Revision history for Perl extension Cpanel::JSON::XS

TODO: compression

3.0210 2015-12-03 (rurban)
       - improve cpanel_json_xs: more input and output formats
       - improved various spellings and add test
       - much faster t/99_binary.t test

3.0209 2015-12-03 (rurban)
       - Fix nasty regression bug with allow_singlequote or relaxed,
         hanging with single quotes in normal strings. #54
         (reported by Quim Rovira)

3.0208 2015-12-02 (rurban)
       - Fix regression for is_bool([]), with unblessed references. #53
         (reported by Gregory Oschwald)

3.0207 2015-12-02 (rurban)
       - Fix regression decoding big strings (>16384). #50 (reported by Dan Book)
       - Ignore allow_barekey if we detect quotes. #51 (Fixed by Quim Rovira)
       - Skip some unicode tests with 5.6

3.0206 2015-11-30 (rurban)
       - Add support for escape_slash from JSON::PP. #47
       - Map sort_by to canonical from JSON::PP. #47
         reverse sort or sort by custom keys not yet possible/silently ignored.
       - Add support for allow_singlequote from JSON::PP. #47
       - Add support for allow_barekey from JSON::PP. #47
       - Add support for allow_bignum from JSON::PP. #47
       - relaxed uses now also allow_singlequote and allow_barekey.
       - Fixed t/20_unknown.t: SKIP when JSON is not available. #45
       - Fixed t/55_modifiable.t: Broaden the is check of true <5.12 #45
         (both reported by Paul Howarth)
       - Add t/zero-mojibake.t from JSON::PP testing all supported decoding
         options: none, utf8, ascii, latin1, binary.

3.0205 2015-11-29 (rurban)
       - Add t/20_unknown.t tests from JSON::PP, extended.
       - Fix convert_blessed, disallow invalid JSON. #46 (reported by Dan Book)
         convert_blessed returns now always a string, even for numbers.
       - Fix encountered GLOB error message (still in JSON::XS, and JSON::PP took
         over the wrong message also).
       - Fixed regression of immediate raw values for null/true/false to be
         modifiable again. #45. Broken with 3.0201 - 3.0204.
         (reported by Thomas Sibley and Karen Etheridge)
         This caused failues in Test::JSON and App::RecordStream.

3.0204 2015-11-26 (rurban)
       - Fix is_bool with JSON::XS >3.0 interop. #44 (Graham Knop)

3.0203 2015-11-26 (rurban)
       - New optional decode_json() argument to set allow_nonref as in
         RFC 7159 and PHP. Before 3.02 JSON::XS and Cpanel::JSON::XS always
         allowed nonref values for decode_json due to an interal bug.

3.0202 2015-11-26 (rurban)
       - New feature: convert_blessed for encode.
         Stringify overloaded perl objects and with allow_blessed even without
         string overload (#37)

3.0201 2015-11-26 (rurban)
       - Simplify handling of references, removing all the complicated
         work-around for reblessing. Breaks overloaded values, but fixes
         serialising refs to readonly values. #21 (Gianni Ceccarelli)
         new test t/53_readonly.t
         schmorp thinks that overloading is broken with this patch,
         but reblessing and breaking readonly is worse.
       - Stabilize Test::Kwalitee with missing XS dependencies
       - suggests common::sense, not recommend. #36 (mst)
       - Boolean interop: use only JSON::PP::Boolean. #40
         Remove our own JSON::XS::Boolean, and solely use
         JSON::PP::Boolean and accept Mojo::JSON::_Bool and
         Types::Serialiser::Boolean, which is aliased to JSON::PP::Boolean.
         JSON::YAJL::Parser just produces an unbless IV (0|1).
         fix overload of our bools.
         stringify true to "true", false to "0"
       - accept Mojo::JSON::_Bool (#37)
         Mojo does not store their booleans as JSON::PP::Boolean
         as everybody else does.
       - accept is_bool as method call also.
       - implement native encode_sv of the internal sv_yes/sv_no values (#39)
         and map them to json true/false. YAML::XS compatible.
         added a table of safe and unsafe serializers for comparison.
         Written by JD Lightsey.
         Only JSON and Data::MessagePack are safe by default.
       - With canonical only skip hash keys sorting for actually tied hashes.
         #42 (Sergey Aleynikov)

