-*- change-log -*-
	Started on CPAN with B-C-1.04_12
	The Perl compiler was in CORE from alpha4 until Perl 5.9.4 and worked 
	quite fine with Perl 5.6 and 5.8

1.19	2010-02-13 rurban
	Almost fixed evaltry (12) with proper cop_seq setup, just solaris and debian
	fail sometimes. 
	strawberry 5.10.1 tested ok.

	* C.pm: fixed evaltry (test 12) mostly, NVX was shared with 2 xpad_cop_seq ints
	  which accidently just worked before 1.17 with %s, but not after changing 
	  to the %g representation.
	Ignore unused random (overlong) xpviv IV, causing
	  "warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90"
	Defer rv => cv to run-time < 5.10. Fixes ExtUtils::Install
	Defer xpvmg->pv init to run-time < 5.10. Fixes MooseX::Types
	Check for NV inf. Fixes compilation of DateTime
	Defined PERL_CORE: Fxied Windows problems with setjmp undef'ed in XSUB.h
	Added Win32 workaround for missing PL_do_undump
	Stripped perl_ prefix from perl_get_cv, perl_call_pv, perl_call_method
	* CC.pm (1.07): added -fslow-signals.
	Disabled inlined pp_enter: Fails on empty cxstack. 
	Backed out inlining of enterloop: GIMME_V fails on freebsd7
	Remove strawberry PerlProc_setjmp definition, #define PERL_CORE fixed that
	* Bytecode.pm (1.06): same NVX => xpad_cop_seq fix as in C.pm, added 2 new 
	  bytecodes (cop_seq_low, cop_seq_high), fixed tests 9,10,12. Passes 
	  all tests > 5.6 now.
	* bytecode.pl: added cop_seq_low (155), cop_seq_high (156) instead of xnv. 
	  No conversion code for loading older bytecode needed, but fragile (double => 2 int)
	* t/modules.t: refactored by toddr. 4*tests per module:
	  -s a, exitcode 0, ok, no warnings on stderr
	* t/TESTS: added 38, failing on CC (Nick Koston).
	added 39, failing everywhere.
	* t/test.pl: refactor: Try to timeout on all tests (compiler and exec) if
	  IPC::Run is installed
	* MANIFEST, *.pod: Moved conference pods to ramblings,
	removed lib/B/Asmdata.pm again, added t/qr_loaded_module.pm
	* t/testm.sh, t/modules.pm: added, -t not working yet though
	* t/b.t: $[ => $]

1.18	2010-02-06 rurban
	evaltry (test 12) still broken on most systems.

	* C.pm, C.xs: fixed r-magic for 5.6 (ExtUtils::Install, 
	  File::Temp, Template::Stash). need tests for run-time checks (33).
	  5.6 misses MG->pregcomp
	* t/modules.t: check for a.out (test from toddr)
	* Makefile.PL: create lib/B/Asmdata.pm beforehand (toddr)
	* ByteLoader: fixed duplicate + missing bl_header for bsd and Darwin 
	  (test from toddr)
	* test 37 added - AV self-refs, analog to HVs (never failed, just to
	  be sure).
	Removed -qq from 5.6 tests.

1.17	2010-02-03 rurban
	Fixed now most module failures, non-threaded at least: bootstrap was in 
	the way. strawberry perl fixes. Fixed test 29, broke evaltry test 12

	* C.pm: Added option -Dfull for all full debugging info, set all options.
	Skip saving XS bootstrap. Fixes most XS module failures. i.e.
	  Digest::MD5, Data::Dumper, ..
	  Fail: Attribute::Handlers, B::Hooks::EndOfScope, YAML, MooseX::Types
	  4 for 5.8.9-nt from the top100, and 3 for 5.11.4-nt: Attribute::Handlers, 
	  File::Temp, ExtUtils::Install.
	Fixed AV self-references causing endless loops, analog to HVs (test 27)
	Fixed Getopt::Long crash with AV D magic (regdata),
	  save_magic returns now the magic types as string.
	Fixed unescaped savere (test ExtUtils::Install).
	Fixed GvSTASH "initializer element is not constant" (Test::Harness)
	Fixed xrv_list "initializer element is not constant" (Class::MOP < 5.10)
	* CC.pm (1.06): Added missing unexported definitions for MSWin32, 
	  >=5.10: newGP, vivify_ref, prepare_SV_for_RV (tests 18, 29).
	  PerlProc_setjmp, PerlProc_longjmp (tests 12, 32).
	Fixed cxinc for 5.11.0
	* t/bytecode.t: mixed up 32 with 33.
	* t/modules.t, t/top100: new module test, see also the log.modules*
	  results in the svn repo.
	* t/mymodules: added as reference, executed optionally.
	* script/cc_harness: ldopts -std if no -B<opt>

1.16	2010-01-27 rurban
	use Moose and benchmark still fails. IO even a regression.

