Revision history for Perinci

0.07     2012-03-02


         + InProcess: Drop support for URI syntax "Mod::SubMod". Now a die
           message is shown instead. This is to avoid possible confusion with
           user assuming that "Mod::SubMod::function" syntax is also supported
           (it's not).


         + InProcess: Return 'entity_version' in 'info' action, currently only
           for package entities, to make it easier to get Perl module version.
           (Note: This is an extension of Rinci standard.)

0.06     2012-03-01


         + Access: Add _normalize_uri()

         + package: Set 'pkg_version' property value from $VERSION


         + Don't wrap non-functions

0.05     2012-02-23


         + InProcess: Under load=1 (the default), even when loading module
           failed, continue anyway to access the package. This makes it
           unnecessary in most cases to create a custom object with load=0.

0.04     2012-02-23


         + Access: "URI" in the form of X::Y is now assumed to be a Perl package
           name instead of qualified function name (dwimminess).

0.03     2012-02-23

         [BUG FIXES]

         + Metadata from wrapper was not used, so schemas in metadata not

0.02     2012-02-22

         + Implement Perinci::Access and Perinci::Access::InProcess.

         + Follow Riap 1.1.7.

0.01     2012-02-12

         First release, mainly for Perinci::Util. The other parts are not yet