3.0115 2015-01-31 (rurban)
       - Fix stack corruption when encoding nested objects with FREEZE method,
         #35 (Sergey Aleynikov)

3.0114 2015-01-04 (rurban)
       - Fix bad powl with Freebsd 10 -Duselongdouble. Rather use strtold. #34 + RT #101265

3.0113 2014-12-15 (rurban)
       - t/117_number relax the tests for negative nan, as BSDs also cannot deal with it. #33

3.0112 2014-12-14 (rurban)
       - Add {get_,}stringify_infnan methods and use it in the test, now run-time. #32
         mode 0: null, 1: stringify, 2: inf/nan (invalid JSON) as before.
       - Fix t/117_number tests for Solaris and MSWin32
       - Remove build-time "Do you want to handle inf/nan as strings? Default: null." prompt.
       - Improve docs.

3.0111 2014-12-13 (rurban)
       - Fixed detecting 1.#INF/1.#IND on windows. #28
       - Also detect now -inf and -nan. #28
       - Fixed STRINGIFY_INFNAN return string, length off by one. #28
       - Fixed a non-C99 declaration error on XS.xs:863. Was broken with older MSVC.

3.0110 2014-12-12 (rurban)
       - Fixed one more memory bug with encode of dual-vars to strings,
         esp. with older perl <5.10, leading to eventual panic: realloc.

3.0109 2014-12-12 (rurban)
       - Fixed serious bug with encode of dual-vars to strings, missing
         the ending \0. #31 (Grinnz)

3.0108 2014-12-11 (rurban)
       - Change encode of numbers with dual-strings (int and float), integers
         and numbers are now not mishandled anymore by dual-vars, temp. string representations.
         Add t/117_numbers.t from JSON::PP, PR#10 by kraih.
       - Add prompt for nan/inf encode policy: null or stringify.
       - Change stringification of false and true to 0 and 1, matching upstream JSON and JSON::XS, #29.
         This didn't affect string comparisons, just e.g. print decode_json("false").
       - Tolerate literal ASCII TABs in strings in relaxed mode #22 (from JSON::XS)
       - Revise pod, merge updates from JSON::XS.
       - Fix pod typo #30 (Colin Kuskie)

3.0107 2014-11-28 (rurban)
       - fix fatal stack corruption with perl callbacks in list context
         #27 (dur-randir)

3.0106 2014-11-11 (rurban)
       - more minor doc improvements #26 (schwern)

3.0105 2014-11-05 (rurban)
       - minor doc improvements #25 (ether)
       - fix d_Gconvert test in t/11_pc_expo.t for 5.6

3.0104 2014-04-26 (rurban)
       - add t/z_leaktrace.t
       - restore build on C89 (bulk88)
       - fix small cxt->sv_json leak on interp exit (bulk88)

3.0103 2014-04-21 (rurban)
       - Change booleans interop logic (again) for JSON-XS-3.01
         Check now for Types::Serialiser::Boolean ie JSON::PP::Boolean refs (#18 clintongormley)
         to avoid allow_blessed for JSON-XS-3.01 booleans.
       - fix boolean representation for JSON-XS-3.01/Types::Serialiser::Boolean interop
         (arrayref, not hashref)
       - add t/52_object.t from JSON::XS
       - backport encode_hv HE sort on stack < 64 or heap to avoid stack
         overflows from JSON-XS-3.01. do not use alloca.
       - backport allow_tags, decode_tag, FREEZE/THAW callbacks from JSON-XS-3.01
       - added pod for OBJECT SERIALISATION (allow_tags, FREEZE/THAW)

3.0102 2014-04-17 (rurban + bulk88)
       - Added PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT for better performance on threaded Perls (bulk88)
       - MANIFEST: added t/96_interop.t
       - Document deprecated functions
       - Change booleans interop logic for JSON-XS-3.01

3.0101 2014-04-15 (rurban + bulk88)
       - Added ithreads support (bulk88)
         Cpanel::JSON::XS is now thread-safe.
       - const'ed a translation table for memory savings (bulk88)
       - Fixed booleans for JSON 2.9 and JSON-XS-3.01 interop.
         JSON does not support JSON::XS booleans anymore, so
         I cannot think of any reason to still use JSON::XS.

