2012-01-26  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.26

	* MooseTS: disabled in --plugins=ALL
	  - This benchmark idea turned out to not work as
	    expected. Disable it for easier living.

	* RegexpCommonTS: no more in with prove -Q (quiet) mode as under
	  circumstances with 5.9.x quirks that's not available. It makes
	  the benchmark slightly slower.

	* dependency to Getopt::Long 2.38 in the hope to fix 5.8.8
	  errors "Invalid linkage options".

2012-01-04  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.25

	* fix SpamAssassin plugin (set used Bayes plugin explicitely)

2011-11-22  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.24

	* modify variation in exe names for codespeed: now only perl-5.15
	  in contrast to perl-5.15.5, but additionally name threads and

2011-08-13  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.23

	* Codespeed support
	- it can generate additional data blocks in TAP that
	  already fit the structure needed by Codespeed

2010-08-04  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.22

	* Big Rescale
	- The --fastmode is now slower but actually returning useful
	  values for experimenting speed improvements or configurations.
	  This probably makes it the preferred mode for everyday users.
	- The normal mode (targeted to compare real strong machines)
	  now takes less time on some crazy workloads that went mental
	  even for big machines.

	* some more tests

2010-07-30  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.21

	* Maintenance release
	- fixed missing PLUGIN_VERSION in output
	- fix missing plugin titles
	- document --plugins=ALL
	- drop dependency to Test::Aggregate::Nested (orphaned experiment)

	* introduced an "Incubator" plugin as an experimental,
	non-official playing field

2010-07-27  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.20

	* default set of plugins now "mostly harmless", ie., which
	  should work with same dependencies as Perl::Formance itself:
	- Fib FibOO, Mem, Prime, Rx, fasta, regexdna, binarytrees,
	  revcomp, nbody, spectralnorm
	- additionaly a new --plugins=ALL option which runs all known

	* all plugins now have their own version numbers

	* RxCmp plugin: new re::engine::RE2

	* Mem plugin: now implemented something

	* Threads plugin:
	- less inner thread overhead
	- divides Threads + ThreadsShared

	* PerlCritic plugin: runs Perl::Critic on itself, using a bundled
          snapshot or the installed CPAN version, both on the snapshot

	* Bugfixes and maintenance
	- forgotten tmpdir cleanups
	- code cleanup for Perl::Critic
	- try hiding bundled code from PAUSE indexer
	- Perl 5.8'ify by using "our"
	- dropped useless exports

	* new option --version
	- in combination with -v prints all plugin versions

	* Stabilize OS run environment (mostly Linux)
	- disk sync
	- flush caches
	- disable Core Performance Boost
	- disable Adress Space Layout Randomization
	- These features will need "root" to have an effect

	* Now every plugin is forked before running.

	* No more all plugin loading at once; as that used to influence
	  the runtime of plugins depending on what else was loaded.

2010-07-13  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.12

	* Adapt to changed DPath API v0.40

2010-07-10  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.11

	* Imroved --outstyle=summary output

2010-07-09  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.10

	* introduce output style option
	which now defaults to "summary" to ease interactive use.

2010-07-07  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.09

	* new benchmark to stress MooseX::Declare method calls

	* provide Devel::Platform::Info with cmdline option -p

	* allow generic defines vie -Dkey=value
	- usually to configure plugins

	* refactored use of env variables, now all set via cmdline

	* now requires Perl 5.8

2010-05-11  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.08

	* new benchmark around running Perl6 STD.pm / gimme5 / viv

	* new benchmark using DPath to stress lookup, traversing and
	copying data structures

	* scaled down too aggressive Shootdown benchmarks: 
	- knucleotide
	- binarytrees
	- nbody

2010-04-16  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.07

	* Bummer! ::Cargo is required.

2010-04-14  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.06

	* Bummer! "More robustness" in 0.05 must have sounded like an
	euphemism for "now crashing reliably". Fix tests by using the
	Data::YAML::Reader which is the sister of the YAML generating
	module Data::YAML::Writer. Other YAML modules occasionally break.

2010-04-12  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.05

	* search executables like sa-learn or prove only besides $^X

	* more yaml robustness tries as they all crash in a different
	way on strange platforms; do some some eval-style try/catch
	en passant...

2010-04-12  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.04

	* sub-plugins (like Shootout/*.pm) now get same place in result
	hash regardless of beeing started as part of bundle, i.e via
	--plugins=Shootout or directly via --plugins=Shootout::foo. This
	makes evaluation easier.

	* most dependencies now only "recommends" but take care cou
	install them anyway, eg. via PERL_AUTOINSTALL=--defaultdeps

	* output overall runtime

	* distro maintenance: meta info, test cleanup, verbose debug

2010-04-03  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.03

	* doc fixes

	* add re::engine::Plan9 to benchmark of regex engines

2010-04-01  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.02

	* YAML improvements for easier embedding into TAP
	- verbose text now looks like TAP # diagnostics
	- new commandline --tapdescription="some description" to generate
	  a leading "ok some description" line before the YAML

	* took out some benchmarks from default plugin list that
	occasionally segfaulted

2008-08-12  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@renormalist.net>

	* 0.01

	* Initial version