April 16, 2002
	Original perl module released, based on my (also CPAN contributed)
	script "make_rpm.pl".  Works well on RedHat 6.* and RedHat 7.* and
	is compatible with both rpm version 3.* and rpm version 4.*.

May 16, 2002
	Fixing a bug in Make.pm to allow customization of the RPM group
	(such as Utilities/System or Applications/Editors).
	Minor improvements throughout the module.  Documenting
	subroutines more clearly.  Supporting multiple smaller steps in 
	test.pl.  Support handling of different architectures other than

June 17, 2002
	Fixing several bugs:  no more duplication of $group variable name;
	no more hardcoding of RPM release number; accommodating rpm
	version >4.0.2 command-line syntax; fixing pre example in
	POD synopsis.  The 'clean' target now cleans up rpms made during
	testing as well as TempBuildLoc.

June 30, 2002
	Changing e-mail address to sharrison@users.sourceforge.net.
	Testing for rpm command in Makefile.PL so as to test successfully
	against multiple architectures.

July 3, 2002
	Fine-tuning the documentation.

September 11, 2002
	Supporting dashes inside RPM name (previously, only alphanumeric
	characters were supported).

October 2, 2002
	POD fix (incorporating an =back statement to correspond with
	the =over statements).  Making backwards compatible with GNU
	find 4.1.6 or earlier by replacing -prune argument with
	-maxdepth 0 argument.

December 18, 2002
	Now accommodating >4.1 command-line syntax (requires the rpmbuild
	command).  Also, more expansive character set, such as with '++'
	(which was being eaten up by regular expressions).