	* C.pm: Fixed braces warning for empty xpvcv startfield (Nullany),
	register int for warn_sv loop
	Fixed hv init for magic hashes, pre-allocate array and xpvhv_aux. (test 34)
	Fixed method_named (CPAN #53889, test 35) for B::C, better fix than for B::CC.
	Added -DH for HV debuggging.
	Fixed HV self-references causing endless loops, i.e. with use Moose, test 36.
	* CC.pm (1.05): added experimental -finline-ops. Always on. Can be removed if 
	  it works okay for the new inlined versions.
	Inlined pp_enter, pp_reset, pp_regcreset, pp_stringify.
	Fixed pp_padsv DEREF for 5.10.
	Documented test coverage for each op.
	Fixed wrong $PERL511 definition.
	Added Opcodes support (no_stack), on CPAN as 0.01.
	  added pp_pushmark pp_break pp_continue to no_stack handling.
	Fixed method_named (CPAN #53889, test 35) assuming there is only const 
	  before method_named. No counter examples found so far.
	Changed new OBJ => OBJ->new
	More curcop->write_back protection.
	* Stackobj.pm (1.00_02): RV fix for 5.11.
	* t/testc.sh, t/test.pl: added CC specific tests to increase CC op coverage 
	  after 100.
	Switched test 32->101 (arith) with 33->32 (evaltry catch die) as it fails 
	  with 5.11.3.
	Added new qr test 33 (Nick Koston), test 34 for magic hashes, test 35 for 
	  broken methodcall syntax (method_named), test 36 for HV self-references.
	* TESTS: added test 32 (evaltry catch die): Fails on 5.11.3 C/CC only,
	  <5.11.3 it works okay. Also tests 33, 34, 35, 36.
	* ByteLoader/Makefile.PL: removed cygwin gcc specific stack-protector removal. 
	  It was a bug of mine.
	Added more AUTHOR gcc -ansi warnings, just -pedantic not.
	* Makefile.PL: Added more AUTHOR gcc warnings, also -pedantic.
	Added optional Opcodes PREREQ_PM

1.15	2010-01-03 rurban
	* t/test.pl: Fixed MSWin32 tests again. Lost the 1.13 patches with 1.14.

1.14	2010-01-02 rurban
	* CC.pm (1.04): Fixed entereval/leaveeval for 5.10. Fixes eval "", test 12.
	  The end of the string CALLRUNOPS needed to be nullified, as in 5.8.
	  5.11 CORE also needs a patch for this.
	Optimized away SP save/restore for %no_stack ops. Need to read this
	  from opcode.pl eventually.
	PERL_ASYNC_CHECK (pending signals) added after every basic blocks with -O1
	  and every loop.
	* C.pm: More 5.10 union braces.
	* Stackobj.pm (1.00_01): Added iv and nv to peek.
	Added documentation.
	* Bblock.pm (1.03_01): Print the argument (sub) to inspect. 
	Added missing documentation.
	* t/testcore.t: improved. added -fail and a list of failing tests.
	  C now always with -O3.
	* t/c_allow_opts.t: Added for -DALLOW_PERL_OPTIONS.

1.13	2009-12-31 rurban
	Tested with MSVC (MSVC compiles test29 and bigger examples awfully slow! 
	7:30min, 30MB mem, 98% CPU, 2GHz)

	* C.pm: MSVC fix for "(OP*)Nullany" i.e "(OP*){0}" => "{0}". Fixes 
	  test 27 on MSVC. CC test 12 broken on MSVC AS 5.8
	* bytecode.pl: Restore C strictness, printf before declaration.
	Undefine debop for MSVC also. Fixed [cpan #53228].
	* t/test.pl: Cleanup intermediate MSVC .obj. Skip too slow tests 29 
	  on MSVC, only c.t
	Remove >nul for test results on Win32.
	More run_cc_perl fixes for Win32.
	Be more quiet on MSWin32 also (no 2>/dev/null)
	Skip stderr redirection to stdout on cmd.exe tests, t/o.t 5,9.
	* t/bytecode.pl: ditto.
	* t/TESTS: Fixed 28 for MSWin32 MSVC

1.12	2009-12-31 rurban
	__DATA__ handles work now. Also more Bytecode fixes.
	* t/testplc.sh: Added -S: skip all but -S and Concise
	* Bytecode.pm (1.05): Adapt RV 5.11 change from SV to IV, detect ROK at
	  B::IV::bsave analog to C.pm. Fixes test 16.
	Set prototype sv_flags at first, so it cannot assert. Fixes tests 27 and 29.
	More work on 5.6 compat.
	* bytecode.pl: Fixed 5.6 %alias_to sizes.
	* bytecode.h: Fix BSET_cop_label for 5.11. Fixes test 21.
	* t/bytecode.t: Added DEBUGGING to the mix. 5.11 is now completely the
	  same as 5.10. Remaining failures are now 9,10,12 for DEBUGGING (or
	* C.pm: Added xpvuv (coverage in 5.6.2 test 21).
	Added PMOP->pmstash/pmstashpv (no coverage yet).
	Checked against -Wall -Wextra:
	  Added missing pmop->stash for 5.8.
	  Added missing cop->cop_io for 5.8.
	  Added braces to union inits (MSVC Todo).
	  Remove unused dTARG and dSP.
	Fixed CC test 29 on 5.6.2, not checked why.
	Fixed __DATA__ test 15 on 5.10 and 5.11.
	* TESTS: Updated with 5.10.1 CORE results

1.11	2009-12-29 rurban
	Fixed 5.11 RVs, added C optimizations to CC
	* C.pm: Adapt RV 5.11 change from SV to IV, detect ROK at B::IV::save.
	  Fixes test 16.
	Added -DW for walk, together with -Dp only.
	Forced fullname optimization scalars for B::CC.
	Export save_sig and fixup_ppaddr for CC.
	* CC.pm (1.03): Fixed Perl_gv_SVadd cast warning.
	Added most B::C optimizations. This fixes all threaded tests 15 >= 5.10.
	Call save_sig, fixup_ppaddr not yet.
	* t/test.pl: simplified (and fixed) keep logic
	* t/c_argv.t: cleanup

1.10	2009-12-29 rurban
	Fixed @ARGV
	* C.pm: fixed couple of minor bugs detected with new t/testcore.t:
	  t/CORE/comp/retainedlines.t => Use of uninitialized value $len, save_hek
	  Use of uninitialized value $i in printf at C.pm line 49
	  Undefined value assigned to typeglob at C.pm line 2901
	Do not overwrite run-time @ARGV on >= 5.10 (GP and AV). Fixes test c_argv.t
	* t/testcore.t: added
	* t/c_argv.t: added. test @ARGV and perlcc
	* perlcc (2.06): grab_stash only via new -stash, not automatically;
	  B::C is better.
	ldopts -std only when modules are given.
	fix for empty options.
	add -sharedxs, -sharedlib; -shared is now for shared linkage, 
	  -sharedlib to create a shared lib (was -shared before but never worked),
	  -sharedxs to also link shared xsubs, no run-time DynaLoader/XSLoader needed.

