Revision history for Perl extension Teng

0.28 2015-02-26T06:49:27Z
        - FIX: Dependency (thanks lestrrat, eserte, zakame)

0.27 2015-01-27T04:45:44Z
        - FIX: PostgreSQL tests (thanks songmu)
        - FIX: Dependency (thanks songmu)
        - FIX: Documentations (thanks songmu)
        - ADD: Teng::Schema::Declare#default_row_class_prefix (thanks aereal)

0.26 2014-12-16T06:10:34Z
        - FIX: Teng::Plugin::Lookup quotes table name correctly (thanks tokuhirom).
        - ADD: Teng#bulk_insert can take more option for last argument.
        - MODIFY: Inside-out Teng instance from Teng::Row instance (for Data::Dumper friendly)
        - MODIFY: Update document. (thanks kawamuraway)
        - MODIFY: Teng#insert called in void context does not create row instance.

0.25 2014-07-14T08:53:28Z
        - FIX: Error on Teng#insert when using strict option for default sql_builder_class. (thanks nobuoka and kazuho)

0.24 2014-07-02T09:37:57Z

        - ADD: Teng#new takes `sql_builder_class` and `sql_builder_args`

0.23 2014-06-17T06:06:16Z
        - MODIFY: Teng::Row#refetch accepts `opt` optionally (thanks Songmu)
        - MODIFY: Teng::Row#update accepts `where` cond optionally mainly for optimistic lock (thanks Songumu)
        - MODIFY: Changed behavior of comment under TENG_SQL_COMMENT=1. See (thanks Songumu)

0.22 2014-04-04T05:22:48Z
        - FIXED: Allow calling `row_class` before `name` for Teng::Schema::Declare (thanks GeJ)
        - MODIFY: Allow specify `txn_manager_class` parameter for Teng (thanks GeJ)

0.21 2014-02-14T02:59:46Z
        - ADD:: Implemented new_row_from_hash which just creates new Teng::Row instance with column data. (thanks karupanerura)
        - MODIFY: Fixed around multiple primary key. (thanks Songmu)

0.20 2013-08-21T07:39:25Z
        - Re-release for override UNAUTHORIZED flag (same as 0.19)

0.19 2013-07-26T07:23:44Z
        - ADD: Implemented set and get methods which always inflate/deflate values to Teng::Row.
        - ADD: Implemented is_changed method to Teng::Row, which is useful for determining to update actually (thanks kazeburo).
        - MODIFY: Refactored Teng::Row and defined behavior of some methods specifically.

        - FIXED: Strict argument validation for Teng::Plugin::Count. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - FIXED: [BUG FIX]Throw exception if the table has no primary keys. (thanks s2)

        - ADD: Teng::Plugin::SQLPager. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - FIXED: reconnect bug. (thanks nihen)
        - FIXED: fixed pod nesting level. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: Teng#_execute is promoted to the public method. (thanks karupanerura)
        - MODIFY: _execute method the caller. and added $SQL_COMMENT. (thanks karupanerura)
        - MODIFY: Pull up _insert to public api. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: Rename `_update` to `do_update`. Since some user want to hook _update method. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: Do not fail test case when loader.db did not remove cleanly. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: adde 'use strict' and 'use warnings' for dumped schema. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: Teng#single should be return scalar value. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: dump with specify base_row_class. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - MODIFY: Limit the dumper max depth in exception stack trace. (thanks tokuhirom)
        - DEPRECATED: mode option. use no_ping instead. (thanks nihen)

        - DEPRECATED: SingleBySQL plugin, move to Teng core. (thansk nihen)
        - FIXED: AUTOLOAD row column method's uncached bug. (thaks yappo)
        - FIXED: Teng::Schema::Loader document. (thanks ktat)
        - FIXED: improve checking variable in _execute: not only check ref but check array ref. (thanks ktat)
        - MODIFY: row column method accept setter values. (thaks yappo)
        - MODIFY: rename Row class method _lazy_get_data to generate_column_accessor. (thaks yappo)
        - ADD: single_named method (thanks nihen)

        - stop mode:fixup support. (thanks nihen)
        - refactoring load_plugin. (thanks ktat)
        - fixed some document. (thanks issm, bokutin, ktat)
        - pass hash ref as option to plugin init method. (thaks ktat)

        - FIXED: plugin global export bug. (tahnks takuji31)
        - FIXED: set_column(s) un deflate bug. (thanks tsucchi)
        - add 'dump' parameter for Dumper->dump. (thanks zentooo)
        - lookup method allow $where as arrayre. (thanks nihen)
        - add db connection check mode. ex)ping (thanks nihen)
        - quote identifier cache. and some performance tuning. (thanks nihen)
        - support FetchHashKeyName. (thanks tsucchi)

        - support '+columns' for single, search, lookup and search_with_pager. (thanks nihen)
        - changed calling way of sql_builder in Teng::Plugin::Count. (thanks makamaka)
        - sort lookup keys, because anytime make same SQL. (thanks nihen)
        - FIXED: fail at reconnect twice. (thanks nihen)
        - FIXED: Lookup Plugin fail at multiple key. (thanks nihen)

        - bsd tar sucks! use gnu tar for packaging.

        - Schema::Loader auto create teng class.

        - [IMPORTANT] bulk_insert include core feature. do not use Plugin::BulkInsert.
        - add Plugin::Lookup.
        - fixed fork safe connection. (thanks nihen)
        - support auto reconnect dbh. (thanks nihen)
        - can specific column for single or search method.
        - support bulk_insert for postgresql 8.2.0 over. (thanks makamaka)
        - support bind_param. (thanks makamaka)
        - add Plugin::SingleBySQL. (thanks nihen)

        - fixed deflate bug. (thanks kentaro)

        - fixed inflate bug. (thanks kentaro)
        - fixed DBD::SQLite test case. (thanks charsbar)
        - tuning single method.

        - fixed some documents.(thanks hiratara)

        - following SQL::Maker 0.14.

        - Add has_deflators()/has_inflators on Schema::Table (lestrrat)

        - There was a critical bug when disconnect() (or reconnect())
          was used while transaction operations were performed. Also, this
          very likely affects long-running processes that use transactions
          as well. If you use transactions at all, upgrade is strongly
          recommended (lestrrat)
        - Fixed Plugin::BulkInsert to work with mysql (Yappo)

        - fixed can't guess tablename by quote_char. (thanks hatyuki)
        - fixed Schema::Loader (in|de)flate settings. (thanks yibe)
        - fixed Row#update bind value's bug by pk.(thanks libkenta)

        - Create better diagnostics for transactions guards that were not
          properly dismissed
        - Depend on DBIx::TransactionManager 1.06
        - adjustment inflate
        - change setters to add_* and remove getters for Teng::Schema::Table
        - fixed docs.
        - fixed Loader's sort bug.
        - refetch row after insert.

        - add query comment at execute point.
        - fixed dbh deep recursion by reconnect (thanks cho45)

        - fixed documents.
        - fixed Teng::Plugin::Pager::Page->entries_on_this_page(reported by yibe++)
        - few refactoring.

        - fixed Makefile.PL
        - fixed error ocurred in a middle of a transaction.

        - more docs.
        - fixed on_connect_do's bug.

        - more docs. and fixed POD. no code change.

        - forked from DBIx::Skinny.