Revision history for Bot-MetaSyntactic

0.04    2006.10.15 - SAPER
        [TESTS] Added t/podspell.t

0.03    2006.04.18 - SAPER
        [BUGFIX] Added workaround to actually ignore nicks in ignore_list.
        [FEATURE] Don't output more than a given number of words, in order
        to avoid flooding a channel.
        [CODE] Better (but stil not perfect) parsing.
        [TESTS] Corrected t/api.t

0.02    2005.03.06 - SAPER
        [NEW] Now only create one Acme::MetaSyntactic object
        [NEW] Added words limitation
        [NEW] Words are nicely wrapped using Text::Wrap
        (NEW] Added wrapper script script/metabot
        [TESTS] Added t/01.api.t

0.01    2005.03.05 - SAPER
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.