Revision history for Perl extension UPnP.

2008-05-01 Satoshi Konno <>
        * v1.2.2
	* Added Net::UPnP::GW::gettotalbytesrecieved().
	* Added a sample to use Net::UPnP::GW::gettotalbytesrecieved() into exsample/

2006-03-13 Satoshi Konno <>
        * v1.2.1
	* Added to the package.

2006-03-02 Satoshi Konno <>
        * v1.2
        * Renamed Net::UPnP::Service::postcontrol() to postaction(). The postcontrol() will be deprecated.
        * Added Net::UPnP::Service::postquery().
        * Added Net::UPnP::GW::Gateway to control IGD, Internet Gateway devices, such as broad band routers.
        * Added two example, and upnpgwtool, for Net::UPnP::GW.
        * Changed to specify the target media server.
        * Fixed ActionResponse::getargumentlist() to remove extra attributes of the tag name.

2006-01-17 Satoshi Konno <>
        * v1.1.3
        * Changed postcontrol() in Net::UPnP::Service to create the absolute control url normally using the url base and the relative control url.
        * Added '--search-title' option to selet the taget contents by the regular expression.

2005-12-20 Satoshi Konno <>
        * v1.1.2
        * Changed to get the abstract normally.

2005-12-20 Satoshi Konno <>
        * v1.1.1
        * Changed Net::UPnP::getdescription() to be able to specify the name.
        * Added some Net::UPnP::get*() to get the description value of the specified name.
        * Changed Net::Service::getdevicedescription() to be able to specify the name.
        * Fixed a test case bug in t/UPnP.t.

2005-12-10 Satoshi Konno <>

        * v1.1
        * Added 'use warnings' to all packages.
        * Changed to the package name from UPnP to Net::UPnP
        * Chanded get*() in to return '' instead of undef when the value is not defined.

2005-12-09 Satoshi Konno <>

        * v1.0.3
        * Changed UPnP::AV::Item, UPnP::Device and Changed UPnP::HTTPResponse to parse the pod correctly.

2005-12-08 Satoshi Konno <>

        * v1.0.2
        * Changed to add a option for MPEG4 output format such as 'ipod' and 'psp'.

2005-12-07 Satoshi Konno <>

        * v1.0.1
        * Changed to parse all items in the content directory.
        * Changed to parse all items in the content directory.

2005-12-06 Satoshi Konno <>

        * The first release.