Revision history for App-Framework

1.06    Thu Mar 22 08:05:0 2012
		Fix: removed use of "defined(@array)" to eliminate Perl "deprecated" error message

1.05    Mon Aug 30 14:47:00 2011
		Minor fixes
1.04    Mon Nov 16 13:45:00 2009
		Bug fix: Corrected config path environment definition (see #49649)
1.03    Tue Sep 15 13:45:00 2009
		Bug fix: corrected Sql test (mysql user setting)
		Bug fix: Removed unnecessary debug output from Object
1.02    Tue Jul 28 15:45:00 2009
		Bug fix: Corrected pre-requisite PM list created in Makefile.PL
		Bug fix: corrected Run test (required programs checking)
		Added wildcard args support (for Windows)
1.01    Wed Jul 22 15:45:00 2009
		Bug fix: Corrected Run feature status checking
		Updated Mail feature & added documentation
		Modified Sql test to stop failures on some systems

1.00    Mon Jul 20 15:45:00 2009
		Release after user testing
		Bug fix: Corrected Run feature timeout capability
		Updated Run feature testing
		Re-worked options/args/data so that their "variables" can be used in any of the other sections
		Added logging feature

0.95    Wed Jun 10 14:04:00 2009
		Bug fix: Corrected various test scripts for other OSs
		Updated Makefile.PL to allow user to fully install optional modules with their dependencies
		Updated some more POD

0.94    Wed Jun 03 14:04:00 2009
		Fixed Filter extension
		Bug fix: Args defaults was not checking properly
		Updated Makefile.PL to check website for later version
		Updated some more POD

0.93    Fri May 22 14:04:00 2009
		Optimised debug & verbose methods in Object (was slugging apps)
		Corrected Extension & Filter modules
		Updated some more POD

0.92    Tue May 18 12:30:00 2009
		Tweak to Makefile to correct removal of old installation

0.91    Tue May 18 08:07:00 2009
		MANIFEST corrections

0.90    Mon May 18 12:30:00 2009
		Major re-write to make the framework modular. Now has core/extensions/features
		NOTE: Application 'run' subroutine renamed to 'app'

0.07    Sat Mar 14 20:33:00 2009
        Bug fix: Corrected Sql initialisation (was claiming DBI not installed)
        Added: -man-dev option to display app developer man pages
        Added: allow 'dev:' prefix to make option only show in developer man pages
        Added: Sql support for 'group by'

0.06    Thu Mar 05 15:09:00 2009
        Updated script pod. Modified so that scripts can be used without DBI. Corrected build fail when DBI not installed.

0.05    Wed Mar 04 13:29:00 2009
        Corrected MANIFEST problem that caused t/04-Args.t test to fail.

0.04    Wed Mar 04 08:07:00 2009
        Various bug fixes.

0.03    Tue Mar 03 15:55:56 2009
        Better testing, better documentation, various bug fixes.

0.02    Fri Feb 27 08:38:56 2009
        Fixed MANIFEST.SKIP (and MANIFEST).

0.01    Thu Feb 26 15:51:56 2009
        First version, testing distribution files are correct. This version has very limited testing.