1.09	2009-12-27 rurban
	* C.pm: Cut down the number of AUTOLOAD'ed optrees, search only on 
	  empty gv->cv (31).
	Added very unsafe -O4/-fcop to eliminate most cops and file + line numbers.
	Added faster -fav-init to -O2, less unneeded av_extend().
	Get rid of fbm_compile (11). Only 5.8.9 is broken.
	* CC.pm (1.02): partially fix eval "" for >=5.8.9, wrong CORE cc_runtime.h 
	  definition. (test 29 - eval "")
	* t/test.pl, t/c*.t: Simplify C/CC testsuite.
	* t/testc.sh: fixed -E
	Added -o for orig, no -Mblib
	* t/c_o3.t, t/c_o4.t: added

1.08	2009-12-23 rurban
	Adapt coding guidelines, add C and cperl coda. Reformat sources.

	* C.pm: Detect AUTOLOAD and CLONE (test 27 and 31).
	  5.10 is now the best release for unoptimized B::C. 5.8 is faster optimized,
	  but misses some autoloaded xsubs.
	  Simplify PVMG exclusion; all non-magical, not just PAD_OUR, as in Bytecode.
	* Bytecode.pm (1.04): Add missing BM logic to GV >= 5.10. Fixes test 11.
	Fixed op_pmflags logic for 5.10 threaded only, no += 2. Fixes test 2.
	Protect empty match from setting op_reflags. Fixes test 20.
	Add perlversion to the -S generated header.
	Document more options -TI, -TF, -u<package>
	* perlcc: improve help. use Pod::Usage as module, not via cmdline. 
	fix previous installation quirks.
	* assemble: improve pod. make it installable.
	* disassemble: make it installable.
	* cc_harness: ditto.
	* Makefile.PL: added script/* as EXE_FILES to install them.
	* t/TESTS, t/testc.sh, t/testplc.sh: test 31 non-xs AUTOLOAD added
	* ByteLoader/Makefile: tuning, bytecode.h triggers now byterun.c
	* bytecode.h: Specialize pregcomp on 5.10; add PL_regex_pad[0] for 
	  pregcomp if missing. fixes tests 3,4,5,7,31 on 5.10.

1.07	2009-12-19 rurban
	* C.pm: fix fbm_compile (INDEX) for >= 5.10. gv_list is already a pointer.
	  rewrite PVGV (ie PVBM) init for >= 5.10. (test 11)
	Added CV->save_magic (untested)
	Fixed two wrong my decelarations detected by the new Od debugger.
	* README: Clarify DIFFERENCES section for CC only. Esp. the 
	Context of ".." section. New test 30
	* t/TESTS, t/testc.sh, t/testplc.sh: test 30 added for Context of ".."
	* t/testc.sh: fix -k logic, keep .pl for -O tests

1.06	2009-12-18 rurban
	Going public on the Perl birthday
	The first public compiler re-release since it was removed from CORE.

	* C.pm: Had to disable -O1 -fcog (pv_copy_on_grow) on 5.10 and higher
	  until I find out how to fool S_unshare_hek_or_pvn. This fixes all C
	  -O1 and -O2 tests. Warn about this.
	Fix wrong RV init on *5.10* for test 29 also, as with 5.11.
	Simplify __DATA__ handling. Warn when -O3 or -fsava-data is missing.
	  Enable working -fsava-data on 5.8 and 5.10 threaded. Fixes couple of tests 15.
	Fix 5.8/5.10 PVMG pv = &PL_sv_undef for empty comppadnames
	* t/testc.sh: -k keep added. Delete temporaries on PASS as new default.
	-E added. Dump preprocessed source file with cc -E as _E.c (was default before)
	* Version bump to official:
	  B::C 1.06 (1.05 is in 5.8.9)
	  B::CC 1.01
	  B::Bytecode 1.03
	  B::Asmdata 1.03
	  B::Assembler 0.09
	  B::Disassembler 1.06
	  B::Bblock 1.03 
	  ByteLoader 0.07
1.04_33	2009-12-17 rurban
	* t/cc*.t: skip some memory eating failing tests.
	* MANIFEST: dummy lib/B/Asmdata.pm added to fix cpan smokes on BSD.
	Thanks to Slaven Rezic.
	* C.pm: fix tests 14,16,23 on >=5.10, missing AV magic for
	  CV main::a, protect PVMG from SvPAD_OUR.
	fix wrong RV init on 5.11 for test 29
	* CC.pm: fix ARGS >=5.10 (in require, test 28).
	Enable quiet. No -q for quiet, just -v (verbose) or any -D switch turns
	  on verbose.
	* t/testc.sh: Added test 27 (import), test 28 (require), test 29 (use)
	[Nick Koston]

1.04_32	2009-12-14 rurban
	Only two 5.10 B::C bugs remaining!

	* C.pm: added missing FBM logic to GV >= 5.10 (test 11).
	Forbid MAGIC on non-magival SVs >= 5.10 (tests 14 + 23).
	Special PVMG PL_sv_undef string. (namesv problem on 10,14,23)

1.04_31	2009-12-14 rurban
	* C.pm: fix test 21 on 5.10 "Bad free() ignored". Dynamically
	allocate CopLABEL.
	* Makefile.PL: fix the make depend section > 5.9
	* t/testc.sh: fix -D option

1.04_30 2009-12-13 rurban
	Better 5.6 support, but Bytecode compiler still disabled.
	Not even the Byteloader works for 5.6 assembled code. The Disassembler 
	does not stop at ret. Fixed several C tests.