2.3404 2014-01-30 (rurban)
       - fix interop with JSON::XS booleans
         the internal boolean objects are now blessed into JSON::XS::Boolean
         #13 and [cpan #92548] (samuel.c.kaufman)
       - t/96_interop.t: added
       - LICENSE section to pod added for t/z_kwalitee.t
       - README: fixed some pod spelling errors in (David Steinbrunner)

2.3403 2013-11-02 (cpanel)
       - fix json_atof on AIX without HAS_LONG_DOUBLE (powl in libm)
         [cpan #88061] (Ulisse Monari, Reini Urban)

2.3402 2013-11-02 (cpanel)
       - t/97_unshare_hek.t: fix issue #10, unshare hek assertion resp. valgrind error
       - Rename internal 5.6 methods {from|to}_json_ to _{from|to}_json
       - Fixed get_binary pod
       - Added t/z_*.t maintainer tests

2.3401 2013-10-02 (cpanel)
       - add more binary tests, including 5.6
       - improve POD for binary and cPanel fork
       - Fix homepage META

2.3314 2013-09-09 (cpanel)
       - t/01_utf8.t: workaround for stricter Encode versions (syohex)
       - autogenerate META files

2.3313 2013-06-26 (cpanel)
       - Fix re-blessing of READONLY data (chip) [GH issue #7].
       - Depend on Pod::Usage 1.36. 1.51 was added with 2.3306
       - t/01_utf8.t: workaround for stricter Encode versions [RT #84244]
       - avoid <5.10 const warnings with sv_chop

2.3312 2013-05-22 (cpanel)
       - Made common::sense optional to get smaller FatPacker packages.

2.3311 2013-04-04 18:41:23 (cpanel)
       - Changed maintainer to
       - Changed tracker to RT
       - Worked on JSON integration (matching prototypes)
       - Fixed Boolean stringify and eq overload methods to match JSON (Fixes JSON tests)

2.3310 2013-03-28 12:20:11 (rurban)
       - add testcases for JSON::XS RT #84244, double-encoding with utf8
         t/01_utf8.t (use utf8), t/14_latin1.t (no utf8)
       - t/01_utf8.t: enable and fix more 5.6 testcases

2.3309 2013-03-28 09:37:29 (rurban)
       - fix 19_incr.t broken with 5.17.10 hash randomization [JSON::XS RT #84151]
         by wyant @

2.3308 2013-03-28 09:10:45 (rurban)
       - fix 5.6 binary utf8 encoding, harmonized with newer perls
         5.6. encodes strings to utf8 internally when seeing a codepoint >= 0x80.
	 with binary decode it to the original bytes before encoding it to escaped JSON.

2.3307 2013-03-27 17:27:18 (rurban)
       - fix lots of -Wincompatible-pointer-types and -Wpointer-sign warnings
       - add binary method
       - write and accept \xNN JSON encoding with binary only,
         also accept octal \0NNN JSON with binary

2.3306 2013-03-27 12:15:20 (rurban)
       - fix decode_utf8 for 5.6 (bdraco)
       - use common::sense for tests
       - fix README dependency: update earlier, not just at make dist
       - added pod2text prereqs

2.3305 2013-03-27 11:47:36 (rurban)
       - nondev version to be indexed in CPAN
       - t/99_binary.t: non-numeric test names, use is instead of ok
       - added META data to Makefile.PL

2.33_04 2013-03-01 15:42:39 (rurban)
	- fix for 5.6 compiler:
	  $json->incr_text may not be called as lvalue,
	  missing attributes::reftype

2.33_03 2013-02-28 17:22:52 (bdraco)
	- revert fix crash with invalid JSON, empty sv 
2.33_02 2012-08-17 16:29:52 (rurban)
	- fix crash with invalid JSON, empty sv 

2.33_01 2012-08-08 16:29:52 (rurban)
	- merge with JSON-XS-2.33

2.33 Wed Aug  1 21:03:52 CEST 2012
	- internal encode/decode XS wrappers did not expect stack
          moves caused by callbacks (analyzed and testcase by Jesse Luehrs).
	- add bencode as to/from option in bin/json_xs.
        - add -e option to json_xs, and none and string in/out formats.

