Revision history for XML-Grammar-Fortune-Synd

0.02    Fri Oct  8 22:54:53 IST 2010
        - Add List::Util (which is core, but is still explicitly used) and
        XML::RSS version 1.46 to the dependencies.
        - Revamped lib/XML/Grammar/Fortune/ - the RSS feed is now generated
        side-by-side the Atom feed instead of converted from it. This makes sure that
        the RSS feed is now fixed and does not contain weird base-64 encoded data.
        However, the Atom feed is still broken, due to this bug in XML-Atom:
        - Test for the RSS correctness in t/01-run.t .
        - Add the script to tag release in the svn repository.

0.01    Wed Jul 30 14:06:14 IDT 2008
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
        - Can syndicate to valid RSS and non-valid Atom.
        - May require the XML-Feed customizations in: