2004-03-28  Dov Grobgeld  <dov@imagic.weizmann.ac.il>

	* examples/examples.TODO: Removed gimp-make-img-map, gallery,
	and stampify and gallery from untested section
	* examples/stamps: fixed
	* examples/stampify: fixed
	* examples/gallery: fixed
	* examples/yinyang: fixed
	* examples/gimp-make-img-map: fixed
	* examples/tex-to-float: fixed, erased various debug output

2004-3-28 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/Makefile.PL: removed pkg->add_define call, since its no longer in 
	Extutils::Depends 0.20x.  Need to generate another release for this, 
	since its a blocker for people installing (a somewhat-important step).   
2004-3-27 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* GIMP.pm: updated enums
	* examples/blended2: fixed, updated enums, removed 
	extraneous 'exit main'.
	* examples/tex-to-float: moved to Render
	* examples/translogo: moved to Web
	* examples/webify: s/push_group/push/

	* examples/fade-alpha 
	* examples/innerbevel 
	* examples/randomart1: updated enums

	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly

2004-3-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Makefile.PL: don't install known broken plugins
	* TODO: split between Marc and Seth lists 
	* Gimp.pm: updated POD a bit to reflect a bit more reality
	* examples/fade-alpha: renamed registering to fade_alpha, fixed typos
        * examples/frame_filter: moved to Filters/Generic/ 
	* examples/pixelmap: moved to Filters/Generic/
	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly + can't use example-oo

2004-3-21 Manish Singh <yosh@gimp.org>
	* configure: Quick fix to make it build with current gimp. Real fix 
	  is a lot more work, so punt for later.

2004-3-20 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* AUTHORS: added myself, didn't even attempt to list script authors
	* COPYING: changed Marc Lehman's address for modifications to mine
	* Changes: pre1 release, so something is available for Gimp2
	* NEWS: reflected ChangeLog format addition.
	* README: changed some typos; most things with gtk do work now; make
	  test could be broken, probably needs some attention; removed linux
	  plug (don't think its required any more).  Removed python reference.
	* Gimp/UI.pm: updated PF_TEXT for Gtk2 (stock buttons, sizing)
	  Also re-enabled help.  Want to use Gtk2::Podviewer if available
	  for the POD viewing portion, and fall back to Gimp::POD.
	* Gimp/Fu.pm: corrected description of PF_TEXT
	* examples/examples.TODO: tested pixelmap.  It needs more docs, but
	  works pretty well (uses PF_TEXT).

2004-3-08 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp.pm: removed debug code
	* UI/UI.pm: made Gimp::Fu dialogs much more similar to 
	  script-fu in appearance.  Did away with "Previous" button, 
	  at least temporarily.  Help button is currently commented 
	  out, need to place it to right of blurb.  Removed FG/BG 
	  buttons (dragging works, so shouldn't be needed.  Made 
	  width adjustable, changed text/widget alignment.

	* examples/glowing_steel: s/bucket_fill/edit_bucket_fill 
	* examples/innerbevel: better defaults, better naming, removed debug
	  code, more fudging.
        * examples/warp-sharp: s/undo_push/undo/, added edge detect param
	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly

2004-2-29 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp.pm: change canonicalize_color to detect and fix 0-255=>0-1.0 
	  problems for a reference passed in.  Still has lousy error detection.
	  Can hose up gimp's color selection pretty well.  Needs more testing.

 	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/randomblends: s/blend/edit_blend to remove deprecated
	* examples/examples.TODO: changed appropropriately

2004-2-25 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp/Util.pm: s/Gradient->get_active/Gradient->get_gradient/

        * examples/dust: removed deprecated stuff
	* examples/map_to_gradient: added param to get non-reversed gradient
	* examples/mirrorsplit: changed algorithm to add a layer; can't flip 
	  without it being added now.  Changed deprecated stuff.
	* examples/prep4gif: s/layer_set_visible/drawable_set_visible/

	* examples/examples.TODO: changed accordingly.