	* bytecode.pl: renumbering policy: <= 5.6 squeeze, >= 5.8 fixed
	to force exact bytecode numbering as with 5.8.
	Allow float versions, such as 10.001 for subreleases.

	Add perlversion to header.
	Add byteorder check logic.
	Added logic to include all possible unsupported ops, all holes.
	bytecode table checked for 5.6.1, 5.6.2, 5.8.0, 5.8.1-5.11
	Note, that I found official and contradicting 5.6.1 releases. 
	ActiveState had no op_children, the unix release tarball 
	with 5.6.1 (called Trial 1) still has it.
	* ByteLoader.pm (1.06_06): better bytecode numbering.
	* Asmdata.pm (1.02_02): strict numbering along 5.8.
	Unsupported ops are now also included, with PUT method 0.
	* Assembler.pm (0.07_07): Add perlversion to header
	* Disassembler.pm (1.05_04): Add perlversion to header.
	Print header only for existing.
	* BcVersions/Asm*.pm, BcVersions.pod: added for most versions with the
	CORE compiler.
	* disassemble: Make it work with the older Disassembler.
	Make it work with older bytecode >= 5.8 via Asmdata unsupported ops.
	* i386.xs, jitcompiler.pl: removed (seperate module)
	* bytecode.h, C.xs: Fixed for 5.6, tested with 5.6.1 with MSVC.
	* bytecode.h, byterun.c: add static int force = 0. Override it to 1 to 
	try out executing older bytecodes.

	* C.pm: fix test 16 on 5.10 again, non-threaded only (GVAV magic). 
	  first fix in 1.04_24, broken in 1.04_28. On 5.11 I have a broken 
	  RV handling here.
	Remove version and Regexp::DESTROY from the automatic methods 
	First attempts with pv and hek consting failed.
	* t/testc.sh, t/testplc.sh: support proper cmdline arguments, add -h for 
	Fixed test 5 by fixing the wrong test.
	* perloptree.pod: renamed from perloptreeguts.pod. Added links.

1.04_29 2009-12-07 rurban
	Disable the Bytecode compiler for 5.6. Fixed besides the __DATA__ handle 
	  (test 15) all remaining 5.8 C bugs.
	* C.pm: assign the PVX of GV also for empty stashes (main::) to avoid 
	  destruction failures at Perl_pad_undef() SvPVX_const(namesv) == '&'. 
	Fixes tests 14 and 23
	* byterun.c: No assert on empty bs_sv, it is &PL_sv_undef.
	Map missing -Dv on 5.6 to -Df i.e. -D256
	Added better debugging output: setter values.
	* STATUS: re-run CORE tests, list cmdlines, update status
	* Disassembler.pm: added gen_header_hash() for gen_header output. 
	  add to documentation.
	* Bytecode.pm: -S uses gen_header_hash for gen_header output.

1.04_28 2009-12-06 rurban
	* C.pm: fix -fcog (Copy on Grow with -O1 and -O2) for >= 5.10 by a new 
	Statically initialize PVs with a union layout trick. Use char* as first 
	  union member. 
	Revert xpvcv+svsect changes to pre-initialize those structs against 
	  gvcv recursion. 
	* t/b.t, t/o.t, t/stash.t: fix tests for 5.6.2
	* bytecode.c: byteorder swab only if same length. 
	1234 => 4321, 12345678 => 87654321.
	Skip a 0x prefix for byteorder in the header. Perl 5.6 had this. 
	* Assembler.pm (0.07_06): 5.6 byteorder fix: until 5.6 the 
	  $Config{byteorder} was falsely dependent on ivsize, we need longsize.
	Add 0x to byteorder in header again, as with 5.6.
	* t/testc.sh: do not run old leftovers. some 5.6 optimizations
	* t/c_o1.t, t/c_o2.t, t/cc_o2.t, t/cc_o2.t: added
	* t/test.pl: support -O1 and -O2
	* broke ByteLoader

1.04_27 2009-12-04 rurban
	* CC.pm (1.02_03): fixed endless loop in optimized sort. The sortcv 
	  cmp needed a return NULL (test 19).
	* c.t, cc.t: add failing tests as TODOs

1.04_26 2009-12-02 rurban
	* C.pm: remove nv->IVX for 5.10 (Can't locate object method "IVX" via 
	  package "B::NV").
	protect mg->OBJ when SCALAR (Can't call method "save" on unblessed 
	fix NV isa IV, to fix test 23 (Nick Koston).
	fix CopLABEL for 5.11 (test 21)
	fix PMOP extflags, esp. for split on >= 5.10 (test 5 + 7)
	add fbm_compile() to BM::save >= 5.8 (test 11) (Nick Koston)
	* t/c.t, t/testc.sh: added tests 23, 24 (Nick Koston)
	* Bytecode.pm (1.02_04), bytecode.h: store and set PMOP reflags 
	  as U32. Fixes tests 2-4,7
	Start of backporting Perl 5.6

1.04_25 2009-11-30 rurban
	* C.pm: fixed IO for 5.11: LINES => IVX.
	specialize GvLINES = -1 and protect against U32 signed-ness.
	fixed test 8 main::AUTOLOAD (unoptimized only)
	* t/test.pl: enable -Mblib for all Perl versions.
	fix 5.6.2 ldopts by explicit checking of (-lperl|CORE\/libperl5).
	make test works now for 5.6.2
	* t/cc.t: adapt TODOs
	* t/c.t: add TODOs 15 for 5.6
	* script/perlcc: a.exe for cygwin also

