Revision history for App-Nopaste

0.92    Fri Apr 26 2013
        Fix the language mappins for Ubuntu's pastebin (Sergey Romanov)
        Don't need to load Moose in the tests (Sergey Romanov)

0.91    Sun Jan 27 2013
        Decode incoming text as utf8 (Jesse Luehrs)
        Support for GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_PASS (Rafael Kitover)
        Name the gist file `nopaste` not `nopaste.txt` for possible syntax highlighting (Rafael Kitover)
        Use decode_json not a regular expression to decode Gist response body (Shawn M Moore)
        Give a hint to perldoc App::Nopaste::Service::Gist on 401 (Shawn M Moore)

0.90    Tue Oct 30 2012
        Port from Moose and MooseX::Getopt to Getopt::Long::Descriptive (frew)
            App::Nopaste is not using any interesting Moose features,
            so it doesn't make sense to pay the startup cost (even
            though it's probably dominated by network latency)

            Please report any regressions!

0.35    Tue Jul 17 2012
        Don't barf when gist-ing STDIN. (Ricardo SIGNES)

0.34    Sat Jul 14 2012
        Support for GitHub's v3 API [Вячеслав Тихановский (vti)]
            Thanks also to Ricardo SIGNES for the call to arms:

0.33    Thu Dec 15 2011
        Support for --description in Gist ( [ #73272]

0.32    Fri Oct 21 2011
        Better error reporting (David Golden)
        Fix some attribution errors (Salvatore Bonaccorso) [ #70434]

0.31    Tue Aug 30 2011
        Better filenames for ssh service (Thomas Sibley)

0.30    Fri Aug 26 2011
        Fix App::Nopaste::ssh's new filename description feature (Kevin Falcone)

0.29    Mon Aug 22 2011
        Add --private to several services (François Gannaz)
        Use Class::Load instead of require "Module/" (Shawn M Moore)
        Document --list and --private options (François Gannaz)
        Less hardcoding of argument names to better support subclassing (Jason Mills)
        New Ubuntu service ( (
        SSH: Add a small suggested Apache conf that's useful for paste directories (Thomas Sibley)
        SSH: optionally use the supplied description in the paste filename (Thomas Sibley)

0.28    Tue Mar 22 2011
        If LWP is producing errors, *report them* (Ricardo SIGNES)

0.27    Thu Mar 10 2011
        Correct path to Pastie (Sebastian Paaske Tørholm )
        Throw an error if you specify -p and files (Shawn M Moore)
        Remove Mathbin; doy moved it to a separate dist (Shawn M Moore)

0.26    Wed Feb 23 2011
        Add --open (-o) for opening the nopaste in your browser (Thomas Sibley)

0.25    Mon Jan 3 2011
        Add support for $GITHUB_USER/$GITHUB_TOKEN to Gist service (Maximilian Gass)

0.24    Tue Dec 21 2010
        Gist requires https (Ricardo SIGNES)

0.23    Fri Nov 26 2010
        Preserve the source file's extension for ssh (Thomas Sibley)
        Use Config::GitLike instead of Config::INI::Reader (Thomas Sibley)
        Doc fixes (Thomas Sibley, Justin Hunter)
        Code style fixes (Shawn M Moore)
        Remove Rafb (Justin Hunter)
        Remove Husk (Shawn M Moore)

0.22    Thu Jun 10 12:58:99 2010
        Add NOPASTE_SSH_MODE for chmod'ing after uploading (Thomas Sibley)

0.21    Sat May  1 09:32:10 2010
        Add a --list_services/-L option (David Bremner) [ #55562]
        Add --private support, used in Gist (John Goulah)
        Doc fix (Salvatore Bonaccorso) [ #53249]
        Doc fix (Fabien Wernli) [ #54928]
        Mention 'nopaste' script (Damyan Ivanov) [ #51065]

0.20    Fri Apr 16 23:05:10 2010
        App::Nopaste::Service::Pastie would generate warnings via
            Mechanize due to changes in HTML (avar)
        Add App::Nopaste::Service::Codepeek (arcanez)

0.19    Sun Feb 21 15:39:27 2010
        Remove support since it's been shut down
            - See also

0.18    Wed Dec 30 16:04:45 2009
        Add ssh support (obra, jibsheet)

0.17    Mon Nov  2 13:20:24 2009
        fix Gist support harder by using the API rather than scraping (rjbs)
        Improve --lang support for Debian ( [ #47911]

0.16    Fri Oct 16 14:32:09 2009
        Fix Gist support ( [ #50500]
        Add --lang support to Debian ( [ #47911]

0.15    Wed Jul 15 05:01:36 2009
        MANIFEST is really hard! :(

0.14    Wed Jul 15 04:48:15 2009
        No code changes

0.13    Wed Jul 15 04:47:21 2009
        Add support for (Ryan Niebur)

0.12    Mon Jul 13 19:35:10 2009
        Don't explicitly (optionally) depend on Git, but use it if
            we have it (Sartak)

0.11    Thu Jun 18 17:20:51 2009
        Service::Gist: use file_ext instead of file_name (nothingmuch)

        Bump Moose dependencies to avoid deprecation warnings

        Doc typo fix (rafl)

0.10    Wed Jan 28 18:48:55 2009
        I was a little too aggressive in my s/user/login/ (Sartak)

0.09    Wed Jan 28 18:34:31 2009
        The parameter for gist is "user" not "login" (Ricardo SIGNES)

0.08    Thu Jan 22 21:44:51 2009
        Optional authentication for Gist, by Ricardo SIGNES.

0.07    Fri Jan 16 16:04:45 2009
        Gist (github) support by Ricardo SIGNES.
        Pastie support.

0.06    Wed Dec  3 21:50:36 2008
        Silence the "exiting eval via next" warning

0.05    Fri Aug 29 15:03:10 2008
        Allow specific pastebins to say "I don't want to be picked by default"
            Apply this to Mathbin

0.04    Wed Jun 11 00:48:53 2008
        Add Mathbin courtesy of doy
        Add an "available" method to services which checks Perl dependencies
        Add a warn_handler
        Refactor the CLI into App::Nopaste::Command, using MooseX::Getopt:
            -x/--copy for automatically copying the URL to your clipboard
            -p/--paste for automatically taking the clipboard as input
            -q/--quiet for silencing warnings
            -d/--desc for setting the one-line description
            -n/--nick for setting the nickname to something other than $USER
            -l/--lang for setting the language to something other than Perl
            -c/--chan for setting the channel, so pastebots auto-announce
            -s/--services for setting the services to try

0.03    Tue May  6 04:31:08 2008
        App::Nopaste will now look at environment variables instead of nopaste
        Better handling of weird argument counts to nopaste
        If $NOPASTE_NICK is unavailable, use $USER
        Fix dependency declarations
        Default error handler now includes service name

0.02    Thu Apr 17 20:25:29 2008
        Use #!/usr/bin/perl instead of #!/usr/bin/env perl so M:I replaces it

0.01    Sun Mar  9 07:48:49 2008
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.