2.32_02 Wed Jun 27 19:59:18 2012 (rurban)
	- forked from JSON-XS-2.32
	- Cpanel perl-5.6.2 support
	- prefix with Cpanel

2.32 Thu Aug 11 19:06:38 CEST 2011
	- fix a bug in the initial whitespace accumulation.

2.31 Wed Jul 27 17:53:05 CEST 2011
	- don't accumulate initial whitespace in the incremental buffer
          (this can be useful to allow whitespace-keepalive on a tcp
          connection without triggering the max_size limit).
	- properly croak on some invalid inputs that are not strings
          (e.g. undef) when trying to decode a json text (reported
          and analyzed by Goro Fuji).

2.3   Wed Aug 18 01:26:47 CEST 2010
	- make sure decoder doesn't change the decoding in the incremental
          parser (testcase provided by Hendrik Schumacher).
	- applied patch by DaTa for Data::Dumper support in json_xs.
        - added -t dump support to json_xs, using Data::Dump.
        - added -f eval support to json_xs.

2.29  Wed Mar 17 02:39:12 CET 2010
	- fix a memory leak when callbacks set using filter_json_object
          or filter_json_single_key_object were called (great testcase
          by Eric Wilhelm).

2.28  Thu Mar 11 20:30:46 CET 2010
	- implement our own atof function - perl's can be orders of
          magnitudes slower than even the system one. on the positive
          side, ours seems to be more exact in general than perl's.
          (testcase provided by Tim Meadowcroft).
        - clarify floating point conversion issues a bit.
	- update jpsykes csrf article url.
        - updated benchmark section - JSON::PP became much faster!

2.27  Thu Jan  7 07:35:08 CET 2010
	- support relaxed option inside the incremental parser
          (testcase provided by IKEGAMI via Makamaka).

2.26  Sat Oct 10 03:26:19 CEST 2009
	- big integers could become truncated (based on patch
          by Strobl Anton).
	- output format change: indent now adds a final newline, which is
          more expected and more true to the documentation.

2.25  Sat Aug  8 12:04:41 CEST 2009
	- the perl debugger completely breaks lvalue subs - try to work
          around the issue.
	- ignore RMAGICAL hashes w.r.t. CANONICAL.
	- try to work around a possible char signedness issue on aix.
        - require common sense.

2.24  Sat May 30 08:25:45 CEST 2009
	- the incremental parser did not update its parse offset
          pointer correctly when parsing utf8-strings (nicely
          debugged by Martin Evans).
	- appending a non-utf8-string to the incremental parser
          in utf8 mode failed to upgrade the string.
        - wording of parse error messages has been improved.

2.232 Sun Feb 22 11:12:25 CET 2009
	- use an exponential algorithm to extend strings, to
          help platforms with bad or abysmal==windows memory
          allocater performance, at the expense of some memory
          wastage (use shrink to recover this extra memory).
          (nicely analysed by Dmitry Karasik).

2.2311 Thu Feb 19 02:12:54 CET 2009
        - add a section "JSON and ECMAscript" to explain some
          incompatibilities between the two (problem was noted by
          various people).
	- add t/20_faihu.t.

2.231 Thu Nov 20 04:59:08 CET 2008
	- work around 5.10.0 magic bugs where manipulating magic values
          (such as $1) would permanently damage them as perl would
          ignore the magicalness, by making a full copy of the string,
          reported by Dmitry Karasik.
        - work around spurious warnings under older perl 5.8's.

2.23 Mon Sep 29 05:08:29 CEST 2008
	- fix a compilation problem when perl is not using char * as, well,
          char *.
	- use PL_hexdigit in favour of rolling our own.

