Revision history for Chart::GGPlot

0.0005      2019-06-09
  - New feature: experimental support of geom_smooth(). At present loess
    (locally weighted estimated scatterplot smoothing) and simple linear
    regression are supported. 
  - New feature: experimental support of geom_polygon().
  - New feature: experimental support for geom_rect(), geom_tile(), and
  - New feature: Layer's show_legend attribute now really has effect.
  - Bug fix: Fixed alpha handling in the plotly backend.
  - Bug fix: Now Chart::GGPlot::Stat would not die when generate data for
    data with more points for stat then for raw data.
  - Bug fix: Fixed Chart::GGPlot::Util::match() for cases where its second
    argument has BAD values.
  - Make sure Chart::GGPlot::Util::seq_n() return piddle's last element
    always be same as its $to argument.
  - Plotly backend: legend title now aligns left and supports newlines in
    legend title text.
  - Plotly backend: now hovertext is shown for scattergl plots.

0.0003      2019-05-04
  - New feature: basic support of geom_boxplot()
  - New feature: coord_flip()
  - coord_cartesian() now really supports :$xlim, :$ylim arguments.
  - Add a Chart::GGPlot::Plot::iplot() method for convenience of plotting 
    in Jupyter Notebook.
  - Chart::GGPlot::Util::dollar() behavior is now more consistant. Hope
    this can fix a unit test failure in some special environments.
    (github #6)
  - Performance improvements: Together with improments in
    Alt::Data::Frame::ButMore, now for an extreme case of "diamonds" scatter
    example, which is quite slow among the examples, it's become 3x faster
    compared to before to run in exporting-to-png mode.
  - Some doc improvements.
0.0001      2019-03-18
  - First release.