See scripts/ and html/utf8.svg. I'm using Perl V 5.14.2.
	  	Sample output is online at
	  - Add an item to the FAQ about how to write scripts using utf8.
	  - Re-write GraphViz2::Parse::ISA to draw multiple class hierarchies on 1 graph. This means the API for that class has changed.
	  	Specifically, create() no longer exists. Call add() 1 or more times instead. Then, call generate_graph(). See the docs for details.
		Sample output is online at

1.13  Sun Dec 25 10:33:00 2011
	  - Change <img...> to <object...> in the demo creation code, to keep poor old FireFox happy.
	  - Change various things in html/graphviz2.index.tx to we validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict.
	  - Unreleased.

1.12  Wed Dec 14 11:22:00 2011
	  - Add 5 scripts, scripts/macro.*.pl, to demonstrate using a Perl sub as a macro to generate both cluster and non-cluster sub-graphs.
	  - Update the TODO in, since it erroneously gave the impression the current code did not handle compound clusters.
	  - Re-generate the demo. See:
	  - Adopt Flavio Poletti's suggestion of trying to pipe to dot, in Build.PL/Makefile.PL, rather than using File::Which,
	  	to see if dot (Graphviz) is installed. This (hopefully) solves the problem of using File::Which on systems where it is
		not installed, before Build.PL/Makefile.PL has a chance to tell the user that File::Which is required. See: RT#73077.
	  - No code changes in *.pm files.

1.11  Tue Nov  8 10:21:00 2011
	  - Fix bug where double quotes in HTML labels were being escaped and should not have been.
	  	Many thanx to Fitz Elliott for the report and initial patch. See
	  - Patched scripts/ as per Fitz's suggested test code.
	  - Rename t/lib/ to t/lib/ to avoid a reported problem with "use parent 'Parent';" under Windows.
	  	This affect various files. See

1.10  Thu Sep  1 10:45:00 2011
	  - Fix bug in GraphViz in handling of nodes whose shape is none or plaintext, and whose label is HTML.
	  - Fix bug in scripts/ to add png parameter to 'perl -Ilib scripts/ png'.
	  - HTML labels work without any code changes, so references to them not working have been removed from the docs.
	  - GraphViz2 is called by the now-released Graph::Easy::Marpa, so remove that item from the TODO list.
	  - Fix doc referring to scripts/ It now refers to scripts/
	  - Add DOCTYPE and Content-type to html/graphviz.index.tx. Output by scripts/, html/index.html, now handles UTF-8 properly.
	  - Add alt to the <img ...> tags output by scripts/
	  - Add scripts/ This code includes a demo of using ports.
	  - Reorder methods in GraphViz2::Utils to be in alphabetical order.

1.09  Thu Jul 21 14:13:00 2011
	  - Patch parameter validation to allow for output image types such as png:gd etc.
	  	Only the prefix before the first ':' is validated.

1.08  Thu Jul 21 11:53:00 2011
	  - Change the behaviour of sub log() in Now if called with $level eq 'error', it dies with $message.
	  - Change references to the color darkblue to blue, so it's compatible with both the X11 and SVG color schemes.
	  - Likewise change chartreuse to lawngreen.
	  - Rename scripts/ to scripts/, as a more meaningful name.
	  - Patch scripts/ to accept the output image type as a command line parameter.
	  - Use this new feature to generate png files, and upload them to the demo site even though png is often uglier than svg.
		I did this because Iceweasel (Firefox) V 3.5.16 was not displaying svgs within the index file,
		even though they are fine when displayed directly.
	  - Add scripts/
	  - Note: scripts/ must call dot with -Tpng:gd and not -Tpng, for unknown reasons.
	  - Make both scripts/ and scripts/ redirect their log files to /tmp,
	  	so that we don't have to ship the logs, and also so they don't keep changing and hence need checking in.
	  - Remove ./dbi.schema.log from the distro.

1.07  Mon Jul  4 15:46:00 2011
	  - Use Date::Format to add a date stamp at the end of html/index.html, as output by

1.06  Tue Jun 28 11:10:00 2011
	  - Change usage of File::Temp -> newdir to fix problems testing on BSD-based systems.
	  - Add scripts/
	  	This demo - in Graph::Easy syntax - ships with Graph::Easy::Marpa.
	  - Re-write to put all demo data (where available) and images on 1 page.
	  - Upload demo to (new location)

1.05  Fri Jun 24 12:40:00 2011
	  - Implement GraphViz2::Parse::Marpa, along with scripts/ and t/sample.marpa.1.dat.
	  	The output is html/parse.marpa.svg.
	  - Implement GraphViz2::Parse::STT, along with scripts/ and t/sample.stt.1.dat.
	  	The output is html/parse.stt.svg.
	  - Add use File::Spec to t/test.t

1.04  Wed Jun 22  9:36:00 2011
	  - Reduce required version of File::Basename to 2.77, which came with Perl 5.10.1.
	  - Stop trying to write to t/html/, and use File::Temp for a directory instead.
	  	That way, it doesn't matter who owns t/html/, nor whether or not it's writable.

1.03  Sun Jun 19 16:27:00 2011
	  - Tweak File::Temp -> new to be File::Temp ->new(EXLOCK => 0) for BSD-based systems.

1.02  Fri Jun 17  8:36:00 2011
	  - Add the pre-requisite Log::Handler to Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	  - Release HTML::Entities::Interpolate V 1.04 and Set::Array V 0.23 to CPAN.
	  - Add README file.
	  - Clean up TODO list.

1.01  Wed Jun 15 15:00:00 2011
	  - Quote cluster/subgraph names so they may contain weird characters.
	  - Add method dependency(data => $depend) to, which accepts an object of type
	  	Algorithm::Dependency. See scripts/ and html/dependency.svg.
	  - Add GraphViz2::Parse::ISA, and scripts/, and the t/lib/Parent hierarchy.

1.00  Wed Jun 15 14:26:00 2011
	  - This is a re-write of GraphViz. The method parameter lists are incompatible.
	  	Sorry, but it now supports all options and attributes in Graphviz V 2.23.6.
	  - Rewrite GraphViz, GraphViz::Data::Grapher, GraphViz::Parse::RecDescent, GraphViz::Parse::Yacc and GraphViz::Parse::Yapp.
	  	The core code of *::RecDescent, *::Yacc and *::Yapp has been copied from GraphViz, with tiny changes.
	  - GraphViz2::Data::Grapher uses Tree::DAG_Node to hold information, before calling external plotting programs.
	  	The tree is available for you to process whether or not you actually plot the graph.
	  - GraphViz::Regex renamed GraphViz2::Parse::Regexp.
	  - GraphViz::XML renamed GraphViz2::Parse::XML. And it uses XML::Tiny by default.
	  	One demo shows how to use XML::Bare instead.
	  - All new documentation.
	  - All new demos, in scripts/*.pl. These are documented in GraphViz's POD.
	  - All demo output included, in html/*.html and html/*.svg.