2004-2-25 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/bricks: brought up to date now that we have a pattern 
	selector.  Still has some work that could be done, but 
	functionality is restored.
	* examples/examples.TODO: changed accordingly.

2004-2-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Brushes are here too (grayscale only due to PDB limitation)

2004-2-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Gradients are back in!

2004-2-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/basewidget.pm: still needs to compile and return a value (for now) 
 	so stuff should work again.

2004-2-21 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/yinyang: s/gimp_bucket_fill/gimp_edit_bucket_fill/
	* examples/examples.TODO: updated appropriately

	* README: cleaned up a bit, relected personal biases of myself more
        * MANIFEST: added examples/dots
	* AUTHORS: gave myself some credit

	* Makefile.PL: reorganized examples into alphabetical order for eaiser
	maintenance, added dots.  Updated a potential error message or two.

2004-2-21 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Used Gtk2 to make PatternSelection work.  Stripped out the
	basewidget stuff.  Found that you cannot use the "Subclass" of Gtk2
	for implementing this, because of the dynamic loading (thanks muppet!).
	Selection dialog is still pretty ugly at this point, but it should 
	at least work.

	* UI/basewidget.pm: removed contents of file

2004-1-28 Marc Lehman <pcg@goof.com>
	* Gimp.pm, Fu.pm, Lib.pm, others: Upped version # to 2.0

2004-1-28 21:45:36 CET Marc Lehman <pcg@goof.com>
        * Changes, ChangeLog: Renamed Changes to ChangeLog, kept Changes
        to document revision history (because users likely will look at
        Changes to find which revision has which features).

2003-12-28 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.xs: add a call to gimp_stock_init() to UI startup, so we 
	get the gimp-* stock icons.  I'm not sure this is the proper way to
	do this, but it works... still not familiar enough with xs.

2003-12-26 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/glowing_steel: changed color specifiers to be 0-1.0

2003-12-24 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: forgot this one.  
	Removed camel logo.  I don't want users to be aware of a difference.

2003-12-24 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>

	* I'm taking over maintainence of gimp-perl for now, knowing little
	about perl packages or some of the deeper magick in gimp-perl.  
	Any assistance is appreciated.
	* Changes: This file will now be in a gimp-like Changelog format,
	that will record changes a little better than the previous method 
	(see below).

	* Gimp/Util.pm: s/->image/->get_image/, 
	* Gimp/Lib.xs: s/drawable_image_id/drawable_get_image/
	* Gimp/Feature.pm: removed Gtk package references, replaced with Gtk2
	* examples/examples.TODO: added.  Keep track of testing of 
	scripts and plans for their futures.

        * examples/Create_Images
	* examples/alpha2color
	* examples/blended2
	* examples/bricks
	* examples/circular_text
	* examples/ditherize
	* examples/dots
	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/feedback
	* examples/fire
	* examples/fit-text
	* examples/frame_filter
	* examples/gimpmagick
	* examples/glowing_steel
	* examples/image_tile
	* examples/logulator
	* examples/parasite-editor
	* examples/perlotine
	* examples/prep4gif
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/randomblends
	* examples/roundsel
	* examples/sethspin
	* examples/tex-to-float
	* examples/translogo
	* examples/xachlego
	* examples/xachshadow
	* examples/xachvision 
	* examples/yinyang: 
	  removal of 'running under a shell' check; these are added at 
	  installation-time, so were double-checked after install.

        * examples/PDB: updated with a partial Gtk2 conversion; needs more
	  work still.
	* examples/dots: put in Render/Pattern/Dots instead of Render/Dots 
	* examples/randomart1: removed last random selection, fixed colors
	  to be within [0,0,0]-[1,1,1]
	* examples/randomblends: fixed off-by-one error in loop
	* examples/xachlego: removal of dead code
        * examples/xachvision: switched grid orientation
        * examples/xachshadow: added a $img->selection_none at end
For older changes please refer to the Changes file and entries prior to 1.3.