Revision history for Perl distribution libnet

3.05 2015-01-12

    - Fixed infinite loop in Net::SMTP::auth().  [CPAN RT#100235]

3.04 2014-11-29

    - SNI is now only used for SSL connections if it is supported by
      IO::Socket::SSL (i.e. OpenSSL version >= 1).  (The previous release
      switched to using SNI by default, which caused some CPAN Testers
      failures.)  [Steffen Ullrich, PR#10]

3.03 2014-11-28

    - Remodelled SSL support in Net::NNTP in the manner of Net::POP3 and
      Net::SMTP.  [Steffen Ullrich, PR#9]

    - Increased minimum requred IO::Socket::SSL version from 1.999 to 2.007 to
      fix data connection problems in Net::FTP.  [Steffen Ullrich, CPAN

    - Fixed a broken port() call in pasv_xfer()/pasv_xfer_unique() in Net::FTP.
      [Mario Preksavec, PR#8]

    - Increased minimum required Socket version from 1.3 to 2.016.  This may be
      required when those modules that can support IPv6 load IO::Socket::IP (on
      some OSes, at least).  It does not appear to be necessary if they load
      IO::Socket::INET6 or IO::Socket::INET instead, but this is not easy for
      the end-user to control so it is simpler to always insist on Socket 2.016
      or higher.  [CPAN RT#100020]

    - Fixed "Argument ... isn't numeric in subroutine entry" warnings when using
      older versions of Perl.  [CPAN RT#100020]

    - Added optional Changes testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Reformatted Changes file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.

3.02 2014-10-10

    - Don't run interactive prompt() in Makefile.PL when in PERL_CORE.

    - Fix $smtp->auth($sasl) to try the AUTH mechanism (if present) in the
      Authen::SASL object before falling back on other mechanisms.  [CPAN

3.01 2014-10-09

    - Require IO::Socket::SSL >= 1.999 to protect against a bad version (0.30)
      of IO::Socket::IP and hopefully fix another bunch of CPAN Testers

3.00 2014-10-09

    - Skip Perl Critic, Pod and Pod Coverage tests unless AUTHOR_TESTING.  [CPAN

    - Synchronize all $VERSIONs to the distribution's version number, bumping
      that to 3.00 so that no $VERSIONs end up going backwards.

1.30 2014-10-08

    - Sigh. Fix PAUSE indexing problem again. Net::SMTP::SSL is already used by

1.29 2014-10-08

    - Fix PAUSE indexing problem. Net::POP3::_SSLified and Net::SMTP::_SSLified
      are already used by Net-SSLGlue.

1.28 2014-10-08

    - Improve code()/message() initialization and error handling in Net::Cmd.
      [Tom Metro, CPAN RT#14875]

    - Don't use the ALLO command on FTP servers that don't support it.  [CPAN

    - Stop Makefile.PL from requiring interactive configuration when running via
      cpan, cpanp or cpanm: just accept all defaults in these cases, as when
      running non-interactively.  [CPAN RT#48966]

    - Add optional POD coverage testing.

    - Add optional POD testing.

    - Add optional Perl::Critic testing.

    - Make code Perl::Critic clean.

    - Move Net/*.pm into lib/Net/ sub-directory within distribution.  This is
      the usual layout style these days.

    - Change Net::SMTP::auth() so that it now falls back to another supported
      AUTH method if a given AUTH method fails.  [Ivan Baktsheev, PR#3]

    - Change Net::SMTP::auth() so that it uses the SMTP AUTH mechanism(s)
      specified in the Authen::SASL object if one is provided instead of a
      username.   If a plain text username is specified then use the first
      reported SMTP AUTH method supported, as usual.  [Ewen McNeill, CPAN

    - Add support for IPv6 and SSL to Net::FTP, Net::NNTP, Net::POP3 and
      Net::SMTP.  These features are only available if the user has:

      * a recent IO::Socket::SSL for SSL support;

      * a recent IO::Socket::IP or an older IO::Socket::INET6 for IPv6 support.

      If no SSL module is available it will work as before, but attempts to use
      the SSL functionality will result in an error message.  If no IPv6 modules
      are available it will just use IPv4 as before.  With IPv6 modules
      installed one can of course still access IPv4 hosts.  [Steffen Ullrich,
      CPAN RT#93823]

1.27 2014-05-30

    - Simplified Makefile.PL requirements.

1.26 2014-05-30

    - Set minimum required ExtUtils::MakeMaker version to 6.64 to ensure that
      all parameters used are supported, to save jumping through hoops to
      support earlier versions.  (This should not be a problem since
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.64 is easily installed into Perl 5.8.1 and above,
      that being the whole point of the new choice of minimum supported Perl

    - Set minimum required Perl version to 5.8.1.  This is in line with the
      minimum requirement of the "Perl Toolchain".

