Revision history for Alien::proj

1.07 2020-05-23
    - Set minimum Proj version to 6.1 (GH#1)
    - Enable libtiff and curl integration if they are provided
      by their respective Aliens (GH#3, GH#4).
    - List Alien::libtiff and Alien::curl as suggested deps (GH#5).
    - Wrap pure perl pkg-config on windows so it is called
      using the user's perl.

1.06 2020-05-02
    - Re-enable proj 7, but disable libtiff and curl integration

1.05 2020-03-07
    - Add support for user defined args for the configure script
      under share builds
    - Limit max Proj version to 6.x on share installs until we
      get curl and libtiff integration working.

1.04 2019-09-08
    - pkgconfig workaround to find sqlite3 on
      windows share builds, gh#2

1.03 2019-09-04
    - Add dependency on Alien::sqlite as it is needed
      to compile proj 6.1, gh#2

1.02 2018-12-09
    - Update POD and other links

1.01 2018-12-09
    - First release to cpan