1.04_24 2009-11-29 rurban
	* C.pm: fixed more CV basics (test 9), just stash for autoload missing
	(test 8).
	PVLV adjusted, but no testcase yet.
	IO adjusted. Fixes test 4.
	re-enabled Perl 5.6, all tests but 8,15 pass with t/testc.sh. make test not.
	added option -DO, more OP info than with -Do.
	added saving "main::" CVs. Fixes test 16.
	Fixed PMOP op_pmreplroot for >= 5.10 (for SUBST). No test
	* t/TESTS, t/testc.sh: added 20 for qr// bug in 5.10
	* t/c.t: remove TODO status from tests 14-16

1.04_23 2009-11-22 rurban
	* yapc_bratislava08.pod: title fix
	* SIGNATURE: added
	* C.pm: GvGP handling improved. added more sect comments.
	added -u option "unused" not to print verbose debugging info 
	for unused subs.
	Fixed CV XPVCVIX initialisation - off-by-one error, wrong CvFLAGS. 
	Fixes test 6.
	* run perltidy -i=2

1.04_22 2009-11-16 rurban
	* C.pm, CC.pm: fixed illegal pad in ASSERT_CURPAD_ACTIVE("pad_sv")
	with DEBUGGING.	Simply forgot to set PL_comppad

1.04_21 2009-11-07 rurban
	* yapc_bratislava08.pod: added 
	* C.pm: fixed CALLREGCOMP >=5.10 by using dynamic newSVpvn as in ByteLoader

1.04_20 2008-06-25 rurban
	* t/TESTS: numbered.
	* t/TESTS: added sub FETCHSIZE to test 16. required now
	* C.pm, CC.pm: change debug globals to hash.
	* C.pm: Fix B::RV::save for 5.10
	* CC.pm: 5.10 fixed GvSV to GvSVn (PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV), fix cc test 3+4 crash
	* Artistic, Copying: added. Clarified perl license.
	* Bytecode.pm: fixed IO=>PVNV problem in test 15.
	* bytecode.pl, bytecode.h: rewrote gp_sv and gp_file setters 
	with x (special setters). Fixes unshare hek assert in test 15, and force 
	creation of GVSV.
	* Assembler.pm 0.07_05: cygwin text-mount fixes with \r\n
	* t/testplc.sh, t/testc.sh: require bash, accept testnumber args
	* Asmdata.pm: fix PORTABILITY docs
	* t/testc.sh: -Bdynamic: link to shared libperl
	* cc_harness: simplify. fixed for -Bdynamic -E

1.04_19 2008-06-08 rurban
	* CC.pm: CXt_LOOP check rewrite, use now CxTYPE_no_LOOP()
	* CC.pm, t/*.t: useithreads, not usethreads
	* bytecode.t, test.pl: TODO handling: do not print "ok 1 #"
	* b.t: fixed skip logic, better skip message
	* Bblock: fixed to work without B::Concise (5.6.2)
	* C.xs: add PM_GETRE for 5.6.2 and earlier
	* CC.pm: Fix PP_EVAL hack from 1.04_18
	* Bytecode: fixed IO::SUBPROCESS error (test 15)
	* cc_harness: check static libperl.a, else try dynamic. Support -E
	* ByteLoader: support different byteorders (Disassembler not yet)
	* ByteLoader, Assembler, bytecode.pl: add archflags to header, relax 
	  platform strictness.
	* t/stash.t fixed for 5.10
	* Disassembler: added hashref return for get_header in scalar context.
	* Bytecode: fixed compiler crash/assertions for GV without GP (test 11) 

1.04_18 2008-06-04 rurban
	* Fixed t/assembler.t on 5.6.2
	* Added ByteLoader::unimport (from 5.6.2)
	* ByteLoader: Fixed bytecode crashes for 5.10+5.11 in 2-5,7 by 
	  removing PMf_COMPILETIME from op_pmflags. Reason: empty 
	  check_substr in INTUIT. (6 still failing)
	* ByteLoader: Fixes for 5.11 by using PM_SETRE (test 7 still failing)
	* Bytecode: removed op_reflags. pregcomp with op_pmflags alone 
	  is enough to reconstruct it.
	* C,CC: enabled static_ext + DynaLoader boot section again. Fixed in 
	* CC: fixed Bug#55302 PP_EVAL by adding PP_EVAL_thr for threaded perl. 
	  cc_runtime.h was always wrong on this!

1.04_17 2008-04-20 rurban
	Added Fedora Core 1 as test system (5.6.2, 5.8.3, 5.11.0@33708 + valgrind)
	* ByteLoader: Fixed broken BYTEORDER check (for 32int)
	* ByteLoader: Remove allowing older versions until we have 
	  an opcode table for older versions.
	* ByteLoader: Fixed SIGSEGV with older gcc (3.3.2) at 
	  bstate->bs_obj_list[0] = NULL
	* ByteLoader, C.xs: Newx() support and more for older perl's. 
	  Tested with 5.8.3
	* bytecode.pl: Fixed <11 op_reflags (double definition)
	* bytecode.pl: Support 8-10 version syntax (op_pmstash, cop_io)
	* Makefile.PL: added MKPATH blib/bin
	* added ByteLoader/ppport.h
	* fixed t/stash.t for 5.11

1.04_16 2008-04-14 rurban
	* ByteLoader: Fix PL_tokenbuf for older perls without PL_parser
	* B::C: walkoptree_slow for verbose statistics op_count.
	  * Consistent in -v verbose and not verbose.
	  * Workaround for invalid pad in save_context.
	  * Added -Dp for verbose package cache printing.
	  * -v verbose adds more generated comments: op struct fields
	* Fixed cop_label for 5.11 (Change #33656)
	* Fixed make subdirs-test error in 5.8.8
	* Fixed RT#52920 "invalid cop_free of nullified cop" for B::C

