Revision history for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-RWSTAUNER

3.201     2011-11-18T04:20:13Z

  - Use ReadmeMarkdownFromPod and CopyReadmeFromBuild to automate
    a more useful github readme
  - Load @Git bundle earlier (before releaser)

3.200     2011-10-19T23:49:56Z

  - Move some logic out into Config::MVP::Slicer
    and consume Dist::Zilla::Role::PluginBundle::Config::Slicer
  - Update tests

3.108     2011-10-03T13:59:32Z

  - Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Encoding
  - By default just use MakeMaker; set 'builder' to 'mb' or 'both'
    for ModuleBuild and/or DualBuilders
  - Bump @TestingMania required version to 0.14
  - Don't require OurPkgVersion

  - s/CompileTests/Test::Compile/g
  - Stop pruning dist.ini; it should be a familiar file for people
  - Fix regexp to actually prune cover_db/

3.107     2011-08-16T23:01:28Z

  - Use 'placeholder_comments' config attribute to decide how
    $VERSION and $AUTHORITY should work (default to false).

  - Require Prepender 1.112280 to skip prepending to tests
  - Require rather than recommend DZP::Run

3.106     2011-08-10T02:55:03Z

  - use place holder comments for VERSION and AUTHORITY
  - Place Acknowledgements above Authors pod (and add stop word)

  - Trade PkgVersion for OurPkgVersion
  - Require latest version of Authority
  - Use DZP Test::PodSpelling instead of DZP PodSpellingTests
  - Recommend Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run (used by some projects)

3.105     2011-07-14T23:41:38Z

  - Update metadata

3.104     2011-07-05T23:36:30Z

  - Don't automatically require Test::More 0.96
  - Don't include Devel::Cover's cover_db/ in dist
  - Dump plugins to log if $ENV{DZIL_BUNDLE_DEBUG}
  - Fix regexp to match class by "Plugin" or "PluginBundle"

3.103     2011-06-22T03:07:14Z

  - Fix name of recommended plugin (PodSpellingTests not SpellingTests)

3.102     2011-06-22T03:01:05Z

  - Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodSpellingTests no longer a hard requirement

  - Don't overwrite CompileTests.fake_home with default if it's set in config
  - Ignore any number of Bundle prefixes from plugin names
    (to allow dynamic configuration of plugins added by bundles)
  - Improvements to tests

3.101     2011-06-16T02:52:05Z

  - Require Bootstrap::lib plugin so that it's available
  - Allow cpanm to choose best place to install (install_command)
  - Remove qw(anno forum kwalitee) from SUPPORT websites
  - Remove Test::Pod::No404s since most links are generated

3.100     2011-05-10T03:16:24Z

  - Use CheckExtraTests instead of ExtraTests to keep xt/ directory
  - Change date format (in Changes file) to W3CDTF for unambiguous dates
  - Match skip_plugins against full name or package (rather than suffix)
  - Allow blank 'releaser' attribute to skip default releaser plugin

  - Bump required Dist::Zilla to 4.200005
  - Bump required @TestingMania to 0.010 (bug fix)

3.000     2011-04-14T05:24:45Z

  - Rework configure() to modify actual 'plugins' attribute
    so that add_plugins() and add_bundle() can be used

  [Add Dist::Zilla Plugins]
  - use InstallRelease with 'install_command' attribute
  - use @TestingMania bundle
  - use @Git bundle (instead of individual plugins)

  - Explicitly prune some non-release files
  - Generate a MANIFEST.SKIP file to satisfy tests/historical expectations

2.001     2011-04-13T02:25:30Z

  - "use" recently required modules (*::Test::Pod::*)
  - test script fix

2.000     2011-04-12T15:32:00Z

  - Rename module into Author:: namespace

  - Use the @Git bundle by default

  - Replace deprecated Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodLinkTests with
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Pod::LinkCheck and

1.002     2011-04-11T21:27:00Z

  - The current namespace is deprecated.
    This always was/should have been an Author bundle.

  [Add Dist::Zilla Plugins]
  - Prepender
  - Git::NextVersion (instead of Git::DescribeVersion)

1.001     2011-02-10T16:02:06Z

  - Manage Changes respectably by replacing GitFmtChanges plugin
  with NextRelease, CheckChangesHasContent, and CPANChangesTests

1.000007  2011-01-19T22:07:00Z

  - remove Moose::Autobox dependency
  - allow attributes to be overridden in dist.ini for any included plugin
  - add 'skip_plugins' option

0.009007  2010-12-30T15:39:00Z

  - Use Pod::Weaver::Plugin::WikiDoc

0.008004  2010-12-16T20:16:00Z

  - Require Dist::Zilla::Stash::PodWeaver

  [Add Dist::Zilla Plugins]
  - Authority
  - DualBuilders (prefer 'build')
  - PodLinkTests if available
  - PodSpellingTests
  - ReportVersions::Tiny

  [Add Pod::Weaver Plugins]
  - StopWords

0.004001  2010-11-17T07:48:00Z

  - Use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GithubMeta
  - Lower required version of Pod::Weaver::Section::Support

0.003011  2010-11-15T14:50:00Z

  - Initial Release to CPAN