Revision history for Perl extension Devel::Profiler.

0.01  Mon May 20 14:22:00 2002
   - First release.

0.02  Wed May 22 19:30:00 2002
   - Fixed implementation of caller() override to more closely match
     normal behavior.

   - Added fork protection like Devel::DProf - only profile the parent.

   - Added code to avoid instrumenting fake subs.  For details, see:

   - Added code to detect constant subs and avoid profiling them.

   - Added Devel::Profiler::Apache module which works like
     Apache::DProf to provide profiling for Apache/mod_perl.

   - Added check for dprofpp to Makefile.PL - thanks are due to
     "Automated Perl Test Account" for the catch.

   - Fixed bug under Test::More version 0.44 where Test::More was
     confused by my attempts to test skip() itself.  Thanks to Andreas
     Marcel Riechert for the report.

   - Added package_filter option to allow more flexible control over
     packages to be profiled.  Thanks to Simon Rosenthal for inspiring
     this feature.

0.03  Tue Jun  4 16:54:03 EDT 2002
   - Added hz option and code to scale output the hz.  This should
     improve speed and smooth discrepencies between the accuracy of
     times() and Time::HiRes.

   - Added ability to pass options to Devel::Profiler::Apache.

   - Allow package_filter to take an array of filters.

   - Fixed bug where Devel::Profiler::Apache would initialize
     Devel::Profiler more than once, resulting in garbled output.

   - Set required Perl version to 5.6.0 rather than 5.6.1.  Testing

   - Devel::Profiler::Apache now logs when it opens a new profiler
     output file.

   - Added sub_filter option to allow flexible exclusion of subs.

   - Added Devel::Profiler::Apache to MANIFEST.  Now it will actually
     be incldued in the release!  Thanks Jasper Zhao for the spot.

0.04 Mon Jun 10 16:53:55 EDT 2002
   - Fixed bug where exported subs could sneak around package_filter
     unless they were checked again in sub_filter.

   - Fixed some undefined value warnings when module is loaded but not