1.04_15 2008-04-11 rurban
	Highlights: bytecode and ByteLoader portability preparation and 
	commented disassembler output. PVGV and new REGEX still broken.
	Fixes for no ithreads.
        * Fixed verbose Bytecode for old B::Concise (5.8.8). t/testplc.sh 
	  failed before.
	* ByteLoader: Work on portability (different arch, version and sizes). 
	  Added bl_header.
	  Changed macro BYTECODE_HEADER_CHECK to function bytecode_header_check().
	  Fixes for no threads.
	* bytecode.h: pregcomp fix for 5.10 w/o threads
	  (Thanks to david@cantrell.org.uk for his cpantest for netbsd).
	  use xpv_cur and not xpv_len for the rx length (len - 1) to strip off 
	  the ending nul byte. 
	  5.10: new minlen check aborts
	* ByteLoader security: added strconst maxsize flag to bytecode.pl 
	  for buffer overflow checks.
	* Bytecode -DA for devel assertions of absolute or probably wrong opindex 
	  pointers (nyi)
	* disassemble, B::Assembler: commented output, similar to -MO=Bytecode,-S
	  Added backwards option --bare for older assemblers.
	* assemble, disassemble: added pod
	* B::Disassembler:
	  Provide default printers print_insn (commented) and print_insn_bare.
	  Portability: Use the header settings from the .plc and not the current 
	  perl settings.
	* B::Assembler 0.07_03, B::Disassembler 1.05_02, ByteLoader 0.06_03:
	  Added longsize to the bytecode header, just for xcv_depth.
	* B::Debug 1.05_03: Fixes for no threads.
	* Makefile.PL: Fixed script/perlcc.PL dependency
	  make: *** No rule to make target `script/perlcc', needed by 
	  (Thanks to david@cantrell.org.uk for his cpantest for solaris)
	* Added test TODO's, Added perloptreeguts.pod

1.04_14 2008-03-24 rurban
        * Fixed some 1.04_13 +x executable permissions in docs. Windows habits.

1.04_13 2008-03-24 rurban
	* Fixed B::C pv init in 5.10. Forgot refcnt and flags.
	* Added "Other perl to exe compilers" section to perlcompile.pod. 
  	  This is even a FAQ.
	* Added the NOTES to perlcompile.pod
	* Added temp. perloptreeguts.pod. In work, also at the wiki.
	* Fixed Bytecode op_pmflags assertions.
        * Added orangesect for enough regexp space in RE's sv_any. 
	  Engine not initialized though.
	* Hangs in C/CC executables at an op_free(PL_main_root) trying to free 
          the static op structs because the earlier op_seq -1 hack is gone now, 
	  and opt_static was replaced by opt_latefree. Set now opt_latefree = 1.
          This fixed tests 1 and 13. Slowly making progress step by step.

1.04_12 2008-03-16 rurban (first upload)
	* Fixed bug #40435 CC: Can't locate object method "_save_common_middle" 
	  via package "B::FAKEOP"
	* move tests from [bc]*.t into shared TESTS file.
	* fixed remaining ugly Bytecode bug in B::AV::bsave 
		$_ = $_->ix for @array.
	  Now we are at the same state as with 5.9.4
	* fixed wrong bc cop_warning cast for 5.8
	* fixed CC pmreplroot and pmreplstart fields
	* make C and CC less verbose, honor -v, -q ignored.

1.04_11 2008-03-09 rurban
	* removed Jit and Asm stuff. Maybe as seperate packages somewhen. 
	  But targeting PIR makes more sense.
	* added STATUS
	* added old Changes from the new git clone repo by Sam Vilain
	* fix C cop
        * fix C savepvn apparently
        * work on HV init - crashes at invalid entry
	* use run_cc_test

1.04_10 2008-02-26 rurban
	* change bc pvx access
	  dummy struct bytestate_xpv, so pv has the same fields as with 5.8, 
	  seperated from the sv. The sv is seperated from the pv.
	  TODO: different strategy for B::C, must link xpv to sv
	* add and parse Assembler comments
	* add Bytecode comments to -S output unless -q
	* change op_reflags from U16 to U32
	* guarantee ByteLoader backwards compatibility: Accept lower versions also.

1.04_09 2008-02-25 rurban
	* restored 5.8 backwards compatibility, mainly for test comparison.
	  CPAN installation will abort.
	* make t/test*.sh PERL independent
	* fixed B::C GV init crashes (SvPOK assertion)
	* added B::C RE section
	* fixed B::C xpvcv and xpvnv section
	* comment Bytecode -S nice ops to re-assemble them without errors
	* added new asm opcode op_reflags
	* removed Bytecode cop_arybase for 5.10
	* 5.8 compatibility: fixed bytecode.pl versioning, Asmdata creation 
	  (exact same for 5.8.8), asmdata.t, b.t tests
	* improved make clean
	* add ByteLoader -Dt and -Dv debugging
	* don't link against jit code against possible sideeffects
	* fixed c.t and cc.t tests

1.04_08 2008-02-22 rurban
	* fixed t/b.t tests for 5.11 (REGEXP, ref RV => IV)
	* fixed Makefile.PL deps to ignore the interim .pl files
	* added PMOP reflags
	* added madprop to B-1.18_01 and B::C (if provided by B)
	* enhanced B::Debug 1.05_02
	* fixed B::C PL_cshlen (already initialized since 5.10)
	* fixed B::C GvFILE
	* fixed various (SV)xpv list casts and inits, 
	* fixed B::C xpvnv_list for 5.10
	* fixed B::C xpvio_list for 5.10
	* fixed B::C pmopsect for 5.11
	* bootstrap also all $Config{static_ext}, not only dynamic stashes

1.04_07 2008-02-20 rurban
	* moved bstate->bs_pv.xpv_pv slot to bs_pv.xiv_u.xivu_p1
	* fixed pv_free
	* added op_pmflags 2 to match PMOP
	* moved B into lib/B
	* fixed ByteLoader Makefile deps
	* added -DM flag to Bytecode backend
	* added perlcompile.pod and Perl_5_Internals.htm