2.2222 Sun Jul 20 18:49:00 CEST 2008
	- same game again, broken 5.10 finds yet another assertion
          failure, and the workaround causes additional runtime warnings.
          Work around the next assertion AND the warning. 5.10 seriously
          needs to adjust it's attitude against working code.

2.222 Sat Jul 19 06:15:34 CEST 2008
	- you work around one -DDEBUGGING assertion bug in perl 5.10
          just to hit the next one. work around this one, too.

2.22 Tue Jul 15 13:26:51 CEST 2008
	- allow higher nesting levels in incremental parser.
        - error out earlier in some cases in the incremental parser
          (as suggested by Yuval Kogman).
        - improve incr-parser test (Yuval Kogman).

2.21 Tue Jun  3 08:43:23 CEST 2008
	- (hopefully) work around a perl 5.10 bug with -DDEBUGGING.
	- remove the experimental status of the incremental parser interface.
	- move =encoding around again, to avoid bugs with
          when can we finally have utf-8 in pod???
        - add ->incr_reset method.

2.2  Wed Apr 16 20:37:25 CEST 2008
	- lifted the log2 rounding restriction of max_depth and max_size.
	- make booleans mutable by creating a copy instead of handing out
          the same scalar (reported by pasha sadri).
   	- added support for incremental json parsing (still EXPERIMENTAL).
	- implemented and added a json_xs command line utility that can convert
          from/to a number of serialisation formats - tell me if you need more.
        - implement allow_unknown/get_allow_unknown methods.
        - fixed documentation of max_depth w.r.t. higher and equal.
	- moved down =encoding directive a bit, too much breaks if it's the first
          pod directive :/.
        - removed documentation section on other modules, it became somewhat
          outdated and is nowadays mostly of historical interest.

2.1  Wed Mar 19 23:23:18 CET 2008
        - update documentation here and there: add a large section
          about utf8/latin1/ascii flags, add a security consideration
          and extend and clarify the JSON and YAML section.
        - medium speed enhancements when encoding/decoding non-ascii chars.
        - minor speedup in number encoding case.
	- extend and clarify the section on incompatibilities
          between YAML and JSON.
        - switch to static inline from just inline when using gcc.
        - add =encoding utf-8 to the manpage, now that perl 5.10 supports it.
        - fix some issues with UV to JSON conversion of unknown impact.
        - published the yahoo locals search result used in benchmarks as the
          original url changes so comparison is impossible.

2.01 Wed Dec  5 11:40:28 CET 2007
	- INCOMPATIBLE API CHANGE: to_json and from_json have been
          renamed to encode_json/decode_json for compatibility.
          The old functions croak and might be replaced by
          comaptible versions in some later release.

2.0  Tue Dec  4 11:30:46 CET 2007
	- this is supposed to be the first version of JSON::XS
          compatible with version 2.0+ of the JSON module.
          Using the JSON module as frontend to JSON::XS should be
          as fast as using JSON::XS directly, so consider using it
	- added get_* methods for all "simple" options.
        - make JSON::XS subclassable.

1.53 Tue Nov 13 23:58:33 CET 2007
	- minor doc clarifications.
        - fixed many doc typos (patch by Thomas L. Shinnick).

1.52 Mon Oct 15 03:22:06 CEST 2007
	- remove =encoding pod directive again, it confuses too many pod
          parsers :/.

1.51 Sat Oct 13 03:55:56 CEST 2007
	- encode empty arrays/hashes in a compact way when pretty is enabled.
	- apparently JSON::XS was used to find some bugs in the
          JSON_checker testsuite, so add (the corrected) JSON_checker tests to
          the testsuite.
        - quite a bit of doc updates/extension.
        - require 5.8.2, as this seems to be the first unicode-stable version.

1.5  Tue Aug 28 04:05:38 CEST 2007
	- add support for tied hashes, based on ideas and testcase by
          Marcus Holland-Moritz.
        - implemented relaxed parsing mode where some extensions are being
          accepted. generation is still JSON-only.

