Revision history for Data-Unixish

1.32    2013-04-18 (SHARYANTO)

        No functional changes. A couple of fixes for Data::Unixish::List and
        reenable t/wrap.t.

1.31    2013-04-14 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux function: yes (test output streaming, App::dux 1.32+).

1.30    2013-04-12 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux function: wc.

1.29    2013-04-11 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add Data::Unixish::List to simplify using dux function in Perl for

        - Replace Perl examples with the ones using Data::Unixish::List.

        - Add dux function: avg.

        - wrap: Add 'mb' and 'ansi' options.

1.28    2013-04-10 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux function: num.

1.27    2013-04-10 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux functions: trunc, rpad, lpad, centerpad.

1.26    2013-04-05 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux functions: uc, lc, ucfirst, lcfirst, bool, sprintf, sprintfn.

1.25    2013-03-10 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux functions: wrap, ltrim, rtrim, trim.

1.24    2012-09-06 (SHARYANTO)

        - pick: Change inserting to random element from using push + switch to
          using splice.

        - Add examples in Synopsis for each function.

1.23    2012-08-07 (SHARYANTO)

        No functional changes. Split bin/dux to its own dist App-dux to avoid
        circular dependency problem (dfpc -> dux -> pericmd -> dfpc), reported
        by Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker.

1.22    2012-07-27 (SHARYANTO)

        No functional changes. Bump version number. 1.21.1 = 1.021000 < 1.20.

1.21.1  2012-07-27 (SHARYANTO)

        No functional changes. Replace dep feature::each_on_array with
        Syntax::Feature::EachOnArray (module renamed).

1.21.0  2012-07-27 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add dux functions: pick, rev, shuf.

        - Use feature::each_on_array to make the modules work in Perl < 5.12.

1.20    2012-07-21 (SHARYANTO)

        No functional changes. Rename distribution from
        Data-Unixish-Implementation to Data-Unixish, since the specification is
        now renamed to Unixish. Bump version number to work around PAUSE

0.03    2012-07-18 (SHARYANTO)


        - Add 'dux --version'

        - Add dux functions: sum, cat (for testing), date (preliminary, naive

        - Add tests

0.02    2012-07-16 (SHARYANTO)


        - use Tie::Diamond so that STDIN is really processed as stream.

        - Add Data::Unixish::Apply to apply one or more functions to Perl data.

        - New dux functions: sort (currently supporting -n, -i, -c)

        - By default setting env LOG=0 to speedup startup. Run with LOG=1 to
          enable logging.

        [BUG FIXES]

        - dzil: Add missing dep [CT]

        - 'dux FUNC --help' didn't work.

0.01    2012-07-13 (SHARYANTO)

        First version.