- Updated dependencies to Mojolicious 9.0 (because the tls_verify
  parameter was replaced by a more general tls_options).

- Reduced the SSL session cache to 64 in attempt to fix a memory leak
  but which I was unable to do: the solution I'm using right now is to
  use memory parameters in the systemd service definition.

- Fixed colour links in /changes within wiki spaces.

- Fixed output of /robots.txt.

- contrib/oddmuse.pl: New, in case you want to serve an Oddmuse wiki
  from Phoebe (like I do); working on support to translate Oddmuse
  namespaces to wiki spaces transparently.

- contrib/gopher.pl: New, in case you want to serve your Phoebe wiki
  via Gopher; this does not work with contrib/oddmuse.pl – if you want
  to serve your Oddmuse wiki via Gopher, use the gopher-server.pl
  which is part of Oddmuse.

- contrib/speed-bump.pl: Improved detection of non-human behaviour;
  added client finger print requirements for admin views, debug view,
  and status view; save stats every half hour; load them on startup;
  add network range blocking.

- contrib/wikipedia.pl: There are constellations where the spanning
  table code goes nuts and throws a gazillion warnings. I still
  haven't fixed this, so for the time being, tables are simple no
  longer handled.

- contrib/heap-dump.pl: New, in case you need to debug heap dumps of
  the Phoebe process.


- Fixed serving of robots.txt in a virtual hosting environment;
  ignoring query and fragment when deciding whether to serve the
  default robots.txt.

- phoebe-ctl can export HTML.


- Handle international domain names: when you provide them with the
  --host option, the address lookup happens using their punycode
  representation, and URIs containing these punycode representations
  of the international domain name are served correctly.

- Improvements to the gemini script (the simple command line client):
  knows how to stream; decodes text appropriately; has a --verbose
  flag; takes client certificates.

- Add all the extensions from the Phoebe wiki as config files for your
  conf.d directory.

- Add a gemini-chat script to work with the chat.pl config file.

- Man pages look more like man pages.

- Fixed a bug in printing the source code.

- Fixed several instances of streams not being closed correctly,
  leading to timeouts for clients that kept waiting for the end of

- Fixed the bug that config was running before the config files in
  conf.d, making it impossible to overwrite our variables.

- Changed some functions to no longer take a $stream argument.


- This is a .00 release. I expect things to break. That said, I run my
  sites with it. :)

- Change the framework underneath, from Net::Server to Mojo::IOLoop;
  this is a breaking change and you should carefully review the way
  your extensions are written!

- Phoebe no longer uses STDIN and STDOUT to serve requests but a
  Mojo::IOLoop::Stream object. Phoebe is no longer a class so the
  $self parameter of many calls either fell away or got replaced with
  a $stream object to which you $stream->write.

- Phoebe lost many options and capabilities for daemonisation. Using
  systemd is now the recommended way to run Phoebe (using a
  traditional setup is still possible, but there are no longer any
  options to set a PID file, to background the process, and so on).

- The huge config file of mine I mined for code examples got split
  into smaller files, and where you previously had one big config file
  you can now also have a conf.d/ directory with even more config
  files. All the files in the contrib/ directory of this distribution
  are lifted straight from my setup.


- Add conf.d directory next to the config file for easier code sharing