1.44 Wed Aug 22 01:02:44 CEST 2007
	- very experimental process-emulation support, slowing everything down.
          the horribly broken perl threads are still not supported - YMMV.

1.43 Thu Jul 26 13:26:37 CEST 2007
	- convert big json numbers exclusively consisting of digits to NV
          only when there is no loss of precision, otherwise to string.

1.42 Tue Jul 24 00:51:18 CEST 2007
	- fix a crash caused by not handling missing array elements
          (report and testcase by Jay Kuri).

1.41 Tue Jul 10 18:21:44 CEST 2007
	- fix compilation with NDEBUG (assert side-effect),
          affects convert_blessed only.
	- fix a bug in decode filters calling ENTER; SAVETMPS;
          one time too often.
        - catch a typical error in TO_JSON methods.
	- antique-ised XS.xs again to work with outdated
          C compilers (windows...).

1.4  Mon Jul  2 10:06:30 CEST 2007
	- add convert_blessed setting.
        - encode did not catch all blessed objects, encoding their
          contents in most cases. This has been fixed by introducing
          the allow_blessed setting.
        - added filter_json_object and filter_json_single_key_object
          settings that specify a callback to be called when
          all/specific json objects are encountered.
        - assume that most object keys are simple ascii words and
          optimise this case, penalising the general case. This can
          speed up decoding by 30% in typical cases and gives
          a smaller and faster perl hash.
        - implemented simpleminded, optional resource size checking
          in decode_json.
        - remove objToJson/jsonToObj aliases, as the next version
          of JSON will not have them either.
        - bit the bullet and converted the very simple json object
          into a more complex one.
        - work around a bug where perl wrongly claims an integer
          is not an integer.
        - unbundle JSON::XS::Boolean into own pm file so Storable
          and similar modules can resolve the overloading when thawing.

1.3  Sun Jun 24 01:55:02 CEST 2007
        - make JSON::XS::true and false special overloaded objects
          and return those instead of 1 and 0 for those json atoms
          (JSON::PP compatibility is NOT achieved yet).
        - add JSON::XS::is_bool predicate to test for those special
	- add a reference to

        - removed require 5.8.8 again, it is just not very expert-friendly.
          Also try to be more compatible with slightly older versions,
          which are not recommended (because they are buggy).

1.24 Mon Jun 11 05:40:49 CEST 2007
	- added informative section on JSON-as-YAML.
        - get rid of some c99-isms again.
        - localise dec->cur in decode_str, speeding up
          string decoding considerably (>15% on my amd64 + gcc).
        - increased SHORT_STRING_LEN to 16kb: stack space is
          usually plenty, and this actually saves memory
          when !shrinking as short strings will fit perfectly.

1.23 Wed Jun  6 20:13:06 CEST 2007
	- greatly improved small integer encoding and decoding speed.
	- implement a number of µ-optimisations.
        - updated benchmarks.

1.22 Thu May 24 00:07:25 CEST 2007
	- require 5.8.8 explicitly as older perls do not seem to offer
          the required macros.
        - possibly made it compile on so-called C compilers by microsoft.

1.21 Wed May  9 18:40:32 CEST 2007
	- character offset reported for trailing garbage was random.

1.2  Wed May  9 18:35:01 CEST 2007
        - decode did not work with magical scalars (doh!).
        - added latin1 flag to produce JSON texts in the latin1 subset
          of unicode.
        - flag trailing garbage as error.
        - new decode_prefix method that returns the number
          of characters consumed by a decode.
        - max octets/char in perls UTF-X is actually 13, not 11,
          as pointed out by Glenn Linderman.
	- fixed typoe reported by YAMASHINA Hio.

1.11 Mon Apr  9 07:05:49 CEST 2007
	- properly 0-terminate sv's returned by encode to help
          C libraries that expect that 0 to be there.
	- partially "port" JSON from C to microsofts fucking broken
          pseudo-C. They should be burned to the ground for pissing
          on standards. And I should be stoned for even trying to
          support this filthy excuse for a c compiler.