1.04_06 2008-02-19 rurban
	* no crashes anymore for 5.10, just op_pmflags & PMf_ONCE assertions.
	* blead@32980 crashes in tests 11,16,17,18
	* enhanced B::Debug (no version bump)
	* fixed general op_list inits, and specials for av, hv
	* almost fixed pv within sv handling
	* added -O=C,-DS for SV debugging

1.04_05 2008-02-18 rurban
	* added t/test.pl and t/test*.sh to MANIFEST. 
	* fixed ByteLoader reading from the <DATA> filter.
	* fixed -H .plc header parsing
	* updated Bytecode options in NOTES and pod
	* added -O=Bytecode,-v option
	* fixed PL_preprocess and SvREPADTMP_off for 5.11

1.04_04 2008-02-08 rurban
	* added jitcompiler macros

1.04_03 2008-02-05 rurban
	* added Jit and Asm layout, fixed Makefile deps

1.04_02 2008-01-22 rurban (never uploaded)
	* removed from CORE, now on CPAN. 
	* added byteorder to bytecode header.
	* added support for 5.10 (NOT WORKING!), 5.9.5 not tested.
	  up to 5.8.x already in CORE, so disabled. 
	  add back support later, when C/CC is improved or more features 
	  are added.
	* added type hekindex
	* added c.t and cc.t tests
	* extended bytecode.pl format: added version logic 
	  to have strictly consecutive indices

1.04_01 2008-01-15 rurban (never uploaded)
	* first package layout for all now non-CORE packages.


B::C was at 1.05 when removed from core with 5.9.4.

Nicholas Clark <nwc10+p5p4@colon.colondot.net>  2007-05-07 15:35:56
    bytecode.pl:        Exterminate!
    ext/B/B/Asmdata.pm: Exterminate!

Nicholas Clark <nwc10+p5p4@colon.colondot.net>  2007-05-07 14:53:05
    Given that @optype and @specialsv_name are hard coded tables, it seems
    more logical for them to be in B.pm, rather than in the "boilerplate"
    for the machine generated B/Asmdata.pm

Marcus Holland-Moritz <mhx-perl@gmx.net>  2004-08-29 13:22:48
    Fix typo in B::Assembler.

Marcus Holland-Moritz <mhx-perl@gmx.net>  2004-08-29 13:21:50
    Skip ext/B/t/assembler.t when configured without B.

Rafael Garcia-Suarez <rgarciasuarez@gmail.com>  2003-08-09 21:13:27
    Remove ByteLoader from the list of modules whose compilability should
    be tested : it's loaded (at runtime) by ext/B/t/bytecode.t (as Enache
    pointed out.)

chromatic <chromatic@rmci.net>  2002-05-10 07:43:25
    added ext/B/t/o.t

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2001-03-19 08:07:09
    Subject: Re: sync sync sync: have I missed any patches?
    Replace djSP with dSP.

Mark-Jason Dominus <mjd@plover.com>  2001-01-16 14:43:18
    Subject: [PATCH @8436] Eliminate op_children
    (Replaced by #8448)  Traces of op_children (cleanup of #8442)
    (Replaced by #8448)  More op_children traces (cleanup of #8442).
    Subject: [PATCH #3 @8436] Re: Eliminate op_children
    Replace #8444 and #8445.

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2001-01-30 14:20:24
    integrate changes#7984,7987,8010 from mainline (gets rid of
    dTHR which has been a noop for a while now, except for the
    compatibility definition in thread.h)
	@8010 remove dTHR;

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2000-12-18 03:37:02
	@7518 UNIVERSAL::can

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2000-12-18 00:03:38
    Fix a couple of compiler-noted nits in #7235.

    Fix of sorts for bug id 20000901.092.  There seems to be no trace
    of a 'pmshort' anywhere in the B, so the offending line was simply

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2000-12-17 22:49:13
    Subject: [ID 20000928.002] perlcc & ByteCode.pm option mismatch
    Did not apply cleanly, manual intervention was needed.

    Subject: [ID 20001003.006] B::Debug not -w clean
    Test harness update to sync with the new perlcc,
    from Simon Cozens.

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2000-11-27 18:11:21
    Bytecompiler patches from Benjamin Stuhl.
    More bytecompiler.
    Subject: [PATCH blead] B:: missing dependency
    Byteloader 0.04

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  2000-11-27 13:53:18
	U8->U16 CvFLAGS(cv)

Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>  2001-10-25 18:07:58
   * make re, Opcode, File::Glob and B threadsafe
   * include XS_VERSION in MY_CXT_KEY (tweak for change#12652)

Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>  2001-04-05 04:00:33
    Integrate changes #9544,9547,9549(perlio),9550,9551 from
    maintperl into mainline.
    "double" should be "NV"; standard typemap is missing entry
    for NV

Author: bailey <bailey@bailey_vms>  2000-02-09 09:09:45
    Resync with mainline

bailey <bailey@bailey_vms>  2000-01-20 00:25:30
    Quick integration of mainline changes to date

Nathan Torkington <gnat@frii.com>  1999-08-01 11:23:35
    ext/B/B/Disassembler.pm patch
    Message-ID: <14244.33431.739419.806927@localhost.frii.com>

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1999-01-02 14:06:30
    Export constant subs from B.xs for op.h, cop.h and a few others.
    Use them in various B::* rather than have local defs.

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1999-01-02 10:04:02
    Integrate ext/B changes from //depot/cfgperl
    'copy in' ext/B/B.xs
    	(@2460..) 'merge in' ext/B/B/C.pm ext/B/B/CC.pm
    	ext/B/B/Stackobj.pm (@2524..)

