Revision history for Perl extension Net::SeedServe.

0.2.3   2014-01-31
    - Add the Mercurial repository to the Build.PL (and META.yml).

0.2.2   2014-01-31
    - Add LICENSE file (CPANTS).
    - Add minimum version of perl to Build.PL.

0.2.1   2006-10-29
    - Added the Build.PL file (to have license meta-data, etc.) The Makefile.PL
    is now auto-generated from it.
    - Added the pod.t and pod-coverage.t test files and made sure
    there's full POD:
        - Some API methods were documented - others were converted to be
        internal (start with underscore).
    - Added the example in the examples/ directory.

0.2.0   2005-02-21
    - First released version.