1.1  Wed Apr  4 01:45:00 CEST 2007
	- clarify documentation (pointed out by Quinn Weaver).
        - decode_utf8 sometimes did not correctly flag errors,
          leading to segfaults.
        - further reduced default nesting depth to 512 due to the test
          failure by that anonymous "chris" whose e-mail address seems
          to be impossible to get. Tests on other freebsd systems indicate
          that this is likely a problem in his/her configuration and not this
        - renamed json => JSON in error messages.
        - corrected the character offset in some error messages.

1.01 Sat Mar 31 16:15:40 CEST 2007
	- do not segfault when from_json/decode gets passed
          a non-string object (reported by Florian Ragwitz).
          This has no effect on normal operation.

1.0  Thu Mar 29 04:43:34 CEST 2007
	- the long awaited (by me) 1.0 version.
        - add \0 (JSON::XS::false) and \1 (JSON::XS::true) mappings to JSON
          true and false.
	- add some more notes to shrink, as suggested by Alex Efros.
        - improve testsuite.
        - halve the default nesting depth limit, to hopefully make it
          work on Freebsd (unfortunately, the cpan tester did not
          send me his report, so I cannot ask about the stack limit on fbsd).

0.8  Mon Mar 26 00:10:48 CEST 2007
	- fix a memleak when decoding hashes.
	- export jsonToBj and objToJson as aliases
          to to_json and from_json, to reduce incompatibilities
          between JSON/JSON::PC and JSON::XS. (experimental).
        - implement a maximum nesting depth for both en- and de-coding.
        - added a security considerations sections.

0.7  Sun Mar 25 01:46:30 CET 2007
	- code cleanup.
	- fix a memory overflow bug when indenting.
        - pretty-printing now up to 15% faster.
        - improve decoding speed of strings by
          up to 50% by specialcasing short strings.
        - further decoding speedups for strings using
          lots of \u escapes.
        - improve utf8 decoding speed for U+80 .. U+7FF.

0.5  Sat Mar 24 20:41:51 CET 2007
	- added the UTF-16 encoding example hinted at in previous
        - minor documentation fixes.
        - fix a bug in and optimise canonicalising fastpath
          (reported by Craig Manley).
        - remove a subtest that breaks with bleadperl (reported
          by Andreas König).

0.31 Sat Mar 24 02:14:34 CET 2007
	- documentation updates.
        - do some casting to hopefully fix Andreas' problem.
        - nuke bogus json rpc stuff.

0.3  Fri Mar 23 19:33:21 CET 2007
	- remove spurious PApp::Util reference (John McNamara).
	- adapted lots of tests from other json modules
          (idea by Chris Carline).
        - documented mapping from json to perl and vice versa.
        - improved the documentation by adding more examples.
        - added short escaping forms, reducing the created
          json texts a bit.
        - added shrink flag.
        - when flag methods are called without enable argument
          they will by default enable their flag.
        - considerably improved string encoding speed (at least
          with gcc 4).
        - added a test that covers lots of different characters.
        - clarified some error messages.
        - error messages now use correct character offset
          with F_UTF8.
        - improve the "no bytes" and "no warnings" hacks in
          case the called functions do... stuff.
        - croak when encoding to ascii and an out-of-range
          (non-unicode) codepoint is encountered.

0.2  Fri Mar 23 00:23:34 CET 2007
	- the "could not sleep without debugging release".
          it should basically work now, with many bugs as
          no production tests have been run yet.
	- added more testcases.
	- the expected shitload of bugfixes.
	- handle utf8 flag correctly in decode.
        - fix segfault in decoder.
        - utf8n_to_uvuni sets retlen to -1, but retlen is an
          unsigned types (argh).
        - fix decoding of utf-8 strings.
        - improved error diagnostics.
        - fix decoding of 'null'.
        - fix parsing of empty array/hashes
        - silence warnings when we prepare the croak message.

0.1   Thu Mar 22 22:13:43 CET 2007
	- first release, very untested, basically just to claim
          the namespace.
0.01  Thu Mar 22 06:08:12 CET 2007
	- original version; cloned from Convert-Scalar