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1999-01-02 10:04:02
    @2491 Integrate ext/B changes from //depot/cfgperl

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-09-23 09:52:46
    B::Asmdata define PUT_svindex(), PUT_opindex()

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1998-12-20 14:21:29
    Save _all_ GV's which have SV, AV or HV set.

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-08-02 07:09:35
    fixes for pod noises

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-22 02:08:00
    fix up B modules for PL_* changes

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-07-21 18:13:16
    Compiler docs for 5.005
    Message-Id: <199807211713.SAA20735@sable.ox.ac.uk>

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-22 01:29:09
    s/PL_sv/PL_bytecode_sv/ etc., so we have unique, case-insensitive

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-21 07:12:00
    fix bytecode.pl with moved var names

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-21 05:31:13
    part 2 of PERL_OBJECT fixes (globals in bytecode.h moved to intrpvar.h)

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-21 05:29:10
    part 1 of PERL_OBJECT fixes for new var names

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-20 09:38:39
    complete s/foo/PL_foo/ changes (all escaped cases identified with
    brute force search script).  Result builds and passes all tests on
    Solaris.  win32 and PERL_OBJECT are still untested.

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1998-07-18 13:53:03
    PL_ prefix to all perlvars, part1
       Builds and passes all tests at one limit i.e. -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT

Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>  1998-07-15 06:10:36
    Minor improvements to perlcc
    Message-Id: <199807151010.GAA11270@monk.mps.ohio-state.edu>

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-15 10:01:41
    add stub docs for ext/B, other minor tweaks

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-09 05:37:48
    get it building again on win32

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-07-04 05:02:01
    fix perlcc to not rm output file, and other -w(arts)

Stephen McCamant <alias@mcs.com>  1998-06-22 21:19:43
    Inheritance of B:: classes
    Message-Id: <m0yoIgR-000EP2C@alias-2.pr.mcs.net>

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-06-19 17:22:23
    update repository copy of Asmdata.pm after `perl bytecode.pl`

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-06-11 02:59:23
    fix outdated bytecode.pl

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1998-05-14 18:09:01
    Changes to allow compiler with gcc-2.8.1 in C++ mode,
    Remove K&R style functions, avoid struct/typedef clash.
Ed Peschko <epeschko@den-mdev1>  1998-04-29 21:02:36
    [ PATCH 5.004_64 ] Integrated regression tests for compiler
    added perlcc.PL

Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>  1998-04-08 03:21:03
    Subject: [PATCH 5.004_64] Cryptic error from B::CC
    Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:52:25 -0400 (EDT)

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-04-14 16:22:51
    [compiler] CC did "<<" instead of ">>" for right-shift on ints.

Charles Bailey <bailey@newman.upenn.edu>  1998-03-02 01:48:27
    Miscellaneous minor fixes

Spider Boardman <spider@orb.nashua.nh.us>  1998-03-01 02:02:47
    Almost OK: 5.004_61 (threads, perlio)

Andrew Cohen <cohen@andy.bu.edu>  1998-02-27 20:03:29
    Change getc/fread to PerlIO_getc/fread in bytecode.h:
    Subject: [PATCH 5.004_61] bunch of small patches

Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>  1998-02-28 11:31:15
    Missed FREAD in bytecode.h
    Cannot export svref_mutex in non-threaded perl

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-27 18:35:27
    Change FREAD/FGETC to BGET_FREAD/BGET_FGETC to avoid clash with
    preprocessor symbol on Digital UNIX.

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-02-26 03:56:19
    [win32] various cleanups so that B can be built as "just another extension"
     - export symbols needed for building B
     - bset_obj_store() is needed by byterun(), so define it there instead
       of at B.xs, and export it
     - freadpv() is only used in B.xs, so move it there
     - byte*.h are now included by perl.h
     - regenerate embed*.h

Gurusamy Sarathy <gsar@cpan.org>  1998-02-22 02:40:56
    [win32] get compiler building under win32 (needed Makefile.PL
    hacks that could be applicable to other platforms)

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-25 17:44:34
    More compiler tweaks.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-20 18:23:47
    Remove compiler files from their old lib/B locations. The compiler
    now builds by default (without the byteperl executable so far) and
    seems to work at least minimally.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-20 18:05:33
    Move lib/B/... and lib/[BO].pm over to where they should be,
    under ext/B.
Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-20 17:54:58
    Start getting compiler to work when built with the core.
    [Still won't work as of this change.]

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-20 16:42:13

	* Merge perlext/Compiler/... into mainline. Some files move to
    ext/B/..., some to lib/B/..., O.pm and B.pm go in lib and some
    move to the base perl directory (e.g. headers). Will need some
    cleaning up before it builds properly, I would guess.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-20 16:39:38
	* [compiler] Win32 changes from Sarathy, tweaked slightly by me.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1998-02-17 17:50:50
	* Assorted changes to the compiler

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1997-12-17 10:59:40
	* Fix typo in compiler B/C.pm.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1997-12-10 18:33:53
	* Start overhauling compiler. It was working at least minimally
    right up until the final tweak of B.xs to add threadsv_names
    at which point building it provokes a seg fault in perl while
    doing the xsubpp :-(.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1997-09-03 12:31:48
	* Make compiler build/work with devel 5.005

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1997-07-05 11:58:05  
	* Change %lx to %x in B::CV::save to prevent some CV
    fields becoming 0 in the init section. Add missing
    write_back in B::Stackobj::Padsv::load_double to fix
    test 22 of op/my.t.

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1997-07-05 11:58:05 
	* B::CC::pp_padsv must cope with vivify_ref (5.004)
	  as well as provide_ref (5.003)

Malcolm Beattie <mbeattie@sable.ox.ac.uk>  1997-05-03 14:47:06  
	Alpha 4
	* initial check in of compiler
	from version Alpha a3 to a4