1.25 2014-02-04

    - Fix Net::FTP::pasv_wait() not handling errors from Net::Cmd::reponse().
      [, CPAN RT#50420]

    - Make inheritance from Net::Cmd clearer in the documentation.  [CPAN

    - Set timeout for data connection creation in Net::FTP.  [Oleg G, CPAN

    - Stop Net::Domain::domainname() from giving out warnings in Android.
      [Brian Fraser]

1.24 2014-01-06

    - Fix incorrect handling of CRLF in Net::FTP.  [Willem Monsuwé, CPAN

    - POD fixes.  [Dominic Hargreaves, CPAN RT#91761]

1.23 2013-08-12

    - Typo fixes.  [David Steinbrunner, CPAN RT#87681]

1.22_02 2013-08-08

    - Make Net::FTP::dataconn::close() more robust.  [Together with changes to
      Net::FTP already made in 1.22_01, this resolves CPAN RT#37700.]

    - Document scalar/list context return values from Net::Cmd::message().

    - Fix broken URL.  [CPAN RT#68749]

    - Fix documentation typo in Net::Netrc.

    - Fix broken POD in Net::POP3.

    - Improve Net::SMTP documentation of new(), auth() and message().  [CPAN

    - Add proper skips to skipped tests in ftp.t.

    - Import hostname.t fix from Perl core commit #adeb94125a.

    - Add time.t, imported from Perl core commit #c85707204c.

    - Add new maintainer information, with updated CPAN and GitHub links.

1.22_01 2010-05-31 09:40:25-05:00

    - Do not create/pass a remote name if one is not given to put_unique.

    - Add ->passive() method to switch between PORT/PASV connections.

    - Accept - in command parsed from SMTP HELO response.

    - Allow group to set to a group named "0".

    - Set $@ when ->new() returns undef.

    - Add support for LocalAddr to be passed to ->new().

    - Document that timeout is in seconds.

    - Fix leading . encoding in datasend().

    - Make ->supported() check ->feature().

    - Allow words other than FILE to prefix the unique name returned in info
      message from stou.

    - Send ALLO command just before the store command.

    - Avoid warnings when server do not prefix messages with codes.

    - Use uppercase characters for xtext encoding.

    - Catch timeout condition while doing an abort.

    - Ensure REST is sent directly before command being restarted.

    - Fix URL.  [Leon Brocard, CPAN RT#49920]

    - Avoid long hang on Mac OS X when hostname is *.local by not calling
      gethostbyname().  [Father Chrysostomos]

    - Avoid infinite recursion in rmdir().

    - Allow finding _netrc on machines that do not support .netrc.  [Ben Bimber]

1.22 2007-08-26 07:13:18-05:00

[Bug Fixes]

    - Fix a bug in Net::Cmd that is_utf8() does not exist prior to Perl 5.8.1.

1.21 2007-05-19 08:53:09-05:00

[Bug Fixes]

    - Fix bug causing utf8 encoding of 8-bit strings in Net::Cmd.

    - Fix precedence issue in Net::NNTP.  [Brendan O'Dea]

    - Fixed bug causing removal of last character on the line when doing ASCII
      FTP transfers.


    - Add support for ENVID and AUTH to Net::SMTP.  [Mark Martinec]

    - Changed default for FTP transfers to be passive.

    - Added support for FTP FEAT command.

1.20 2007-02-02 19:42:51-06:00

[Bug Fixes]

    - Fixed incorrect handling of CRLF that straddled two blocks.

    - Fix bug in response() which was too liberal in what it thought was a
      response line.

    - Silence uninitialized value warnings in Net::Cmd during testing on Win32.

    - Documentation typos and updates.


    - Added support for ORCPT into Net::SMTP.

    - Support for servers that expect the USER command in upper or lower case.
      Try USER first then try user if that fails.

1.19 2004-06-30 14:53:48+01:00

[Bug Fixes]

    - Fixed datasend() test to work on Win32 platform.

    - Fixed Authen::SASL checking in Net::SMTP and Net::POP3.

    - Fixed bug that a restarted get with Net::FTP did not append to local file.

1.18 2004-03-22 16:19:01Z

[Bug Fixes]

    - Fixed bug in CRLF translation in Net::Cmd datasend()/dataend() methods.

    - Fixed bug in converting numbers returned by PASV command into a packed IP

    - Fixed bug that caused Net::FTP->get() to truncate the local file after the
      restart method had been called.

    - Fixed bug in Net::FTP->rmdir() when the server returned . and .. in the
      contents of a directory.

    - Fixed bug in Net::POP3 that was sending unnecessary RSETs.


    - Added support for POP3 CAPA command.

    - Added support for XVERP to Net::SMTP.

    - Added Net::POP3->banner() method to return the banner received from the
      server during connect.

    - Added Net::POP3->auth() method for performing authentication using SASL;
      requires Authen::SASL.

    - Added Host option to ->new() constructor of FTP, NNTP, SMTP and POP3,
      which can be used instead of passing the host as the first argument.

    - Added ->host() method to FTP, NNTP, SMTP and POP3 to return the host
      string used for the connect.  This is useful to determine which host was
      connected to when multiple hosts are specified.

    - Added support for more non-standard responses to Net::FTP->size().

    - Updated POD for Net::SMTP with respect to not passing a Hello parameter to
      the constructor.  [Jeff Macdonald]

ChangeLogs for releases prior to 1.18 may be found at: