- Fix bug in test suite. (Test 12 in test1.t improperly constructed.)
 - Rewrite new().
 - Rmpf_out_str() now takes an optional fourth argument - a string 
   that will be appended to the mpf_out_str() output. Also stdout is
   fflush()'d each time Rmpf_out_str() is called.
 - The overload functions and new() can now handle a long double value
 - Rewrite Rmpf_get_str to start with a leading zero, and to use 'e'
   instead of '@' (for bases <= 10).

 - First CPAN release
 - No longer assign Exporter and DynaLoader to @Math::GMPf::ISA.
 - Fix bug in tests 35, 26 and 37 in overload.t
 - Add support for perls built with -Duse64bitint.
 - add new() function/method to facilitate initialization/assignment