Revision history for Perl extension Weather::Com.
$Revision: 1.3 $

0.5.5 Wed Feb 25 10:30 2009
	- after test, official release

0.5.4 Tue Feb 24 15:00 2009
    - FIXED BUG #35681, #35919: Module broken due to API change.

0.5.3 Thu Nov 22 20:00 2007
    - FIXED BUG #30869: Cannot install via CPAN shell

0.5.2 Mon Jul 09 21:39 2007
    - FIXED BUG #26126: Timeout did not work due to typo
    - FIXED BUG #25154: (test within OOInterface.t failed)
    - FIXED BUG #25151: Installing Weather-Com install 0.1
    - FIXED BUG: test for network connection failed due to more New Yorks... 

0.5.1 Fri May 26 14:41 2006
    - added French language pack
    - fixed bug: air pressure tendency was not translated

0.5 Thu Dec 29 00:11 2005
    - now we have dynamic language support

0.4.1 Fri Apr 29 11:30 2005
    - re-release of 0.4 because 0.4 version uploaded to CPAN was broken
    - rewrote parts of README in terms of localization

0.4 Sun Apr 24 16:00 2005
    - moved to 'Locale::Maketext' for L10N
    - reworked all tests, now using Test::MockObject to be able to run
      all tests even without a network connection
    - developed a bunch of new tests
    - fixed some minor bugs

0.4_pre2 Tue Apr 14 23:50 2005
    - reworked the locations cache mechnism to make it case insensitive
    - reworked the locations cache to use not only the search string as
      key but also the name of each location found
      (see CHANGES section of Weather::Com::Cached POD for details)
    - reworked locations search (see Weather::Com::Cached POD for details)

0.4_pre1 Sat Apr 09 15:30 2005
    - introducing I18n package to translate weather conditions, uv indices,
      moon phases and directions (North, South, etc.) into:
        * English
        * German
    - fixed bug: AirPressure->tendency() did never return a valid value
0.3.1 Tue Mar 01 00:30 2005
    - Fixed Bug [11720]: The new Weather::Com::DateTime objects seemed to work 
      properly only in Germany (home of author)?!?! 
      Some localtime/gmtime/Time::Format problems.
      This is fixed now. Weather::Com::DateTime has been totally rewritten.

0.3 Do Feb 26 16:16:00 2005
    - Introducing forecasts. There are the following new classes:
       - Weather::Com::Forecast
       - Weather::Com::DayForecast
       - Weather::Com::DayPart
    - Now, moon phase information is also available with current conditions   
       - Weather::Com::Moon
    - Any date or time in main OO interface is now a Weather::Com::DateTime
    - Weather::Com now requires Time::Format
    - Fixed Bug [11448]: Weather::Com::Wind->maximum_gust() did not return 
      any valid data
    - Introducing locations cache (build into Weather::Com::Cached)
       => we'll only search for location codes on the web, if we didn't have
          done so before and therefore already have them in our cachefile
    - Optimized caching for high level OO interface
       => significant speed improvements 
0.2 Do Feb 03 23:08:00 2005
    - New default high level OO interface:
         - Weather::Com::Finder
         - Weather::Com::Location
         - Weather::Com::CurrentConditions
         - coming soon: Weather::Com::Forecast (up to 10 days)
    - Added a short tutorial and starting point as Weather::Com.pod
    - Changed package structure due to namespace issues. Weather::Com will
      become Weather::Com::Base, the other's will be called:
         - Weather::Com::Cached
         - Weather::Com::Simple
      So we'll get some structure in it. This will be usefull if one wants
      to write some other caching package, we than can tell it 
      Weather::Com::Cached::MySQL for example, etc.
    - added automated version information (using the CVS $Revision: 1.3 $ tag)
      to all packages
    - added consistency checking for paramters passed to Weather::Com
    - Weather::Com now only accepts paths to put the cache in if it is
      writable to the user that runs the programm
    - changed caching so we now hold one cache file for metric and one for
      US system data for each location (only the ones used, if you're only 
      asking for metric data, you'll never get a us cache files and vice versa)
    - Added Proxy Authentication capabilities so you can use these module for
      applications behind an authenticated http proxy, also.
	- enhanced Weather::Com::Simple with some methods to more granular data

0.1   Sa Aug 21 22:00:00 2004
	- original version