Mon Jan 11 00:06:08 1999  Brian Warner  <>

	* Makefile.PL: release version 0.2

Sun Jan 10 23:12:23 1999  Brian Warner  <>

	* everything: rename from iButton to Hardware::iButton. Move and to a lib directory. Change and
	all examples to use the new names.

	* examples/ remove a clist_set_policy call that
	went away in gtk-1.1
1998-08-14  Brian Warner  <>

	* examples/ (inspect): added basic inspectors: NVRAM 
	display, temperature conversion

	remove a single quote in the POD docs that messed up fontification

1998-08-14  Brian Warner  <>

	* tool to futz with serial port

1998-08-08  Brian Warner  <>

	* examples/ use Gtk->main_quit instead of Gtk->exit to
	let the object DESTROY methods run (so stty settings can get restored).
	Add real iButton::Connection calls instead of faking button data. Add
	lots of notes to myself at the end about gtk objects and callbacks.

	* examples/ convert C to F differently

	* iButton/ (read_temperature): change f/c conversion tip

	* iButton/ add framework for doing stty/restore stuff

1998-07-27  Brian Warner  <>

	* Makefile.PL: released version 0.01

1998-07-25  Brian Warner  <>

	* created by h2xs 1.18