Revision history for Perl extension Net::SSH::Any.

0.06  Jun 10, 2016
        - Improve diagnostic messages for autodetect failures in tests.

0.05  Jun 9, 2016

        * There is a long history behind this module:

          In order to get it to work correctly I ended becoming the
          de-facto main maintainer of Net::SSH2, rewriting large parts
          of it and also fixing lots of bugs in libssh2. That took me
          two years and a half.

          In the meantime I have keep adding features to Net::SSH::Any...

        - Ssh_Cmd backend which runs on top of any ssh binary
          supporting command line flags compatible with the OpenSSH
          one which are not good enough for Net::OpenSSH as for
          instance Oracle SSH or the Cygwin openssh package.

        - Plink_Cmd backend which uses the "plink" executable (part of
          the PuTTY project).

        - Sexec_Cmd backend which uses Bitwise Tunnelier "sexec"

        - Dbclient_Cmd backend which uses the dropbear client

        - Sshg3_Cmd backend which uses the Tectia command line SSH
          client "sshg3".

        - dpipe support, providing an object able to talk to the
          remote process both ways.

        - Net::SSH::Any::Test framework which anyhow is able to
          provide the details of a running SSH server that could be
          used for testing. This module replaces my old Test::SSH
          package and includes the backends Remote which tries to
          connect to localhost; OpenSSH_Daemon which starts a local
          SSH server in some spare port; Dropbead_Daemon which does
          the same but using Dropbear and Cygwin that on Windows is
          able to install the Cygwin OpenSSH package and use it to
          start a local server.

        - Net::SSH::Any::Test::Isolated which runs Net::SSH::Any::Test
          in an isolated process so that there are not interferences
          between the tested module and the test server provider.

        - Net::SSH::Any::Autodetector which is able to find out
          several properties about the remote machine as operating
          system and the user shell.

        - Integration with Net::OpenSSH quoters.

        - Documentation is still a WIP.

        - And lots and lots of issues fixed...

0.04  Sep 25, 2013
        - add support for SCP
        - handle errors on Net_SSH2 backend when calling channel and
          exec methods (bug report by mpapec)
        - infer default remote login name from local one
        - allow configuration of remote slave commands
        - add support for timeouts on Net_SSH2 backend
        - several bugs corrected
        - better docs

0.03  Nov 19, 2012
        - add support for SFTP via Net::SFTP::Foreign

0.02  Nov 14, 2012
        - password authentication was broken
        - several bugs corrected and general improvements
        - still a work in progress

0.01  Sun Sep 11 15:56:00 2011
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AXn Net::SSH::Any