0.8.5   2013-05-22
    - Remove lm-solve.spec.in and lm-solve.spec .
    - Remove Makefile.PL.
    - Add t/style-trailing-space.t .
        - Remove trailing space.
    - Update URLs and E-mail addresses.
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t and convert this file to CPAN::Changes format.

0.8.4   2009-06-28
    - Changed COPYING to read MIT/X11 instead of Public Domain.
    - Changed the license in Build.PL to "mit".
    - Updated Test::Run::Builder to include ACTION_tags.
    - Added use warnings to all lib/**/*.pm files.
    - Added some "requires" (built-in, but still.).
    - Added resources and keywords to the META.yml / Build.PL .

0.8.3   2007-08-27
    - Added the Changes file.
    - Added the jumping_cards.pl example under examples.
    - Added the MIT X11 license as the LICENSE file.
    - Added the t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t tests and added full
    POD coverage.
    - Converted to Build.PL in order to have a better META.yml
    and other advantages.
    - All changes are done to improve:
    - Mentioned the subversion repository in the README and the main
    POD file.
    - Added the common Module-Starter-like URLs for information under