Revision history for HTML-Latemp-GenMakeHelpers

0.2.0    Thu Dec 18 08:26:19 IST 2008
    - Changed the GNU make rules from "::" to ":".
    - Now filtering out the 'common' host directories from the directories
    buckets of the other hosts so GNU make won't warn about them.

0.1.9    Fri Mar 14 22:06:49 IST 2008
    - Removed a {{{ use lib "./lib"; }}} declaration from t/01-output-basic.t.
        - I don't know what it was doing there in the first place.
    - Added t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t (for better Kwalitee.)
        - made sure we have full POD coverage.
    - Added an example at examples/ (Kwalitee)
    - Changed the license declaration in Build.PL from "bsd" to "mit".
    - Added more modules to "requires" and "build_requires".

0.1.8    Thu Aug 17 20:46:55 IDT 2006
    - Added a system test.
    - Factored out many methods and created several classes. Functionality
    remained the same.
0.1.7    Thu Jul 13 12:56:07 IDT 2006
    - Made the wml commands use -o instead of a > $@ redirection. This way,
    an empty file won't be created if wml failed, which in turn will cause
    it to be re-compiled upon the next invocation of make.
    - Added support for the TTMLS target to generate TTML-processed files.
    - Fixed a bug where a parenthesis was missing.
    - Added a COMMON_DOCS target to generate WMLs out of common/.
0.1.5    2005-12-07
    - Added a Makefile.PL wrapper to the Build.PL build process (taken
    verbatim from
0.1.3    2005-04-20
    - Fixed a bug in which the directory X8X_DEST was not mkdir'ed.
0.1.2    2005-04-19
    - First version