- Added support for ESCAPE attribute in combination with EXPR.
      (Michael Peters)

    - Fixed a bug where functions which returned 0 or more than one
      return value would cause a stack under or overflow.  Functions
      are now called in scalar context, eliminating the problem.
      Thanks to Jamie Krasnoo for the spot.

    - Rewrote grammar to support expressions with less parenthesis.
      For example, "foo || bar || baz" now works.

0.05 Wed Dec 21 18:56:49 EST 2005
    - Added a compatibility fix required by HTML::Template v2.8.

0.04 Thu Aug 29 12:00:00 2002
    - Fixed parser to recognize negative numbers.  Thanks to Fran
      Fabrizio for the report.

    - Fixed parser to allow for HTML-comment style tags.  Thanks to
      Stuhlpfarrer Gerhard for the spot.

    - Updated mailing-list information to reflect move from vm.com to

    - Added register_function() class method add functions globally. 
      (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

    - Fixed broken cache mode.

    - Fixed bug where numeric functions all returned 1. 
      (reported by Peter Leonard)

    - Improved performance over 300% with a new grammar and expression 

    - Enhanced grammar to support call(foo > 10) syntax.

    - Initial Release.