Revision history for Perl extension Class::Classless
                                        Time-stamp: "2004-12-29 20:13:07 AST"

2004-12-29  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.35 -- just rebundling.  No code changes.
2000-10-17  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.34 -- just a buxfig version:
	* $ROOT's VERSION attribute was not present, but documentation
	said it was '0.00'.  Now is '0.00', as documented.
	* $object->VERSION(whatever) wasn't documented, and didn't
	return the version on success.  Fixed on both accounts.
2000-08-21  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.33 -- supports memoization (caching) of each object's
	* Minor doc changes.
	* Dispatcher now uses "magic goto" to pass off to sub methods.
	I think that should make for proper @_-aliasing and context
	* Fixed obscure bug in 'pretty' (used by the EXAMINE method) that
	would mistake some "0"-initial numerals for real decimal numbers.
2000-05-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.22 -- just noting my new email address.

1999-09-22  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.21 -- second release version
	* Added support for 'constant methods' (and magic dereferencing)
	* Added $callstate->no_fail, set_no_fail_true, set_fail_false,
	   and set_fail_undef
	* Added $callstate->via_next
	* Added support for $callstate->NEXT with no (explicit) method name
	* IMPORTANT CHANGE!!  The 'can' method now returns simply either
	   true or false, instead of returning the coderef for
	* Added 'howcan' method
	* Documentation, yet more documentation, always more documentation.
	* Added more tests to

1999-05-31  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.25 -- first release version.