Sort out problem with read-write feeds.
   Default to inplace overwriting of added and updated events.

   Allow Authorization token login (advice from various people)
   Use the HOSTED_OR_GOOGLE app type by default (ditto)

   Make when() work properly again, not sure what happened there
   Enable posting to non-default calendars
   Enable listing of all Calendars
   Allow reading of Calendar without logging in (as long as you have the magic cookie)

   Fix for changes in XML::Atom
   Fix for UTF8 receiving (Gosuke Miyashita)

v0.3 Thu 31 Aug 2006 21:01:29 BST
   Timezone support  (HarleyPig)
   Other calendar support (HarleyPig)
   UTF8 posting support (Yi-Hsuan Hsin)
   Fix bug with namespacing support in Entry recasting (Yi-Hsuan Hsin)

v0.2 Thu Jun 15 10:38:52 BST 2006
   Support for querying entries
   Support for recurring events (thanks to Google *finally* fixing their service)

v0.1 Wed Apr 09:35:14 BST 2006 
   Initial release 
   Support for listing entries then adding, deleting or updating them