Revision history for Org-Parser

0.13    2011-06-06

        No functional changes for the parser.


        - Spin off 'remind-due-todos' script into App::ListOrgHeadlines.

0.12    2011-05-25


        - Compliance: Parse .+/++ repeater forms and warning period in timestamp
          [thanks Louis B. Moore]

        [BUG FIXES]

        - Fix regex for parsing table [RT#68442, thanks Slaven Rezic]


        - Use utf8 in dump-org-structure script.

0.11    2011-05-23


        - Compliance: blocks can be indented.

        - Compliance: some settings can be indented.

        - Parse short example (one-line literal example with colon+space prefix
          syntax). See Org::Element::ShortExample.

0.10    2011-04-21


        - Fixes to POD documentation.

        - More specific regex for tag.


        - Update (some questions cleared up by Carsten Dominik)

0.09    2011-03-31


        - Fix SYNOPSIS, use a slightly more complex Org document example.

0.08    2011-03-23


        - Update bin/remind-due-todos.

0.07    2011-03-23


        - Org::Element::Base: add find(), walk_parents(), headline()

        - Org::Element::Headline: add get_tags()


        - Link description can contain markups.

0.06    2011-03-23


        - Some regex fixes.

0.05    2011-03-23


        - Org::Element::TimeRange: datetime1 & datetime2 attributes removed,
          replaced with ts1 & ts2 (timestamp elements).


        - Parses event duration and repeater interval in timestamps.

0.04    2011-03-22

        This release is a major refactoring from the previous one.


        - Org::Parser: handler() removed, use Org::Document's walk() instead.

        - Refactoring: some classes removed/merged, some added.


        - Dual-pass parsing for more correct behaviour.

        - Parse link, plain list (including ordered/unordered/description list),
          target, radio target, comment, footnote.

        - Add a couple of utility methods in Element::Base: seniority(),
          prev_sibling(), next_sibling(), walk(), get_property().


        - Project todo list now in distribution's

0.03    2011-03-18


        Parse text markups (bold, italic, etc).

        bin/dump-org-structure outputs nicer format.


        Todo keyword can also be separated from title with \W (not just \s),
        e.g. '* TODO/quit smoking'.

0.02    2011-03-17


        Refactoring: parser now returns Org::Document instance, which contains
        Org::Element instances. handler sub parameter changed.


        Parse tables.

        Headline titles can now contain inline elements (normal text as well as
        other elements, such as timestamps, etc).

        Add another example script: dump-org-structure.

        Recognize blocks: HTML, LATEX, ASCII.


        Setting/block/drawer/property names are case-insensitive.

0.01    2011-03-16

        First release.