Revision history for Org-Parser

0.03    2011-03-18


        Parse text markups (bold, italic, etc).

        bin/dump-org-structure outputs nicer format.


        Todo keyword can also be separated from title with \W (not just \s),
        e.g. '* TODO/quit smoking'.

0.02    2011-03-17


        Refactoring: parser now returns Org::Document instance, which contains
        Org::Element instances. handler sub parameter changed.


        Parse tables.

        Headline titles can now contain inline elements (normal text as well as
        other elements, such as timestamps, etc).

        Add another example script: dump-org-structure.

        Recognize blocks: HTML, LATEX, ASCII.


        Setting/block/drawer/property names are case-insensitive.

0.01    2011-03-16

        First release.